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last chance

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Member since: Thu Aug 8, 2019, 09:59 AM
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The red caps

Years ago Germany had their brown shirts. Why because a person told them they were superior and set out to exterminate what these folks disliked. Do we have our red caps and headed down the same path?

Why would you?

Why would you stay at a Trump hotel when there are plenty of other hog pens available?

A civil war.

I just read Trump said it will start a civil war if he is impeached. I expect you will hear the same call for a civil war if he is not reelected. If he is reelected there will be a reason that he must remain in office at the end of that term. This is a person who wants to remain supreme leader for life. Trump believes he is entitles to what ever he wants money, power, women and what ever he else he fancies.

Who wants to be a millionaire?

All you is three things: Unscrupulous lawyers, sleazy people in government positions, and judges that you own.

Do you ever?

Do you ever think politics has replaced organized crime in this country?

Do you wonder?

Ever wonder how many roads and bridges could be repaired if the money for Trumps wall went to infrastructure?

What we must do

The past couple of months I have keep my mouth closed and ears open. It is surprising what you learn from conversations in stores, waiting rooms, and such. It is my opinion that Trump supporters have one thing in common. The fast-paced world with automation, technology, globalization has left these people behind. One would need a doctorate to do an in-depth explanation, however they all feel life has not been what they wanted or expected. Trumps make America great again implies he is going change things to make them all happy. Trump people donít really care about other folks as long as their life is the way they want it. This is my view of the right, now for the left. Progressives all seem to have a cause that comes first. Healthcare, environment, human rights and such. They all want to elect a person that puts their cause first. Progress is achieved by having a slow but well planed path to follow. We must unite and support a candidate who is both progressive and realistic. If we fail to do this we end up back in the dark ages and a third world country.

Last Chance for Old Man 76

Greetings DU Members. About a month ago, my computer crashed. When I got a new one, the DU
no longer recognized me. As a last resort, I became a new member. I hope everyone will consider Last Chance to be the ghost of Old Man 76.
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