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Member since: Thu Sep 22, 2016, 01:56 PM
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Melania proves Trump is racist.

In Melania's recent speech, there were a few quotes that proved, yet again, Donald's double standard. White skin - OK. Dark skin - Not so good.

Melania in talking about American and immigration said:

"I'm an immigrant, and no one values the freedoms and opportunities of America more than me.” She said it is "the greatest privilege in the world."

When growing up in Slovenia, she said, “It was a beautiful childhood. My parents were wonderful”. “Of course we all knew about this incredible place called ‘America’”

"America meant that if you could dream it, you could become it,"

If you distill these to one simple thought you have, America is where people want to come for a better life. So Donald, what is the story? Is it OK for a white, European, attractive female to come to America so she can live in plush surroundings, cater to your ego and be your arm candy , but not OK for a South American looking for a better life, sending money back home to his or her family so they can survive there, and living 10 to an apartment to share enough expenses to stay here?

That sounds racist to me, but then, I'm not running for President.

Thank you Melania for again exposing the Real Donald to the media.
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