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Former journalist,,k12 school librarian

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Who elected Jared President?


I wonder all the time, where did Jared come from and why is he acting like he's the President? Assuming all policy decisions, making the decision to fire Comey, going to Iraq and sitting next to the president all day. Now it appears he was setting up a back channel to Russia while Obama was still president, with no authority to do so. How did all the powers of president end up in an unelected, inexperienced unqualified ethically challenged Person? Nepotism. But watchdog groups are paying attention and challenging Jareds position in the administration. Is he an advisor, or taking on the mantle of president?

From the article: watchdog group sees conflicts in Jared kushners vast wealth and responsibilities.

The public perception issue sweeps in all of Kushner's duties in the Trump administration. As senior adviser, he gives Trump confidential advice. He also heads up a new White House Office of American Innovation, created to reorganize the federal government, and has other responsibilities including veterans care, opioids, China, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East and solving the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

The letter concludes that Kushner should recuse himself from involvement in tax, real estate, trade, banking and financial services matters, along with everything involving China and other countries where Ivanka Trump's merchandise is marketed.

So with Jared responsible for policies that affect all of us, including vets, without being elected or vetted, I have to ask, who made Jared president and what is trump doing besides sitting on his fat ass, golfing and rolling around in a golf cart because he can't walk a short ways with the other world leaders. He's an embarrassment to our nation and the world and is trying to destroy everything our country stands for. With the help of Jared.

Warning: the vote will be televised, analyzed and disseminated.

Names will be taken and the truth will be known. There will be nowhere you heartless bastards who vote to kill millions can hide. You will be pursued, hounded and shamed for the rest of your lives.

Earth and Science


In honor of the world-wide science march and earth days tomorrow bringing attention to our environment and why science is important, I thought I'd share some science/ earth day news. For a little of my sense of science, my oldest daughter is an astrophysicist and will be chief operating engineer on an X-ray telescope with some parts from the italians, which will take her to Italy a couple times. The launch will be part of her part of the project. Her husband for the last few years has been doing environmental science,going to Antarctica and Greenland for research, although he is really a robotics guy. One thing they will tell you about climate change, "it's real."

And I would appreciate someone telling me how to get the videos and pictures up. It would be a better diary.


[link:http://Utm _term=.cd975db30dc7&wpisrc=nl_most&wpmm=1||Utm _term=.cd975db30dc7&wpisrc=nl_most&wpmm=1|



War. What is it good for?

About a week ago I posted a thread titled :Are We Going to War without the American People Knowing about it?

The answer is yes.

The definitive scary truth from Politico:


The amount of troop build ups and bombings with increased civilian deaths should scare the bejeesus out of us all.

Beyond deepening U.S. involvement in established war zones, Trump has also signed off on expanded authorities for conducting military operations outside these areas, loosening Obama-era rules intended to protect innocent civilians. Under Obama, strikes against terrorists outside “areas of active hostilities” in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan were subject to significant constraints and White House oversight. To take action, the Pentagon had to demonstrate that an individual (or network of individuals) represented a “continuing and imminent threat” to the United States, the intelligence had to confirm the target and there had to be “near certainty” that no civilians would be killed by the strike.

Trump has already taken action to unshackle the military from these rules. During the same Jan. 25 dinner in which Trump greenlit the disastrous Jan. 29 special operations forces raid in Yemen, the president also agreed to a proposal made by Defense Secretary James Mattis to declare large areas of Yemen active areas of hostilities. This gives the U.S. military much greater latitude to conduct operations against al Qaeda’s local affiliate, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), without checking back with the White House before each strike. Operations in Yemen will continue to be governed by the laws of war, as they are in Iraq and Syria, but the U.S. military will be able to target a much larger range of individuals, the threshold for actionable intelligence will be lower and the acceptable level of collateral damage will be higher. As a result, the Trump administration has already carried out 70 airstrikes in Yemen, nearly double the number the Obama administration conducted in all of 2016. (Trump has reportedly granted a similar expansion of authorities for Somalia, and may also be asked to consider doing so for Libya.)

Finally, the Trump administration has taken steps to scale back transparency. Although some information has trickled out about recent troop deployments, the Pentagon said last week that it will no longer “routinely announce or confirm information about the capabilities, force numbers, locations or movement of forces in or out of Iraq and Syria.”

In the near term, Trump’s approach may kill more terrorists and achieve tactical gains. But its single-minded emphasis on military escalation carries with it real dangers that could produce strategic defeat.

This is all being done in secret with no efforts at diplomacy. The point of war is death and destruction, money for the MIC and oil.

And some kind of deranged power trip for trump.

You should read the whole article.

Every morning around nine I'm drinking coffee and watching Andrea (who I really

Don't like,) I'm just waking up. The network always breaks in at this time to give us the White House briefing. I think Andrea is pathetic, but I hate Spacey. The way he talks, gestures, his voice, everything about him. He is the last person that should get a straight hour,almost,of airtime. I think we should just be able to get the info without being tortured. The same with trump. He's a terrible speaker, he never says anything relevant, except his lie of the hour. Bad acting ! it feels so much like fux propaganda tv. So I shut it off and come here. Thanks for letting me get news without the bullshit.

Flush that money right down the toilet. The billionaires have spent millions to

Control the SC. Reject Gorsuch and tell them to get flushed. (Have you noticed all the commercials for him?)


From article:
One of the most remarkable moments during SC nominee Neil Gorsuchs hearing came when Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-RI, questioned Gorsuch about money in politics. Noting that dark money had spent around seven million to defeat Merrick Garland, Obamas ill-fated nominee, and spent ten million to support Gorsuch.

Whitehouse asked Gorsuch what ideological bent had endeared him to this group of secret donors.
"I'm trying to figure out what they see in you to make you worth spending $17 million. Do you have an answer for that?"

"You'd have to ask them" Gorsuch relied tersely.

"I can't. Because I don't know who they are" , Whitehouse shot back. "It's just a front group."

The above was taken from the article. Could not copy. Typed it in.

So in the interest of a little fairness, I think bought and paid for Gorsuch should go down the toilet with all that dark money.

Are we starting a war without the American people even knowing it?

Sen. Chris Murphy, Contributor
United States Senator for Connecticut

Trump Is Dragging Us Into Another War... And No One Is Talking About It
While Americans have been focused on the ACA and Trump’s ties to Russia, Trump has been busy expanding the American troop presence inside Syria.
03/25/2017 11:47 am ET | Updated 14 hours ago

With no announcement trump has sent 500 troops into Syria.

Plans are for hundreds more to be sent .in the next few weeks. Rumors are this could be the tip of the iceberg. The administration is trying to keep it secret.

This info is from Sen. Chris Murphy at huffpost.

Just curious. I'm not watching tonight for many reasons

I can't stand his voice or phoney inflections (trying to tone himself down like he is a reasonable person which we know he's not).

His hair always distracts me. Is that a real color?

His speech is always the same. Build a wall, kill Obama care (it's a disaster folks)

Going to have the biggest military and the most nukes ever. We will win wars and take the oil.

Anyway, along those lines. I don't expect the dems to do anything unexpected because we are decorous in these traditional occasions when the leader speaks.

I will catch the highlights from DU, and Rachel and friends. Then I don't have to look or listen to his tinyness.

So, I'm curious, are you watching tonight? Why or why not.

Trying to stop protesters, eleven states have passed laws last week making most

Protesting subject to fines, imprisonment and property seizure. Az added it to their racketeering law giving authorities more power to seize property from organizers or anyone that destroys property. The intent really is to stifle dissent before it gets started.

Minnesota is working on a bill that will charge protesters the cost of policing demonstrations.

Iowa is working on a bill that makes blocking traffic a felony punishable by up to five years.


And the mayor of DC just appointed a new police chief, Peter Newsham, known for violating protester rights . DC was sued and lost a multi million dollar lawsuit because his tactics violated civil rights in 2002.


These efforts are because of mass demonstrations that have already been witnessed since rumps inauguration. Scared the crap out of them I guess. Be careful. Read these articles and know your rights.☮️

Help. I tried to by some hearts on my Visa card. Thought I did it right.

But have not gotten mail about my hearts. Maybe I sent them somewhere? Other than me. It was only ten and I was going to give them all to crazycatlady for doing me a favor. Nothing has shown up on my bank account here. Should I buy some more?
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