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Member since: Sun Jul 20, 2008, 09:14 AM
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Quote from Hardball Is Making Me Reach for My Tinfoil Hat...

First a disclaimer - I am home with the flu so my thinking might be flawed due to exhaustion and dehydration. Tonight, Chris Matthews discussed gun control and Alex Jones and mused this statement, "It's getting so you're scared to go to the mall, the grocery store, church, school, the movies..." I guess I never thought about all the places spree shootings have happened in the past 10 years. Heavens, the post office used to be the one place where you would think about spree shootings. I'm sure there's nothing to these horrendous acts happening at the very places middle America frequents on a daily basis, or is there?

Another thing has me scratching my head now that I'm thinking of these shootings. Why would Adam Lanza (Newtown) wear a mask, bullet proof vest, destroy his hard disk drive in one of the only ways to really destroy it (besides dropping it in a body of water after smashing it) if he was going to commit suicide? He shot himself in the face so his features were obliterated, correct? All of this just has me wondering... But I'm sure there's nothing really odd about dressing up in commando style gear... I think I need to get some more water.

Oh, and one more disclaimer. I am pro gun control and I have never fired a gun. I have two work friends who have uncles that own 600 guns between the two men. To me, this is insane but they call themselves preppers which (to me) conjured up scenes of Izods and boat shoes, but I digress.

Thank Goodness For Television

Because Mitt, Paul, Portman and Rand Paul (ugh) are 7 miles away from me right now. I am down with the flu but I am mesmerized via the television.

I must admit, I've never seen such a small crowd for a presidential candidate. I am used to Obama, Clinton, Bushes, heck, even Dole. This is amazingly weird. The crowd is packed in like sardines but there aren't really that many people... ODD. Well, this is Dayton.

Good thing I have the flu or I would be on project in Michigan.

Back to this sitcom of a campaign.

Alex Wagner, The Republican Talking Point Has Been Shoved Down Our Throats Today - Don't Pile On

It's lazy, this "talking point of the day" crap. The journalists don't even try to change the words. Today it's "Obama didn't meet with the world leaders." Yes, that is his what? PREROGATIVE. He is our President and will talk with them when he feels the time is right. Heavens, I don't blame him not meeting with Bibi. That guy will guarantee negative news with his Romney propping self.

So is this a slow news day? Why is EVERYONE beating the repub talking points like a worn out drum?

Forgive me, I am fighting the flu and thought a little political news would make me feel better. Apparently not.
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