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Member since: Mon Jan 23, 2017, 11:31 AM
Number of posts: 793

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Everyday People- A song that is still very relevant and needs to be sung

Everyday People by Sly & The Family Stone

On this new morning it's a great day to be a democrat and still kicking

With my last breath let me fight for inclusion and equality . Please share here some upbeat music that is about hanging in there and struggle

The Ice Cream Man

The Ice Cream Man ŠluvMIdog

I could feel myself sweat
sitting in front of the air conditioner
I only went outside to check the mail
and there he was

A little old Mexican man
pushing an ice cream cart
with the sun pounding down
beating the life out of him

I heard the little bell ringing
as he walked toward me
I ran inside to get a dollar
for coconut on a stick

Same guy walking down the streets
day after day frying in the sun
handing over cold ice cream
and ringing the bell

I never really wanted the ice cream
I just respected the man
quiet man working hard in the heat
every day melting the tread off his boots

I still think of him though I moved away
They say he's gone no one hears his bell anymore
He just vanished like so many other
hard working friendly faces

When Snowflakes Melt

This is the first thing I have written since the election. Not great, but at least I'm writing again.

When Snowflakes Melt

I was frozen in despair as I watched
humanity cheapened and sold so easily
and I can hear the tears falling

tears of
gays and transgendered
tears that fall quietly upon
deaf government

I could not bear the thought
of all the soundless teardrops
I felt frozen by the weight
of knowing how much pain
has been thrust upon so many

My mourning time has reached it's end
and I'm not a snowflake anymore
I have melted into a tidal wave

A wave that will return again
and again and again
until human rights and dignity belong
also to the least among us

something in me died on election day

I used to write at least one poem every single day. I have not written a poem since election day and I'm all dried up inside. I've completely stopped doing anything artistic. Everything has been sucked right out of me. I'm full of feelings of anxiety and doom. Has anyone else been affected like this?

Just stop it Trump supporters! Don't hand me a plate of shit and tell me that it's yummy!

Stop it ! Stop it! Stop it!

Donald Trump had NO redeeming quality. No, not even one! He's a skeezy sack of shit so stop telling me how wonderful he is!!

There was an old saying " they don't know shit from shinola." I used to think that saying was absurd to think someone could not tell rotten smelly shit from shiny hair cream. I don't now. Obviously Trumpsters can't tell shit from shinola.

Just stop! When I see a reeking sack of lying shit I know exactly what it is!

edited to add: Evidently shinola was shoe polish. I obviously don't know shinola when I see it BUT I still know shit when I see it

racists are like the dementors from Harry Potter. They suck the joy out of life

Yesterday I went to the local small grocery store. I often go there because I can't get around that good and it's small. I was walking down the isle and heard 2 of the employees talking and giggling about the Mexicans that were mowing the grass nearby. They laughed and said " Notice how they hide when the cops drive by?" Then said " I'm glad we're getting rid of that problem." Oh yeah grass cutters trying to feed themselves is just a huge problem to those 2 assholes. I felt sick when I heard them laughing about the fears of the grass cutters. Now I think I can't shop there anymore. I can't stand this racist shit Trump has brought to life

Take a shot at guessing what is on Trump's mind

Maybe this-

The sad bad bunny party thrown by the Weird Hare

The Weird Hare had a sad bad bunny party. No one could see anything but white bunnies at his bunny party and the children looked sad. It wasn't a fun party and the children even looked sad. Weird Hare kept walking around saying " Look at me! Take my picture!" He even scribbled on children's hats and threw them into crowds where the children couldn't get their hats back." No one was having fun. His friend Mr. KKKooky bunny was reading to the children in a creepy way. The children all looked sad. It was just sad and bad!

Maybe next time there will be a happy party with brown bunnies , black bunnies, spotty bunnies, and white bunnies with fun happy faces and good music and games like when Happy Hare threw the big bunny party.

The End

I have a question about the private prison industry

If they profit off housing inmates what is to prevent them from goading inmates into crimes while incarcerated so they can keep them longer? Isn't it possible they could frame inmates just to keep them longer? Forgive my ignorance
if this is a stupid question, but I was just wondering.

& thank you in advance to any one who answers my questions
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