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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: South of Texas
Member since: Sun Mar 5, 2017, 10:33 PM
Number of posts: 485

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My only "child" Home from Iraq, & OUT.

Mind, Body & Spirit.. whole, healthy, & strong. I AM truly lucky & Blessed. Every day, my morning prayer is thanking Spirit for THIS. Some days I am exhausted, depressed, or down to my last $.. & then I remember. MY Son is HOME, & OUT. Thank YOU for the question.. I needed to remember, tonight. 💖

2 ?s/thoughts from the past week, please?

IRL, I am overwhelmed.. beneath the surface, I'm doing a fierce dawg paddle. I don't have cable, & run out of smartphone data about a week after paying for the month's service. I started a new job March 1st, $ a lil better, but trumper-boss is a reallll ..challenge. all this is just to explain I'm having trouble keeping up with all the crazy right now.

my 2 thoughts/?s..!
#1: Since the GA election last week, I have heard diddly squat about election "irregularities" there. Any follow up info on this?

#2: I'm not sure if it was a report on the possible guv shutdown or passing trump-don't-care (on PBS, I think), emphasis on jerk's 1st 100 days ..& he's walking outside (!!) & says "next week doesn't matter".. it gave me the willies. Still does. I thought.. he's going to do something horrible to distract from all his failures & corruption & russia-collusion.
Would appreciate DUer feedback or thoughts! tia!

Watching NOW! She makes me tear up!

Bless her!
She walks the walk.
She KNOWS our trials, our troubles.
She knows US.
Her compassion, wisdom, and strength are SO inspiring.
Please, God, let Warren be the next President.
Let me do what I can, to make it so. Amen.

How 'bout a hey, YOU! From an Iraq Vet's mama?

#1) Welcome
#3) Bless YOU
#4) I love, & respect Bernie. I voted for Hillary, when it was time.But I love Bernie. People get all crazy on DU, if Bernie is mentioned, & I move on.

#5)DU is where You speak Your Mind, follow Your Heart. .progressively speaking.
#6) fuckem if they can't take a joke.

And I *RARELY * say the fuck-word!

I was that lil kid..spent some time with a normal Family. .

full of LOVE and acceptance and stability and goood times and humor. Too soon, had to return to my dysfunctional family, neglect, abuse, terror. But that glimpse of Paradise stayed with me. I *mostly* followed that Lovely example, broke the cycle, and gave my Child LOVE,acceptance, stability, goood times and humor. We can do that too, NOW.. Obama showed us..despite the horror of our present reality..we KNOW we can do and have better. .we know we DESERVE better. .& WE can achieve & create that goood in our lives again..for ourSelves & our Babies. STAY STRONG, Y'ALL 💖

My 1st Easter without Peeps.

I never LOVED Peeps, but they were "tradition"..

I think it will be ok.

Jane Goodall,& Diane Furstnberg on Charlie Rose

Now! 💖 sorry I can't link.

I always think Rose is worse interviewer than tweety, but he is doing ok tonight. .showing RESPECT!

I am conflicted!

I mostly only say s***! if I stub my toe or bang an elbow.
I was over 35 before I ever said the fuck-word..I made up for lost time during the *years. During the Obama years, I seldom said the fuck-word.That was nice. 💖 I have been saying the fuck-word ALOT since November.
I'm conflicted, but God knows I cuss, and He's ok with it.
I believe sometimes God cries & cusses, too.

Watching PBS war shows for the past 2 nights..

Comparing today to those days ..

#1) propaganda remains the same
#2) PEACE activists.. ! ..then & now!
#3) racism & prejudice.. fight over seas, for rights you can't have in the US.
#4) Women! for PEACE & JUSTICE!

We've been through worse.. & survived.
We haven't learned a freakin thing.
This is trippin all my triggers,
I'm an Iraq Vet's mama.
Please say Prayers, if You pray,
& call, email, protest, NOW.

Did DU get the upgrade last week?

Did it go ok? I never noticed any down time,& with all the misadventures, I was a bit anxious.
I did get an alert that my phone got a virus, seems ok,now, but reminded me of last week's DU security upgrade. Thanks, admins, for looking out for us!
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