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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 10:20 PM
Number of posts: 26,881

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News from PA-18. The republicans have chosen a candidate.

They chose State Rep. Rick Saccone. (I thought it would be Reschenthaler.) Here's some more info:

State Representative Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny) was nominated on the second ballot of conferees to be the Republican candidate in the special election to replace resigned Congressman Tim Murphy. The special election will be held March 13th.

Saccone was the most conservative candidate in the race for the nomination. Saccone introduced a bill in the state House to post “in God we trust” at all schools in the state. Saccone is an Air Force veteran, and is an expert on North Korea, spending a year as the only American living in the country.

Saccone was running for U.S. Senate until Murphy was forced to resign amid a scandal involving an extra-marital affair, allegations he asked her to get an abortion, and allegations of mistreatment of staff.

The conferee process started with State Senators Kim Ward (R-Westmoreland) and Guy Reschenthaler (R-Allegheny) on the ballot. State Representative Jason Ortitay dropped out before voting.

The first ballot saw Reschenthaler finish first, followed by Saccone then Ward, but no one won a majority of voters meaning Ward would not go through to the second ballot. On the second ballot, Saccone finished won with 123 votes, and Reschenthaler with 91.

More at link: http://www.politicspa.com/saccone-wins-pa-18-nomination/85345/

Did ya' vote yet?

Cold and rainy in western PA. I forgot to ask which number I was, but I was one of two voters this morning! The only campaign workers outside with cards and signs were the DEMOCRATS!! One fellow was escorting people to and from their cars with his umbrella. Can't imagine a republican doing that! Ha!

I finally found a sample ballot. Now.... about that Constitutional Question?

It won't let me copy and paste. Questions:

1. Who knew there was a constitutional question!?!
2. WTF does it mean?

This state does a damned piss-poor job of informing voters. I searched for quite awhile before finding a sample ballot. No wonder people don't vote, or if they do, they don't have a clue what they are voting for. I'm retired so I can spend time doing research, but I'll bet very few voters bother.

Does anyone know which judges to vote for?

Thanks! I would like to know which are endorsed by the Democratic party.

Happy Halloween!

We have the same tastes!

I am currently watching "Dr. Blake Mysteries" and I've seen many of the ones you mentioned.

"Land Girls" is one of the best series ever made, IMO, as is the wonderful "Foyle's War." Did you see Michael Kitchen in "The Collection" last night?!

"Doc Martin" is an absolute treasure.

May I add to your list, "Shetland" and "Hinterland." I liked both of them, especially Shetland, but neither one has many episodes.

How do I get out of Password Hell?

I keep setting and resetting password and they do not match between my laptop and my iPhone.

I'm ready to scream. Looks like a lengthy call to Apple Support ... AGAIN.

I never had any problems before I downloaded the new IOS!

Right now, I'm locked out of Twitter.... I kept getting an email to reset, but when I clicked the button, nothing happened. Too many attempts so I'm locked out for an hour.

The biggest culprit seems to be Yahoo email. The want to sell me an upgrade. Should I just ditch Yahoo email?

Any advice will be appreciated, but sorry, I don't understand if it's too technical. Thank you so much.

I want Tom Kirkman to be our president.

Seriously, I don't even care that he's a fictional character. We could have Tom Kirkman and a team of writers leading the country and we would be better off. Watching "Designated Survivor" makes me so sad that we are saddled with an actual fake president.

Last night's show about the flu epidemic and how he maneuvered that big-pharma villain was just beyond heart-breaking in light of the daily news.

I agree with you in a way.

I want a Slovak American Day! Think of the great food, music, and costumes!

Or maybe we just need a day to celebrate all immigrants? That would annoy the crap out of trump! LOL

"Wisdom of the Crowd" -- yay or nay?

I liked it. It reminded me a little of CSI:Cyber, which I was sorry to see go. I liked all the techno-gizmo parts. I think it's going to be pretty good.
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