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Member since: Wed Mar 10, 2021, 07:57 PM
Number of posts: 642

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Just finished listening to a discussion of the Delta variant of COVID-19.

After speaking with a relative who was sickened by what she thinks was COVID-19 because of losing her taste and smell senses I thought I should post my comments about the origin of the virus here in hopes of hearing from anyone else who may have had similar
experience in 2019? I hope any investigation of the origin of the virus will look for potential cases much earlier than was stated on the news report.

It may be that the COVID-19 originated in a lab. But it didn't have to be a Chinese lab for starters. I know two scientists were hospitalized sometime in late 2019. But to me, that doesn't prove a Chinese lab origin. Here is why:

In early June, my friend's daughter returned for Atlanta, GA after having attended a graduation for her sister around May 28. Three days after returning to Maryland, she got very sick, losing her taste and smell on about the 8th day. She said she thought she was dying because she was having great difficulty breathing. Her husband also became ill but not to the extent that she did. The young lady was sick for 7 weeks before she started feeling better. She had received antibiotics from her doctor which included the usual Z-Pack, aspirin, and she self-treated with vitamins C, D and zinc (Coldeeze tabs). Was in the bed for four days straight with sweats and chills. Was tested for flu (negative) and a few other bugs that all came back negative. She nver really felt totally healed until the latter part of August.

Around that same time, we were reading news reports about seemingly healthy people vacationing around the world suddenly dying without explanation. Several folks in my own immediate family fell ill, went to CVS or to the emergency room and ALL tested negative for the flu. One developed pneumonia that was hard to treat because the virus type could not be identified. Luckily he responded to a series treatments and was fine within about four weeks.

So, I repeat. This COVID-19 may have begun outside a lab and was carried into a lab.. It may or may not have started in China. So I am very interested in what a thorough investigation about this virus turns up.

And, yes, I did convey all this information to health officials and even wrote to a few Cogrescritters on Twitter and sent letters to Fauci, and the Biden camp about these anecdotes. Haven't heard anyything from anyone. I don't care to hear anything from those I contacted. I just want them to have the information and to consider it when studying this virus.

There is so much corruption left behind by the Trump administration. Is it time to fire all top

managers in the Executive Branch and make they all reapply for their jobs? Maybe not, but it is time to enforce the nepotism and anti discrimination laws already on the books especially where Federal employment is concerned.

The way to crack down on lobbyist is to simply ignore them and give them no time. Also gets rid of

dark money. We need more Dem Senators and more Dem Reps. that alone can get rid of dark money and stop lobbyists IF they just ignore them and refuse their money and say so in public.

That decision on overturning the assault weapons ban may be the straw for expanding SCOTUS.

GOP judges, thanks Moscow Mitch, are going to make it impossible to not revamp the SCOTUS.

I'm just wondering if people like Kellyanne Conway, Christ Christie etc. still believe in the

alternate universe of Trump in the face of all the "stop the steal" lies, Jan 6 insurrection, and all the COVID lies by Trump and his other cultists? Do you think they have any shame or embarrassment?

You know damn well that liberals are not in control of our Intel agencies or

all of this RW GOP Trump shit would be over by now. Many would be in jail, quite a few dead of "natural auses" and many more fired from their Federal jobs and NONE of this recount shit would be going on.

Like an unattended plant that has no brain, Trump will wither up and die if the media simply ignores

him. They could have stopped him three years ago had they just ignored his fake appearances when he was ranting his early lies.

Listening to Pence, what the hell did he and Trump do over the last four years but help destroy

democracy, give their wealthy friends more of the US tax base, tear babies from parents arms, enable the pandemic to take deep root in the nation, and diminish USA in the eyes of the world. I guess he is proud of what they accomplished for Putin?

The RW media simply hates smart, decent human beings of all stripes. nt

Does Sec. Austin have the power to take away Flynn's retirement pay and other benefits?

Asking for myself.
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