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Gender: Female
Hometown: Arkansas
Member since: Tue Jan 8, 2008, 08:18 AM
Number of posts: 7,010

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I'm a weirdo ginger from Arkansas who hates trolls.

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Question for you DU members -- ways to get free diapers?

I'm about to be taking on the ultimate test for determining if I'm cut out to be a parent -- my sister-in-soul, due in September with her third, and her husband need a roommate to make it. Her husband is on disability after having his left arm and leg nearly crushed in an on-the-job MVA, and we won't have access to a washer to do cloth (or really the time even if it's better).

For those who do have washing machines, there are programs that provide free cloth diapers, but the nearest "diaper bank" is three hours away.

For those who don't have advice on free but might on cheap, what's been the best value you've found? Me helping some means we can probably afford Luvs, and Parent's Choice doesn't seem that much cheaper....

Orlando nightclub shooting timeline: Three hours of terror unfold


For three hours, fear and uncertainty took hold of the Pulse nightclub.

The terror began when Omar Mateen, 29, walked into the club with a handgun and a semi-automatic rifle and began shooting. The Latin-themed night had been winding down at Pulse, a gay nightclub south of downtown Orlando. But plenty of people still crowded onto the dance floor.

When they heard the shots, some patrons ran. Others could not.

By the time the terror was over, 49 people were dead and at least 53 were injured.

Mateen, too, was dead, killed by Orlando Police Department officers who decided to breach the wall using an armored vehicle.

Here is a summary of the events as they unfolded, based on interviews with witnesses, families, and law enforcement, the emergency scanner, and social media posts.

The Orlando Sentinel has had amazing coverage on this. Sorry if dupe.

Sorry my Google-Fu is failing, but does anyone have a link to Bernie's FULL speech last night?

All I can find are snippets.

Thanks, life is being interesting right now..

Obituaries for the slain victims from the Orlando Sentinel.


I've been working closely with Christal Hayes with the Sentinel to get more press for a cold case involving a trans woman, so reading her coverage has been nice -- I know she's definitely an ally if not LGBTQ herself.

Edit to fix tyops. It's early.

So, stung by non-aggressive wasp this morning.

Put my hand too close to the nest, not knowing it was there. He got me good right on the tip of my index finger. Hurt like the dickens.

The only thing I could think of, since I had no idea wtf had just bitten me but it was right where a diabetic might prick a finger for a sugar test, I started squeezing the finger up toward the bite like one would squeeze to get a drop of blood out (my thought wasn't venom but cleaning the wound with fresh blood) while cussing enough I'm glad my roommate's daughters were asleep. It did succeed in getting some clear fluid out, whether that was plasma or venom I don't know. (Did confirm with a flashlight it was a wasp, not a spider).

Then washed it, applied a wet tobacco compress, took two Benadryl, and iced it. It's much less lke a sausage now.

Possible Veep for vetting -- Montana Governor Steve Bullock


1) While no sitting governor endorsed Bernie, Steve is one of two that gave no endorsement as of the Superdelegate list on Wiki of the first 540 to pledge to Clinton and the first 46 to pledge to Bernie.

2) Hillary has Senate experience, while a VP works with the Senate a governor is often liked to balance a ticket with executive experience.

3) He is from a region that supported Bernie and reaches out to his supporters -- this election isn't going to be won by securing a specific battleground state, reaching out to a Democratic governor of a Conservative state instead potentially takes nationwide votes from Trump (appearance of reaching toward the center).

4) While he's a relatively young governor, his experience as Attorney General in the Citizens United case shows he strongly advocates campaign finance reform. His other accomplishments as Attorney General included crackdowns on Fedex and meat packing monopolies. He's not afraid to take on corporations.

Potential negatives:

1) No additional diversity on ticket, except potentially the diversity of a male (I am concerned about reactions to a XX/XX ticket, but other diversity would be nice). However, it baits the GOP into trying to do what they do best -- offend a minority group by choosing an extremely poor representative of that group to "appeal" to diversity.

2) Like any other politician that starts out as AG, he doesn't help with Hillary's need to address CJ reform. He did implement DUI strategies to keep offenders out of jail, though, so he's not, to my knowledge, had any accusations of being a real "cradle to prison pipeline" supporter.


Bernie gave the best non-concession concession he could tonight.

I think he would have spoken more on unity. If he could. And it's appropriate that an electorate as large as DC gets to have some semblance of a primary, too.

Before he got onstage, the crowd had been shouting "BS" even as CNN commentators were making it clear (had the rally crowd been able to hear vs see the stuff CNN put up as captions and totals) that early results would be skewed toward Clinton and meant nothing due to it already being known that was the mail-in ballot totals (and knowing they ran heavily Clinton).

There was a small boo for Obama, and a much larger one for Hillary mentions.

And he did hold up his hand for silence.

The people there were chanting Bernie or Bust. He said it wasn't about "Bernie" and echoed Hillary's slogan about standing together. That was the most this crowd was ready for.

He emphasized that "the struggle continues" -- and I think that's going to be his exit theme. "I am not the struggle, you are the struggle. Only when you stop fighting for the vision of America we see does the struggle end."

Well done, Bernie. Sincerely.

According to the AP, Hillary now needs just 219 pledged delegates Tuesday to get a PD majority.

Demrace.com suggests that winning just 30% of California will gain her 142 PDs.

A 50/50 split of New Jersey will give her 63 more PDs.

That would leave her just needing to get 14 more in any of the other four states voting that night. Hillary will win a majority, not merely a plurality, of pledged delegates on Tuesday night.

Bernie, and many of his supporters, may be right when they say that it would be better to have a system like the Republicans do, where the simple majority decides it. But the superdelegates allow a three-way race won by a strong plurality winner rather than a straight majority PD winner to get a "magic majority" without having to have a brokered convention or multiple ballots. They are supposed to vote, as a group, in the way that best benefits the Democratic Party, and had Superdelegates who originally supported Hillary in 2008 not moved to Obama when it was clear he had a pledged delegate majority, there would have been an outcry beyond belief.

Just as there would have been had Bernie been the one to finish out ahead, and then superdelegates who initially supported her stayed with Hillary in too large of numbers to let Bernie hit the majority.

I've met one of them, Lottie Shakelford, Little Rock's first female mayor. She was giving a radio interview at the Little Rock Hillary watch party on Super Tuesday. Some like her may have remained dedicated, or asked another SD to trade around so there would still have been enough SD votes for Bernie to get the "magic number", had the numerical situations been reversed today. But in total, as a group, they have a responsibility to vote in a way that reflects the will of the voters.


Does this mean that Bernie supporters shouldn't vote until the voting stops? Of course not! Heck, Hillary voters might be the ones who get too overconfident. And I am genuinely sorry for the people who feel they never had a voice in this primary. Looking at news reports, it looks like California will be voting earlier in the next primaries.

Does the mathematics of this race mean that people who support the causes Bernie worked for (besides the defeat of Hillary Clinton herself) should stop working for those things to happen, even if it's under a Clinton administration? Again, of course not! The causes Bernie speaks about are far more importantly than any one man or woman.

Does this mean they are required to embrace, or vote for Clinton in the general? Of course it's not a requirement to still be a "real true" whatever, just please remember that Hillary and Bernie do agree on more than Bernie and Trump do in November when you make your choices on the downticket ballots at least.

I do hope, though, that we can all be civil as this wraps up. Don't call anyone a "loser" except Trump, for example.

Obama refused to debate Clinton after mid-April in 2008.

The last debate for 2016, April 25th, is later than any dates Obama accepted, despite still having 692 pledged delegates left to vote after the last debate
and only having a 120ish delegate lead.

Once NC and PA had voted, he flatly refused any more debates.



If Bernie wants to pay Trump the $10 million for a debate between the two, more power to him, but the reason Hillary isn't debating anymore is because she doesn't need to. Neither did Obama.

I must say it's amazingly ironic how Bernie is using nearly every one of Hillary's desperate talking points as she was losing in 08.

Until someone can link the actual 78 page report, can we limit the dupes?

Seriously, I've clicked every damn thread people are posting on this and not one has the report, which is what I want to see.

Of course, I'm sure there were tons of dupes about the "beauty contest" primaries. So really, I guess carry on, but if you do find the actual report, could you say so in the title? I'd sure appreciate it.

Have a great day. It's been thundering all morning here.
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