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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 11,573

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The only effect DC will have is to increase Hillary's majority.

And no, there was no reason to wait. The strategic thing right now is to get the Democratic heavy-hitters onto the field against Trump, who is a clear and present danger to the country.

The usual funeral thread

and denunciations of Skinner are conspicuously absent.

I'd love to host them, too,

except we'd be feasting on tamales, roasted corn, calabazita, fresh fruit with flan, and pralines.

Geez, I hate this Left Behind shit.

You have a right to believe any assholish thing you want to.

But the minute you throw a rock at someone, you're going to jail.

Did you bother to read what you cut and pasted?

"...the real reasons for the Hasidic dress code are historical and sociological and not theological."

That's what I said.

Nor does it pick my pocket or break my leg,

but the strained "logic" of the statement does make me laugh. It's the flip side of "No atheists in foxholes."

That fits quite tidily

with process theology. It also fits with Native American thought, which sees Creator in literally all of existence: there are no gaps.

I'm sure you can find one at a pet store

who can read it to you.
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