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manhattan123's Journal
manhattan123's Journal
July 29, 2020

Nicolle Wallace's "Lives Well Lived" segments

Anyone ever see those "Lives Well Lived" segments Nicolle Wallace does at the end of her MSNBC show every day? A few minutes recalling the lives of people lost to coronavirus.

They usually have me tearing up, and today they had her just losing it; a little 9-year-old girl in Florida, and a Baltimore doctor who cared for virus patients succumbing himself.

Sometimes, with the scope of the crisis, and the ongoing absurdities of the clown in the White house, we lose track that these are people behind the numbers, leaving behind devastated families, and we should never do that.

July 20, 2020

Interesting piece in the Washington Post about the future of the Lincoln Project

Greg Sargent had a "long and spirited conversation" with John Weaver, a co-founder and head of the LP, touching on whether its members accept culpability in making the GOP what it is today with their past campaign work, to what it would be doing under a President Biden.

"But this raises another question — whether the Lincoln Project accepts the GOP’s own role in laying the groundwork for the moment. That includes the “Southern Strategy,” toleration of the Confederate flag, and a less blatant anti-immigrant sentiment that Trump made more explicit."


“I have my own atonement to do every day about that,” Weaver told me. “Did I contribute to putting a brick in the road to where we are today? Yeah, I did.”

"In Weaver’s own telling, conceding complicity in creating conditions for Trump’s rise is crucial to remaking the GOP. Which sheds light on how that might hopefully remain a Lincoln Project goal in a salutary way."


July 19, 2020

Good Biden camp response to Trump hedging on whether he would accept election results

“The American people will decide this election,” Biden spokesman Andrew Bates said. “And the United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.”

What a delicious sight that would be.

June 24, 2020

A note about Eliot Engel

I see posters here bemoaning his likely primary loss.

New York Magazine has a timely reminder of why he may have overstayed his welcome in this liberal state:

"Engel was one of blue America’s most enthusiastic supporters of the war in Iraq. He was an opponent of Barack Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran. After the Obama administration allowed the passage of a United Nations resolution condemning Israeli settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank, Engel introduced a House resolution condemning the U.N. In 2016, as Saudi Arabia was starving and bombing Yemeni civilians, Engel joined Republicans in defeating a measure that would have restricted Riyadh’s access to cluster munitions, weapons that leave behind mine-like explosives that can kill civilians for decades after a conflict has ended.

Bowman, by contrast, has called for slashing the Pentagon’s budget and conditioning aid to Israel on its government’s observation of human-rights laws. Bowman did not make the latter point central to his campaign, but he did attack Engel for his stances on the Iraq War and Iran nuclear deal."

- snip -

"The Netanyahu government’s open alliance with the Republican Party in general — and Donald Trump in particular — has helped to fortify skepticism of the Israeli government among younger Democratic voters, especially liberal ones."


June 24, 2020

NY-15 Ruben Diaz looks to be losing

So far, good news from NY-15, Ruben Diaz, an anti-gay, anti-choice reverend who has said he may vote for Trump, is coming in a distant third in the Dem primary. At one point, with good name recognition, he was seen as a front runner. (His son, Ruben Diaz Jz., is the widely popular Bronx Borough President, and is a mainstream Democrat.) Hope this holds.

June 21, 2020

Stormy Daniels tweet

"Told ya'll he exaggerates about the size of things."



June 20, 2020

Sen. Bread Bags (and Trump) in trouble in Iowa

From the NYT:

"But with the political ground shifting precariously under Mr. Trump amid multiple crises, Iowa is unexpectedly in play in the presidential and Senate races this year, moving Republicans to high alert. Democrats, who a few years ago were shrouded in despair that their party might never again appeal to white working-class voters, are energized."

- snip -

But Ms. Greenfield is turning Ms. Ernst’s celebrated anti-establishment catchphrase against her rival. “Senator Ernst told Iowans in 2014 she was going to be independent and different and she was going to ‘make ’em squeal,’” Ms. Greenfield said in an interview, echoing a television ad six years ago in which Ms. Ernst said she would take a knife to federal spending the way she castrated hogs on the farm. “The bottom line is nobody’s squealing except Iowans.”


June 18, 2020

Cuomo, in his penultimate daily briefing...

Just praised the NY press corps for their questions during his daily briefings, said they did a public service holding him and his staff accountable. "I want to thank you on a personal level. You have my deepest respect."

Can you even imagine numb nuts saying something like that to the White House press?

June 9, 2020

Tom Cotton: why doesn't this p.o.s. have a Democratic challenger?

From a Washington Post piece on the fallout from his NYT op-ed:

"In interviews and through his Twitter account, Cotton has made it clear that he is enjoying the fallout from his Times piece. His campaign coffers have also benefited, with his raising roughly $200,000 since the op-ed controversy for a reelection race this fall in which he has no Democratic challenger."

It would be a long shot, but they couldn't find one Democrat to run for the seat? The only way to guarantee a Democratic loss is to not even compete.


June 4, 2020

You know what will be driving Trump crazy today

He must see these coast to coast marches and memorial services and moments of silence for George Floyd, thousands streaming across the Brooklyn Bridge, marching in LA, Philadelphia, Boston...it's been going on for nine days now, news channels covering it non-stop, and he KNOWS when he croaks there will be no spontaneous outpouring of grief.

He will never admit it but he knows. In fact, he knows there will likely be spontaneous cheering and dancing in the streets.

And it is driving him crazy.

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