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Member since: Thu Dec 15, 2016, 10:37 AM
Number of posts: 381

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I love Ilhan Omar.

It's about time we have (D) representatives like her that are both funny and willing to mock these Con phonies and hypocrites.


Amazing! Watching live coverage of the InSight Mars landing.


Here we go! The trickiest part of the landing is about to occur. Good luck!

Congrats to California voters for all but delousing your state entirely of ReTHUG parasites.

One very jealous Democratic voter from Maine.

There's hope for our democracy yet.

Is the release of the Jim Acosta doctored video enough to impreach Trump?

Come January, can House Democrats use this blatantly dishonest and libelous act to finally end the national nightmare that has been the Trump presidency? Is it enough?

First and foremost, this is a night to celebrate.

Okay, so we could have done better. Overall, however, we have restored a sorely needed check to this far right extremist racist regime. But that's for tomorrow. Tonight, we can take a deep breath and enjoy our gains.

Thank you to everyone who voted for sanity today.

Question: Does Congress have the authority to force the President to withdraw troops deployed

within (or without) our borders? I'm thinking that forcing the TrumpenFuhrer to stop this lunacy along our southern border should be a top priority if (hopefully, when) we win back the House and/or Senate on Tuesday.

Reich wing hypocrisy on criticizing the dead.

Wasn't it just a couple of weeks or so ago that the movie Chappaquiddick was released, much to the hand-rubbing glee of reTHugs all over social media? Am I the only one who noticed the vicious, puerile titillation those same reTHugs displayed as they reveled in that hatchet job's biased recounting of that long-ago tragic accident? I don't seem to recall any of them displaying so much as a microscopic nose hair's worth of respect for the memory of the dead Senator or his family as they relentlessly slandered him with false accusations of murder and rape, do any of you?

Enter Professor Randa Jarrar, who, as some of you may know by now, posted some less than generous observations about Barbara Bush on Twitter My, how two weeks seemingly change everything. The microcephalic heads of reTHugs have been popping all day like balloons tied to a cactus all over social media and beyond about what they see as a series of unwarranted, lowbrow, mean-spirited swipes at the late former First Lady by Professor Jarrar. In many cases, the same people who were joyfully doing back flips and cartwheels on Senator Kennedy's grave two weeks ago are the same individuals expressing the loudest shrieks of righteous indignation today over Professor Jarrar's comments. Is the irony lost on them, or does the stench of their own rank hypocrisy actually smell like cologne to these people?

I'm not defending what Professor Jarrar wrote, mind you. However, I just wondering how many of those same reTHugs who are now screaming for her immediate dismissal from California State University at Fresno lost their livelihoods as a result of what they wrote about the late Senator Kennedy online? Anyone care to guess?

Practical question.

All the momentum now is clearly on the side of us who want a gun-free society. In fact, I cannot recall another time during my lifetime when the NRA is not just on the defensive, but actually running scared,.

The question is, should common sense laws be passed to finally help rid society of the plague of gun ownership, how does society go about disarming such a large populace? There are more American gun owners than soldiers in the Chinese army.

The NRA and all it stands for poses a far greater threat to the daily safety of average Americans

than any other terrorist group in the world, including ISIS and what's left of Al Qaeda. Strictly in terms of nomenclature, the principal difference between those groups and the NRA is that they're correctly and officially categorized as terrorist organizations while the NRA is given a pass for the monstrous acts their preachings help to cultivate.

The long and the short of it is that anyone who supports the NRA is helping to support the facilitation of atrocities like that which occurred in Lakeland and in dozens of other places across America each year.
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