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Member since: Wed Nov 18, 2015, 06:40 AM
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its a pointless comparison when his point was to say a non living min wage isn't the problem

Those with a GED or less can walk into a McDonald's to work after training too... Should welders stop going to welding school to go work at mcdonalds because why waste all that time going to school when you can be directly employed right now??
Philosophy majors with a 4 year degree are extremely employable, as well as having a ton of options like law school or medical school -- which i don't quite understand the argument against doing, unless claiming people should not pursue careers that require more schooling than that of a 1-2 year certification program. Which a person with a bachelors in philosophy can go on to do as well, IF THEY WANTED.
the comparison is silly because it almost sounds as if its being implied majors in philosophy are preventing others or are incapable themselves of becoming welders. what i'm hearing is "all these damn unemployable philosophers are completely wasting their welding potential to pursue their passion in other professions requiring them to be smarter and disciplined enough to commit themselves to the workload involved in their particular fields." Not to say welders aren't capable of any of that, they are, its just silly to argue one being better than the other when they're both needed. mind you there are WAY more welders than philosophers. the additional debt you speak of is the problem of the system in place, not a problem of people choosing careers that require more school. we need doctors, and lawyers, and judges, and journalists, and teachers, and welders. these are just some of the jobs a person with a philosophy degree usually go on to do."excluding welding lol thats probably more rare."
Posted by markishilaurelius | Wed Nov 18, 2015, 07:49 AM (1 replies)
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