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luc mont

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Member since: Tue May 15, 2018, 12:34 PM
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Former CIA Dir.: 'Law, Justice And Procedure Are All Being Eroded'

Published on 22 May 2018

Joni Mitchell, Prophet

The Forward: Mariachi Band Serenades Aaron Schlossberg With 'La Cucaracha' Outside Home

May 18, 2018 By Alyssa Fisher

They came. They strummed. They taught Aaron Schlossberg a lesson.

A mariachi band led scores of protesters in a chorus of ‘La Cucaracha (The Cockroach) Friday evening outside the Manhattan home of the lawyer who disgraced himself by ranting at Spanish-speaking people in a deli two days earlier.

A crowd gathered outside the West 60th Street apartment building where reporters staked out Schlossberg, who is Jewish, after the news broke about the xenophobic rant.

A five-man mariachi band wearing silver and black outfits drew huge cheers as they piled out of a bus.

Read more: https://forward.com/fast-forward/401404/mariachi-band-serenades-aaron-schlossberg-with-la-cucaracha/

And this wasn't Aaron's first offensive rant:

He's also a Milo Yiannopoulos fan!

All of which begs the question: Why isn't Aaron Schlossberg in Trump's cabinet already?

Washington Capitals Maintain Decades-Long Tradition of Teasing Fans

They shut out Tampa Bay tonight. Maybe they'll even shock the shit out of us by winning game seven on the road two nights hence!

But there's no way in Hell Braden Holtby outplays Marc-Andre Fleury in the Final. Thus, be it Death by Lightning on Wednesday or Death by Knight some ten days later, the Great Blueballing shall continue!

China's Secret File on Everyone

China Uncensored
Published on 21 May 2018

China Uncensored is a site that combines humor with actual news. I've been a subscriber for a couple of years now, though I'm not a paying member. If you can excuse the solicitation at the end, it's actually a very good site.

Trump Jokes That CIA Director Gina Haspel Might Not Be Qualified at Swearing-In

Source: Mediaite

‘We’re Keeping Her, Right?’

12:47 pm, May 21st, 2018

President Donald Trump on Monday congratulated incoming CIA Director Gina Haspel on her new job, saying “there is no one in this country better qualified,” than Haspel. But, like just anything else Trump says or does, the president put his own personal touch on the ceremony.

“We’re here today for the swearing in of a very special person, your new CIA director, someone who has served this agency with extraordinary skill and devotion for 30 years, Gina Haspel. There is no one in this country better qualified for this extraordinary office than you,” Trump said to a room full of U.S. intelligence officials at CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

The president then joked about Haspel’s qualifications, telling the audience to speak up if they did not agree Haspel is the most qualified to lead the CIA: “By the way, if you don’t agree with that, please let me know now before it is too late. Immediately. Have to do it quickly.”

“You live in the CIA, you breathe the CIA. And now you will lead the CIA,” Trump added as the audience applauded. The president then quipped, “That means we’re keeping her, right?”

Read more: https://www.mediaite.com/tv/trump-jokes-that-cia-director-gina-haspel-might-not-be-qualified-at-swearing-in-were-keeping-her-right/

As David Brooks wrote of Trump in the summer of 2016, "{He is} 'a truly indecent man.'"

Blown Caps

Washington's NHL team is performing down to standard as usual, well on their way to losing a 7-game series that, just a few days ago, they were leading 2-0.


A Huge Slice of Reality Pie

Preach that Truth, Brother!

How the U.S. Fueled the Rise of MS-13: FRONTLINE

Published on 20 Feb 2018

Sorry, Donny, but the gang started in L.A. But I wouldn't expect a dumb animal like you to know that!

FBI Kept 2016 Investigation Into President Donald Trump Campaign Secret: NYT

Published on 17 May 2018

And here are snippets from the NYT article:

This month, the Justice Department inspector general is expected to release the findings of its lengthy review of the F.B.I.’s conduct in the Clinton case. The results are certain to renew debate over decisions by the F.B.I. director at the time, James B. Comey, to publicly chastise Mrs. Clinton in a news conference, and then announce the reopening of the investigation days before Election Day. Mrs. Clinton has said those actions buried her presidential hopes.

Those decisions stand in contrast to the F.B.I.’s handling of Crossfire Hurricane. Not only did agents in that case fall back to their typical policy of silence, but interviews with a dozen current and former government officials and a review of documents show that the F.B.I. was even more circumspect in that case than has been previously known. Many of the officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the investigation publicly.

Agents considered, then rejected, interviewing key Trump associates, which might have sped up the investigation but risked revealing the existence of the case. Top officials quickly became convinced that they would not solve the case before Election Day, which made them only more hesitant to act. When agents did take bold investigative steps, like interviewing the ambassador, they were shrouded in secrecy.

Fearful of leaks, they kept details from political appointees across the street at the Justice Department. Peter Strzok, a senior F.B.I. agent, explained in a text that Justice Department officials would find it too “tasty” to resist sharing. “I’m not worried about our side,” he wrote.

The facts, had they surfaced, might have devastated the Trump campaign: Mr. Trump’s future national security adviser was under investigation, as was his campaign chairman. One adviser appeared to have Russian intelligence contacts. Another was suspected of being a Russian agent himself.


As I've been saying for the past 17 months, FUCK YOU, COMEY!!!

FTC names lawyer who represented Facebook and Equifax as consumer protection chief

Source: The Hill

05/16/18 07:23 PM EDT

The GOP-led Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has tapped as its consumer protection chief an industry lawyer who has represented companies like Facebook and Equifax, both of which are under investigation by the agency for mishandling user data.

Andrew Smith was named bureau chief Wednesday after a 3-2 party-line vote among the among the agency’s commissioners. Chairman Joseph Simons blasted the two Democrats on the commission for their “unprecedented opposition” to Smith’s appointment.

“I am disappointed that two of my new colleagues have chosen to turn Mr. Smith’s appointment into a source of unnecessary controversy,” Simons said in a statement. “I am highly confident that Mr. Smith will be an effective leader of the Bureau of Consumer Protection. He is widely respected as one of our country’s best and most experienced consumer protection lawyers.”

Simons dismissed concerns about Smith’s record, saying that most of the bureau’s work is handled by career staffers who will be able to take up the slack in the event that Smith must recuse himself from an investigation. An FTC spokesman did not respond when asked if what matters Smith would recuse himself from.

Read more: http://thehill.com/policy/technology/388069-ftc-names-lawyer-who-represented-facebook-and-equifax-as-consumer

Vulpine Mr Smith Goes To The Henhouse.
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