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Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 07:35 AM
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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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Is there any more news about the impact of Trump's speech to BSA?

Not much was covered about it today.

I really believe that neither the GOP nor the Dems will do anything to impeach Trump.

Lord knows they have plenty of reasons to now. I won't even bother to go through them because we all know what they are and came from Trumps mouth or his actions.

I don't think he will be impeached simply because he was preceded in office by Obama. A dignified, smart, respectful, black man, internationally liked, respected, and appreciated by many.

They won't be able to bring themselves to do it. It would be too painful to their psyche. Impeachment would, to them, only focus attention on the sharp contrast between the two men. As well, it would shine a bright light on their own envious biases. No they won't do it. The GOP will continue to tolerate this ignorant bloateous fascist and pretend it's because they want their agenda passed and he will do it (never mind that they could just as much and maybe more from Pence.) Just the one act of inviting the Russians into the Oval Office, without American press, and divulging classified info to them was enough to introduce articles of impeachment.

The Democrats won't do it for most of the same reasons AND it would recall for them how much they didn't support HRC in places where the stay-at-homes and 3rd party voters far out numbered the margin of victory for dumbass.

I haven't heard the HRC detractors or Bernie supporters criticize Trump half as much as they did HRC in final days of the campaign.

So, to all of you out there holding your breath for the final straw to break open the impeachment movement, don't do it. You will die holding your breath.

Just listen to the various spokespeople from all sides (except for some very brave and honest women) and you will understand what I am saying.

There is enough to impeach this con in the WH right now. But they won't do it. None of them will do it. Had HRC been President. with one tenth of the what Trump has said and done, impeachment would have been over last month.

It is time for Dem spokespeople on TV and radio to point out loudly that the GOP would be impeaching

any Dem President who was obstructing or attempting to obstruct justice in plain sight as Trump is doing, It's not good enough to say that if Hillary were President and all this was happening they would have impeached her long ago, That may be true but we need to focus attention squarely on the GOP and how they are enabling Trump to demean the office of the President, reduce out standing internationally and enabling Russia to control our government through the compromised Trump.

Tie this bull shit squarely to the GOP and be persistent about it.

All is not golden with Foxconn deal in WI. But hey, it's jobs.


3 Billion in incentives. Taxpayers pay again.

Is the WI Foxconn deal the same one Obama initiated in 2015?

You know a lot of the deals Trump is now and will be taking credit for were initiated under Obama's administration.

Trump continues to call President Obama and idiot, ignorant, didn't know what he was doing.

Trump is the most disgraceful person to occupy the office os US President in my lifetime and I am 75.

The GOP House and Senate are spineless, sexist, racist scum cowards who would have impeached President Obama for breathing if they could have. Trump has committed, been accused of committing at least 5 impeachable acts. He has admitted to three instances of obstruction of justice for which Obama would have been impeached had he done any one of them.

If Democrats don't get out and vote in 2018 and 2020 they will have no one to blame but themselves for the coming destruction of America. I hope we can put the GOP out of business for eons.

I wish all the LBGT family would just stick together and ask for honorable discharges from the

military at ALL levels.

What a jerk of a President we now have. There was loud outrage over Obama's hesitation and reservation about this and when he finally embraced the rights of all to serve, there was little applause.

Now the pig in the WH has banned service of any kind by transgender men and women in the military. The silence is almost deafening from all the groups that were so outraged by Obama. Really sad.

Did not Sessions respond to Grassley at his hearing that he would recuse himself in the face

conflict of interest situation? I may have a faulty memory but I thought it had to do with what Loretta Lynch did after Bill Clinton visited her on the tarmac. I thought i remembered that Sessions was asked about what he would do in a similar situation?

Anyone here know what the inside skinny is on Sessions? Do the civil servants inside DOJ agree with

Sessions RW policies and all the roll back of the mass incarcerations? I can't believe what he is doing under the radar while Trump is diverting attention from his dastardly deeds by trashing him.

Sessions is the second most evil person in this administration. You name your first.

Dear Sen. McCain: Coming off your post surgery sick bed to give the GOP a blank check to take away

healthcare and Medicare from millions is deplorable. Hope you can sleep tonight.
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