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fightforfreedom's Journal
fightforfreedom's Journal
March 17, 2023

Listen to what the jurors in Georgia are saying, not the talking heads on cable news.

One is facts, the other is people on the news speculating.

March 17, 2023

What the prosecutors did in the Georgia investigation was brilliant.

They brought in witnesses to testify whose lives were destroyed by Trumps attempted Coup of Fools. According to one juror it made them cry.

March 17, 2023

Last night on the Ari show he asked the same question I asked here recently.

Why would Bragg reopen a high stakes case for a misdemeanor? That doesn't add up. Bragg suddenly shut down the case when he took office. Then he got a conviction in the Trump Org. fraud case. Guilty on 17 counts. Maybe something changed Braggs mind during that investigation. New evidence, new witness? Something changed his mind .Maybe he is going to charge Trump with some kind of fraud.

We need indictments so we can get some damn answers.

This case has been crazy from the beginning.

March 17, 2023

Finding recorded phone calls about a crime is like finding fingerprints at a crime scene.

A jury will convict you. One recorded phone call is really bad, multiple phone calls you are screwed. Not only does Willis have multiple recorded phone calls. She also has videos of Rudy appearing before the Republicans in the Georgia legislature trying to convince them to overturn the results, fake electors.

We also know multiple people were granted immunity. I am very interested to find out who was granted immunity. That is a big fucking deal. People talked, they turned and told all.

This is just the evidence we know of, Willis has a lot more. You can tell Willis has a solid conspiracy case.

March 17, 2023

Trump is going to get his picture taken soon.

When he gets indicted he has to be fingerprinted and his mugshot taken. Can't wait to see that.

March 16, 2023

If you are angry, frustrated, with the investigations. This is who you should blame.

The Republicans in Congress.

A legal system, laws, have never been put in place to deal with a lunatic, criminal, president. The founding fathers put in place Impeachment.

When Trump was impeached the first time, he was proven guilty. The Republicans in Congress did the unthinkable. They violated their oaths of office, violated the constitution. Let a lunatic, a criminal, walk free, remain in power. They knew he was dangerous. They knew he was mentally unstable. They did this because they are cowards. Now look at them. They are completely worthless as a Party.

Everything that has happened from the moment The Republicans failed to uphold their oaths, the constitution, has been catastrophic for our country. Now the DOJ is trying to clean up a horrific mess that should have never happened. J6 should have never happened.

This is the story the news media should be telling, focusing on. Instead of endless speculation on investigations that should have never been needed in the first place.

March 16, 2023

Trump was probably happy when the Speaker in Georgia died. Little did he know.

Trump probably thought that's one person I don't have to worry about testifying in front of a grand jury. Little did he know the Speaker in Georgia recorded their conversation. More smoking gun evidence for the Georgia grand jury. Dumb fuck Trumps luck is running out.

There are now at least two recorded phone calls of Trump trying to force people to overturn the election in Georgia.

Trump is fucking going down.

March 16, 2023

Here we go again, the news media getting people worked up again.

The new thing now is, if Trump is indicted it will make him stronger, it will help him in the election. Bullshit!!!

If that is the case Trump should be be begging for indictments instead of fighting against them. Trumps base will vote for him no matter what. Trumps base has gotten smaller not bigger. What are Trump voters going to do if Trump is indicted, vote harder, swear, get angry when they vote. If Trump is indicted I am going to vote really, really, hard this time. This time I am going to really mean it.

March 16, 2023

Trump is facing 4 major criminal investigations, I believe there will be more.

Trump is going to be in court the rest of his worthless, no good rotten, piece of shit, scumbag, traitor, asshole life. Fuck Trump.

Lady Justice is going to cut Trumps mushroom dick clean off.

March 16, 2023

Willis told us weeks ago what she is going to do. She said it in court.

The lead juror in the special grand jury told us they recommended over a dozen indictments. She told us there were other phone recordings of Trump. She told us people were granted immunity. She told us the charges were serious.

When people like this tell us something, we should listen, understand, and believe them.

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