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Member since: Fri Apr 27, 2018, 01:42 PM
Number of posts: 135

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The House needs to subpoena John Bolton *NOW*

to ask him:

1) “How did the U.S. citizenry benefit — specifically — from your ‘reorganization’ of the NSC (and elsewhere) which dismantled the ‘pandemic response team’ in the NSC (and elsewhere)?

2) “Whose idea was it to do this? Where are the paper/digital records of deliberations leading up to this ‘reorganization’?”

3) “Trump is on the record saying the dismantling of the pandemic response teams was an effort, essentially, to save money because it wasn’t cost-effective to be paying them. Compared to how much the crashed economy is costing us right now, and what it will cost us going forward, how much money did your ‘reorganization’ actually save?”

4) “Who benefited more from your ‘reorganization’, Trump, or the American people?”

5) “Wasn’t this “reorganization” actually just another vanity project to try to reassure Trump — in vain — that his dick is bigger than President Obama’s?”

Hey MAGAts protesting to "open the economy"!! If you survive SARS-CoV-2 infection

are you going to have a "pre-existing condition"??

If the SCOTUS kills so-called Obamacare this fall --which you've salivated over for more than a decade now "to own the libs" -- enjoy paying top dollar for *your own* medical care, since YOU won't be able to find affordable insurance covering pre-existing conditions!

Way to "own the libs"!!

He's back to, "I inherited a broken system [from Obama]."

He needs to be barraged by the questions, "What-- EXACTLY -- was broken?

Was it the "pandemic response teams" in the NSC and elsewhere? HOW were they 'broken'? EXACTLY *how* has your response to this foreseeable crisis -- PREDICTED BY THE PEOPLE YOU CLAIM LEFT YOU A 'BROKEN' SYSTEM -- been better because they were disbanded AND NOT REPLACED?

Was it the "pandemic playbook" the Obama Administration left you that was 'broken'? EXACTLY *how* was it 'broken'? Was it so *broken* that it prevented you from 'fixing' it? Was it so terribly 'broken' that you could not simply throw it away and start over?

He needs to be held to account for how, if he "inherited a broken system," it's still 'broken' in his fourth year in office.

He's claimed, "I'm a 'wartime president,'"

yet he's gone out of his way to ensure we CANNOT (perhaps ever?) know where the 'enemy' is hiding in otherwise-plain sight because he has -- from the very start --- deliberately prevented the government from testing and contact tracing anyone who might be infected so that asymptomatic individuals could be physically isolated away from their families and anyone else.

To wit: why did his government deliberately de-fund, dismantle, and dismiss the pandemic response teams in the NSC and throughout the government in 2018? The *job* of those folks was to have begun an all-of-government response as soon as NSC received credible Intel (possibly November 2019, in this case, but surely December) that a novel infectious agent had been reported somewhere in the world. With that bureaucracy in place, we might have had a functioning testing apparatus and operation in effect well before even South Korea.

But no! "The Kenyan" was responsible (in his eyes) for setting up those teams, so they had to be shut down.

Granted, I didn't join the military until my 50s (no prior service) and then only had four OCONUS deployments (each time, without a weapon), but even *I* know that deliberately ensuring we cannot know where the enemy is, and where the enemy is massing to strike next, is hardly a winnable 'wartime' strategy.


Who can do a FOIA on what Trump demanded for HIMSELF from China

in return for sending them nearly 18 *tons* of medical equipment last month?

He NEVER does ANYTHING selfless, after all . . .

For that matter, what's he demanded for himself from Italy, now that he's boasting about having promised to send them ~$100,000,000 worth "of surgical and medical and hospital things"?

Given his xenophobia (or dare we say it, racism), only PERSONAL GAIN could motivate him to send things of monetary value to FOREIGNERS!

I say again: Who can do the FOIAs to get to the truth of these latest incidences of presidential indifference to the suffering and death of Americans?



What national security benefit resulted from firing all the pandemic response personnel in 2018???

Shouldn’t Biden, Bernie, and every other prominent patriot be hounding Trump about this every day???

Isn't practicing medicine without a license a crime in the U.S.A.?

Isn't Drumpf practicing medicine without a license when he's determining that residents of New York State "don't need 30,000 ventilators"?

Asking for a friend.

There was no Trump "Friday Night Massacre" yesterday.

It was, rather, his own personal Kristallnacht.

How much legal weight does the GAO opinion carry?

IANAL! If GAO says the WH “broke the law” in withholding Ukrainian aid $$, would this effectively prevent a claim of “executive privilege” with regard to attempts to block testimony of witnesses with knowledge of and/or participation in that criminal activity?

Interesting use of "Democrat Savages" this morning!

Coincidence that he then identifies two Jewish men and four women of color?

(Asking for a friend.) /s
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