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Member since: Wed Jul 19, 2017, 12:23 PM
Number of posts: 837

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Is honoring the flag and symbols of a traitorous, seditionous segment of the country disrespecting

the National Flag and/or Anthem or what?

We need the Murkowsi and Collins to vote NO. Paul is going to vote turn and vote YES.

Just listen to him on Meet the Press. He is setting up to take the limelight from McCain and vote YES.

Can Trump even become MORE embarrassing?

Time to build a generator-manufacturing plant in several states to make generators for

all the islands and states devastated by hurricanes and earthquakes.

Anyone else beginning to feel that Merkel or May should takeover handling NK on behalf of

the rest of the world?

Perhaps the allies should bilaterally negotiate with Kim and isolate the dotard?

Screw Rand Paul. It's up to Murkowski and Collins.

They ought to vote for the good of the people they serve.

Identify your Congressmen and women and Senators who want Citizens United overturned.

Pressure them this week and next to take a principled stand on their ACA vote. Encourage them to stand up to the wealthy bullies who use their political contributions and connections to control our democracy. The only way to nullify Citizens United is to make their contributions count for nothing.

Our legislators should vote for what they know or feel is right for the people. We can overturn Citizens United with our voices, our protests, our information, and our votes.

If your Congressperson or Senator is afraid to vote to FIX the ACA instead of repealing it because they think their contributions will dry up, let them know they can run on the fact that they really stood up to 1% bullies and they didn't take their money. If they lose, it may only be for a season. But it's much better to do the right thing, not the politically expedient thing.

I will work my butt off for any candidate who votes for the welfare of the citizens and refuses contributions from certain fat cats.

The bots and ad the Russians used in 2015-2016 were done with almost pinpoint precision.

Those FB ads targeted specific communities and groups. It is not enough for the Committees to see those ads. The public needs to be able to see exactly how they were conned, exactly what lies and misinformation was put out there. They need to know how they were fooled (even though they will not admit it to themselves or their friends). They need to see how they were duped and played like a fiddle.

Most importantly, they need to be told how the information was gathered, produced, and targeted and by whom. Exposure is the most important way to prevent this shit from happening in the future.

It is becoming even more clear that there was some inside the GOP and/or the Trump campaign help in targeting the messages. AND there was money put into play from not just Russia...I'm thinking maybe the Mercers, Kochs, Adlestein, etc. If so, they too are guilty of treasonous behavior. I hope Mueller goes to the bottom of the pit and digs out all the info.

i think we need to begin to petition Congress to make that information public.

So, under Graham-Cassidy what happens to their health ins. when people move from CA to MS?

Is there anything in the amendment that provides protections for portability?

If legislators want to break the ties that bind them to the Mercers and Kochs and others,

the fight over the repeal of the ACA is the place to do it. Standing up to rich bullies on principle is one way to make their money less powerful.

We can't kill Citizens United using the SCOTUS but their power can be killed if we nullify their money with our votes.
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