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Member since: Wed Nov 20, 2013, 11:44 PM
Number of posts: 1,339

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I'm doing 90% dabs and drinking Voodoo Ranger... ask me anything.

Mason jar censorship.

My wife and I were given a couple dozen Mason jars, but we don't can. So I came up with a plan: We would make "swear jars," out of them

It was decided that we come with various forbidden words and affix a fine for them to fill the jars with money.

We had a very animated discussion about which words to ban and fine.

What words, or phrases would you ban? What sort of fine would you charge for it?

I had priced certain words, like the "c" word, at 25$. If someone came into my house and said that, he would deserve the fine.

I'm losing my Jack,

My old dog Jack, a Jack Russel terrier is 17 years old. He had some kind of a stroke 2 years ago and I have to take him outside every hour or so to go potty.

I did not want the dog, he was a year old and had nipped a child then put in doggy jail.

Jack was the best woods dog I ever had. He outperformed every other dog I ever had.

So I scheduled a death day for him next week.

Thank you for your replies

and the thoughtful humor. The smartest people I know are right here on DU.

I have been working 14-16 hr days and apologize for my absence from this thread. You didn't miss much. This thread is not abandoned!

I wish I could have voted as a kid, nullifying my Dad's Nixon votes. Mom probably voted Pop's way out of fear.

Children, above age six, should have the right to vote.

Children's suffrage, because they have the most to gain or lose by the various outcomes.

Medical Puzzler

My knee has been hurting for a few months and I was finally able to get an MRI done. The co-pay was reasonable this time, 113.00 including meds!

I expected them to tell me my knee is sprained etc. but to my surprise, my knee is broken in 8 places like a spiderwebbed windshield. The Dr. lady says she suspects I have other broken limbs.

The mystery to me is that I cannot correlate an injury or a cause for this. I have been working 14 hrs a day on broken limbs? Why didn't I notice? Why would she suspect that I have "other broken limbs???"

Anyone else watching "Madoff?"

ABC has done a good job with this one. Richard Dreyfuss should win an Emmy for this performance.

Why haven't consumer goods taken the same price drop as gasoline?

Hard not to notice that prices of groceries and retail goods continue to climb even though crude oil has virtually bottomed out.

Should we blame corporations and their retail outlets? Can an economist explain this?


Emptying my mind of conventional thought
Throwing away the things that I bought
I travel and leave this city behind
Chasing a truth, as yet undefined

And I shall not fall
For I have nothing
Which is all

"Kiss off Double Finger Ringer Thread."

No, more like it, a "kiss on I love DU thread."

Nilesobek is kaput in Idaho for now. The homeless loser will be on Adventure Time crossing the country from Northern Maine to North Alaska to Amsterdam and Belgium somehow on the way.

I've been suffering from some elder abuse for quite some time and I just decided, suddenly, to go back to my former life on the road. What is the worst that could happen?

So I will be gone for a while, no one will miss my posts, no one will miss my amateur poetry, no one will miss my PUI (posting while intoxicated.)

I just wanted you all to know I love you all and thanks for the chance to say some things that have been on my mind for 30+years. The people at DU have been great and kind, despite my numerous character and ideology flaws.

This isn't forever and I will be back as soon as I can.

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