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Real world perspective from a long-time Georgia resident

Frankly, an endorsement from Bernie Sanders would probably have been kryptonite in that district. Remember, this is a district that elected Tom Price to Congress SEVEN straight times. His predecessor in that seat was Republican Johnny Isakson, currently the slightly less horrifying of our two Georgia U.S. Senators.

That is a semi-affluent north Atlanta district that is maybe starting to lean a little more purplish shade thanks to changes in the electorate there (and repulsion to Donald Trump), but it's by no means a progressive stronghold!

I doubt seriously that anybody in the campaign or the DCCC gave the idea of a Sanders endorsement for Ossoff more than a second's thought, which is fortunate -- because, as much as I admire Sanders's policy positions, Ossoff is better off without that endorsement.

The first protest in space just happened, and it was against Donald Trump

The first protest in space just happened, thanks to the Autonomous Space Agency Network (yes that's Nasa backwards), and ever better: it was against Donald Trump.

The team printed out a giant tweet from their own Twitter account, which read “LOOK AT THAT, YOU SON OF A BITCH,” tagging Trump’s personal Twitter account.

They then attached the sign to a weather balloon and flew it at 90,000 feet.

The reason they wrote this on their tweet was because Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth person to ever walk on the moon, once said:

From out there on the moon, international politics look so petty. You want to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and drag him a quarter of a million miles out and say, 'Look at that, you son of a bitch.'

Thanks to The Independent's Indy100 for posting about this.

Great post - thank you!

I remember the tragic and shocking events of 1963 and ensuing years well. And I have been inspired in many ways by the collective shifts in consciousness that we experienced (and helped create) in the 1960s and '70s.

One of the principal projects of the American right wing for many years has been to trivialize and eradicate the spirit of the 1960s: equality for all, a giant fuck-you to the U.S. Wehrmacht, free love, consideration of alternate philosophies and political systems, priority of the natural and the human over commerce -- in short, a general willingness to try new ways of living and thinking.

The Right fears equality, worships American military dominance, detests free love in any form, requires conformity, and values commerce above all. We will continue to reject their ugly and barren worldview.

As I get older and more independent, I'm more willing than ever to challenge the status quo. I look forward to joining with my peers and anybody else who's up for the fight for a world that's more just, verdant, interesting, and nurturing.

I'm interested in stopping Trump. Who's with me?

The ongoing divisive narratives about "Bernie Bros" and "Hillbots" do nothing but help Trump.

Any Democrat or progressive who perpetuates either of these two myths needs to splash his or face with cold water, wake the fuck up, and join the real fight of our lives.

I said either.

House GOP discusses Obamacare replacement ideas but doesnt call them a plan

By Mike DeBonis and Kelsey Snell, Washington Post - February 16

House Republicans left a highly anticipated meeting on health care Thursday morning with some new details on the options GOP leaders are considering to replace the Affordable Care Act but without the fully formed plan that those leaders and President Trump have promised.

The meeting in the Capitol basement included presentations from leaders of key House committees and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, and it was intended to give lawmakers more details ahead of a week-long recess where many of them will be meeting constituents eager for details on what will replace the health care law they have pledged to repeal.

According to numerous members and aides in the room, the House leaders laid out elements of a replacement plan — mostly long-standing GOP reform concepts like health savings accounts, tax credits and state high-risk pools for the chronically sick — but did not detail how those elements would fit together or get passed into law.

“It’s sort of a smorgasbord right now,” said Rep. Daniel Webster (R-Fla.).
- more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/house-gop-discusses-obamacare-replacement-ideas--but-doesnt-call-them-a-plan/2017/02/16/340aa49e-f442-11e6-b9c9-e83fce42fb61_story.html

This quote from the article sums it up for me: “There’s no consensus. We had two minutes to discuss it.” - Raul Labrador (R-Idaho)

The recess constituent meetings should be lively, if these "representatives" aren't too chicken to show up.

Don't you just love it?

All hail Maru Kitteh, the first poster I saw use it. I was using a still from this, and she recently suggested I use the link to the full animation, which I gladly did.

Remove the hyphens from this link and you'll see it.

Here it is in all its glory, full size:

Whatever genius put this together deserves our thanks! It may have been created by imgur user goodlordabove, who posted it there with the title "God Finally Smites Trump With Lightning" on Feb. 4, 2016.

A big IF

... Some Sanders haters on this board love to point to this quote and say "Bernie says he'd be delighted to work with Trump!11!1! Traitor!!!"

They conveniently ignore the HUGE "If" in his statement. Bernie knows Trump isn't serious about helping American workers, so this statement is somewhat like saying, "If President Trump wants to reject calls to privatize Social Security, I'm all for it." Or "If President Trump intends to hold bankers and Wall Street investment firms responsible for the damage they've done to the American economy, I'd be delighted to work with him on that." Or "If President Trump is serious about protecting the rights of all immigrants who've completed this country's existing arduous vetting process, I'd be delighted to help him achieve that aim."

Also see http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/23/politics/sanders-says-he-would-work-with-trump-for-new-trade-policy-cnntv/index.html:
"It's one thing to kill the TPP ... it's another thing to develop a trade policy that finally works for American workers and not the CEOs of large multinational corporations," said Sanders, an independent who represents Vermont, speaking on "AC360." "If Mr. Trump is serious about moving in that direction I'd be delighted to work with him."

The "delighted to work with Trump" quote, taken out of context, has become a cudgel for lazy Bernie bashers who can't bring themselves to quit fighting the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries. I find that sickening but all too predictable.

"You said it all in those Womens March signs"

Joan Wickersham's column in the Boston Globe today:

This is a good reference if you're stumped for a poster idea for the next march!

I went to the Boston march on Saturday planning to write an opinion piece. But as I watched the signs go by, I realized that tens of thousands of people had already gotten together and written it. Here’s what they had to say:

Women’s rights are human rights • Science is not a liberal hoax. Go back to school, Donald • Keep Planned Parenthood funded • Trump has more temper tantrums than my 3-year-old sister. • Decency must prevail • Respect existence or expect resistance • Stop truth decay ... more at link above

Trump's employment application revealed!

This choked me up more than anything else this week, for some reason.

Check out the transcript of the last official White House event of Barack Obama's presidency, Remarks by the President Honoring the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs this past Monday, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday.

As a life-long baseball fan (though not a Cubs fan particularly), I found this a deeply satisfying read. I especially appreciate Obama's remarks about what sports can mean to society, beyond the games themselves. "Sports has changed attitudes and culture in ways that seem subtle but that ultimately made us think differently about ourselves and who we were. It is a game and it is celebration, but there's a direct line between Jackie Robinson and me standing here. There's a direct line between people loving Ernie Banks, and then the city being able to come together and work together in one spirit."

Read the whole thing, though -- trust me, it's worth it. Theo Epstein did a pretty decent job, too, I might add.

Better read it quick, because soon all traces of decency, good sportsmanship, kindness, humor, grace, compassion, generosity, and equanimity will be scrubbed from the White House and presumably from the whitehouse.gov site.
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