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Member since: 2001
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Do you prefer an Incompetent Seat-Warmer, or a Malevolent Go-Getter?

I'm having a debate on another board, and the basic thrust is this: I'd rather have Betsy DeVos or Ben Carson in charge of a Federal Department than a Scott Pruitt.

In the former case, the Departments are moldering from neglect and incompetent leadership, but the in latter case, the EPA is being actively torn down and de-fanged by someone with an agenda and who knows what he's doing.

Brownie versus Machiavelli. Both are bad, but we have to favor the least worst while Dems are in the Wilderness.

60-year-old man fatally shot in road-rage incident on Interstate 5 near Tacoma

Source: Seattle Times

< MILTON, Pierce County — Authorities say a 60-year-old man was shot and killed in a road-rage altercation with a female motorcyclist on Interstate 5 south of Seattle.

Washington State Patrol spokeswoman Brooke Bova says the incident happened Thursday afternoon southbound on I-5 in Milton. Bova told The News Tribune that the 23-year-old motorcyclist and man in a car stopped in the left lane of the freeway after a dispute on the road.

Witnesses told responding troopers that the incident became physical and ended when the woman shot the man while they were fighting on the ground. Bova says the woman called 911 and was detained at the scene by troopers.

Bova says the man died at the scene. >

Read more: https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/crime/police-woman-fatally-shoots-man-in-road-rage-incident-on-interstate-5/

Pew pew pew, America.

The 60 year old man's wife was in their car. GUNS MAKE EVERYTHING WORSE.

To Dick Durbin and every other Dem: never be the only Democrat in a room with Trump

Insist that there are others to corroborate. Even if its just 30 to 2, don't let it be 30 to 1.

We're sliding into Authoritarianism, and you can't count on Republicans to have an ounce of integrity.

Remind me: what happened to the Filibuster? Cloture? Senate Holds on Nominees?

You remember, McCain's vaunted "Regular Order", the time-honored Senate traditions that the GOP used to prevent Obama from getting shit done and filling Judicial appointments?

I did see that Grassley is planning to do away with "Blue Slips" that allow Senators to reject nominees from their home states. Which is burning another tradition to the ground in the interests of exercising their power today.

Is every order of business in the Senate being done through reconciliation?

What is "Honest Loyalty", anyway?

Comey was willing to pledge that to *. But what is it?

Where to Republicans go to learn how to lie?

Their remorselessness is impressive.

Is there some sort of institute where they memorize talking points, deflection, and where to draw the line between lies of omission or lies of obfuscation, and flat-out falsehoods?

Does the Heritage Foundation run seminars or something? Their churches?

Or is it just innate to the mindset?

Thanks again, Weiner

what a self-absorbed assclown.

Is there a doctor in the house? The "Sharp Inhaling"?

I think we can dispense with the "bad mic" claims from the 1st debate. Dump's "sharp inhaling" (it's not sniffing) was even more pronounced this time.

I tried to imitate it to understand, but I cannot inhale like that. So sharp, so violent. Maybe I don't weigh enough?

If there's a doctor on DU, maybe even an ENT, I'd love to hear your anonymous speculation as to how/why one inhales like that.

9 weeks and 4 days and this election will be over. It's really not that long now.

If that's not enough to cheer you up, remember that Trump is mortal, and someday, probably soon by the looks of him, he will die. You may well be alive to witness that day.

Remember the day you woke up to the news that Scalia had died in his sleep? It will feel at least that good.

And if you think you'll be happy on that day, imagine how happy Melania Trump will be!

Restaurant opening sparks Orlando mall shooting scare

Source: MSN

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Two months after a gunman killed dozens inside an Orlando nightclub, the sound of popping balloons prompted shoppers to frantically flee an Orlando mall, injuring nine.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Deputy Rose Silva tells news outlets there was no gunman at the Florida Mall. The loud sounds were actually from six large balloons being popped as part of an industry-standard inspection for the grand opening of former ‘NSync singer Joey Fatone’s new restaurant.

“She told us ‘shooting, shooting, shooting,’ and we see a massive crowd running. You put two and two together, you don’t stick around to find out what’s going on.You just run,” Comer told the station. “I saw their faces, and they looked as if they just had saw something terrible, so I keep watching and just more people, just a flood.”

Read more: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/restaurant-opening-sparks-orlando-mall-shooting-scare/ar-BBw5vCO?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=SL5JDHP

The populace has been effectively terrorized by Mass Shootings - both Islamist and apolitical.

Note: the terror isn't being committed by people without semi-automatic weapons.
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