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Gender: Male
Hometown: Indiana
Member since: 2001
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So far, this is my favorite headline of the week...

"Just Another Day in Fucknutsville"


A good article.

I, for one, welcome a Joe Walsh candidacy in 2020.

Because he'll will win the Rocky Mountain Way.

Life's been good, right?

What? Am i missing something?

I'm tired of taking the high road.

In life, and in my the majority of both my personal and professional conversations I typically am of a mindset that “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything”. But I am getting tired of that method of communication.

Why, you ask? What set me off? Frank Bruni’s op/ed in The NY Times basically admonishes those (Samantha Bee, Robert DeNiro, and others) for using coarse and colorful language, stating that it will turn off voters, and detract from our message.

I’m calling bullshit.

I WANT guys on my side (who have a platform that I don’t) talking shit. Honestly, I would prefer that it not be from our party leaders (I would be disappointed if, say Barack Obama or Joe Biden used the term “shitholes” in a public conversation), but I don’t mind at all that left leaning celebrities and pundits take this administration to task and use the same thesaurus that those ugly fuckers on the right use.

Even Trump’s personal lawyer is talking shit about our guy...

Says Rudy Giuliani, “Joe Biden is a moron,” he said, claiming that Biden finished last in his law school class at Syracuse University and had been unable to understand issues Giuliani tried to discuss with him when he was a federal prosecutor and Biden was a Delaware senator. “I’m calling Joe Biden a mentally deficient idiot.”

And we’re supposed to rise above that, and take the high road?

Fuck that bullshit. I’m tired of taking the high road.

Yet another thread on how to shut down an argument with a rabid, mouth breathing Trump lover...

On the legality of the Special Counsel and the president's power to pardon one's self (thereby crowning himself God and King of all that can be seen)


Simply listen to their unhinged and 'unhindered by the constraints of reality' argument. When they have finished and are attempting to wipe the spittle from the corners of their mouth, simply ask "So, you would have afforded these powers to Hillary Clinton as well concerning the email scandal should she have been elected? And what about Bill? Should he have pardoned himself to end the inquiry into his consensual relationship with Miss Lewinski?"

If their answer is yes, they most likely will be embarrassed into silence. If the answer is no, simply point out they are now supporting the authoritarian/dictatorial style of non-representational government they have spent their life arguing against. (You may have to use smaller words so they can comprehend...)

I would love to hear a synopsis of any responses should anyone have a conversation such as this.

Compiling a list - right wing celebrity implodes, and basically pisses away a career...

Roseanne adds her name to the list of actors who have willingly torched their career by refusing to shut their hate-filled pie hole, being toxic and damn-near unhireable in the future.

Don't misunderstand me - I do not think everyone should think like I think, and have no issue with right leaning celebrities (and no-celebrities)/entertainers, provided there can be a civil discourse during a political conversation.

By memory, this embarrassing fraternity includes:

Ted Nugent
Michael Richards
Scott Baio
Victoria Jackson
Hank Williams Jr.
Charlie Daniels
Dennis Miller
Mel Gibson
Curt Schilling
Stacey Dash
Steven Baldwin

Who am I missing?

The stupid is strong in this one...


Messer issued a statement approving Trump's decision to negotiate with North Korea about its nuclear weapon program.

“If North Korea talks lead to concrete action, President Trump should be well on his way to his own Nobel Peace Prize. North Korea is signaling for the first time a willingness to discuss disarming its nuclear capabilities. If this happens, it would be a direct result of President Trump’s strong leadership and decisive action toward the brutal North Korean tyrant. Meaningful talks would be more progress than we saw during the entire Obama Administration,” Messer said. “President Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for being a charming presidential candidate. If North Korea disarms, President Trump's Nobel Peace Prize would be well deserved.”


What is your oldest memory?

I'm talking about what is one of the first things you remember that made you realize you are a cognitive, cerebrally functioning human being?

Me personally: I remember laying in bed (attempting to take the mandated afternoon toddler nap), and the song "Georgy Girl" by The Seekers was playing in the living room at the house where I was born. Which has since been torn down... The chart date of the song would put this memory at approximately 1966 or 1967. Which puts me at about 4 years old.

I have other memories that may be a little older, but they are mostly hazy images, with no way to pin a specific date to them.

So - what is yours?

Senator John Kennedy of Lousiana - The irony of your statement is overwhelming...

Idiot control? Really? You do realize who occupies the White House, no?


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