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Member since: Wed Aug 16, 2017, 05:31 PM
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Puppies without a mother?

Hello. My wife and i have always had dogs. Two so far and both passed from old age. We are getting a 4 month old puppy from Texas. (This saturday) Half Rottweiler and half Lab. Her litter was surrendered to the rescue as rejected from the mom. I have been wondering how they are raised in this situation who feeds them and what do they feed them. Also are they emotionally scarred in any way. Is there anything we need to look out for? Oh I know I am getting one of the trump dolls they advertised for four years, So she can chew it up. Aaron

Freezing i pad ,iPhones and mac

Hello. So typical boomer Struggling with typing with my thumbs, autocorrect, and eyesight. Seeing fine print and not understanding the computer words. Wife and i moved a couple of years ago and the bill for cable was outrageous so we cut the cord so to speak. For what we do its perfect. No sports, You tube tv for msnbc and a couple of shows. The office and housewives for her. Anyway I am getting irritated with the devices we have (listed above) freezing up wile streaming tv. Its seems to be related to ads trying to take over and then they lock up . I have to double click and swipe the screen closed then reopen sometimes a couple of times and when it starts there will be an ad that was trying to take over it will immediately start with the ad. Its now getting to be a daily or multiple times daily. yesterday it happened during the Mary Trump interview and i lost the second half of it when it reloaded. What can i do about these Ads? Hydro My Neighbor says it was all from Adjit Pai in 2017 that he lobbied the Trump admin for more advertising.

Trump national security advisor John Bolton will visit Russia

Source: CNBC

Bolton will discuss a possible summit between President Trump and Vladimir Putin, the NSC spokesman says.

Read more: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/21/kremlin-reportedly-says-john-bolton-will-visit-russia.html

What could be the reason he is compromised?

Is he being blackmailed, paid off, coerced? I just want to know Why!

Crack in the R's wall

Hello all, So it looks to me like the resistance has had a huge role in slowing down the R's agenda. But the wall still holds. It does not seem like anything can happen with the R's standing together. I wonder if a call in campaign to your senators and congress people could have an effect. Combined with the mid term election, Mueller investigation, Stormy Daniel's, Senate Cmte findings, and escalating protest's all over the country. The call in would be to just oppose any and all legislation and governing by the current administration. I wonder also if there could be a coordinated day and repeat days to do this. Many people are already set up for calling in so a coordinated effort could be noticed and it could make individuals like us feel better like we are actually doing something. I call in every couple of days on a variety of subjects that are important to me like opposing national Right to work legislation and opposing the privatization of our power plants/dams. Opposing privatization of the schools. I oppose these specific items because i see when the dems get control we can fix things like the EPA and righting the wrongs of the current immigration policies. But it would be difficult to buy back our schools and or infrastructure. Let get organized and call in!

Trump FOX freakout, Now what?

Has anybody wondered what happens now? I mean its pretty clear its just a matter of time that they find more and more stuff pointing to trump. The list is huge on what we see coming. If Trump freaks out like this on a show that supports him and people that support him.... What is he going to do when Mueller makes his determination and presents his report to Congress. In a weird way t's like we will be the ones bullied when he goes on a tirade on the injustices that were done to him. It seems to me this is not going to be pretty.

Can someone explain why Donald Trump wants out of the Iran nuclear deal so bad?

I really am kind of not understanding what specifically is so bad about it. Or is there a way for him or his clan to make money from the middle east situation if its wiped out?

So, Now what happens... speculation

With all the news of the Mueller investigation, Russian interference, Seychelles meeting, kushner problems. Etc. It seems to me like there is a very good possibility that big news could be coming. Imagine that there was collusion with the Russians what happens then? What about the republicans are they willing to stand by trump even if he is guilty of something? Could it all just be ignored? Ron
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