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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
Number of posts: 28,394

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"Big Sky"

Does anyone else enjoy ďBig SkyĒ? I really like this show (because itís Montana mostly). But I am so frustrated with its scheduling. They will show one episode about every three weeks. By then I have forgotten the plot and the characters. Also, what happened to Ronald? Thanks!

Evushield antibodies?

Has anyone qualified for Evushield antibodies treatment yet? Just got a lengthy email from our HC provider about who would be qualified. I would be eligible according to their list of immunocomromised individuals. I plan to ask my specialist next visit. When I asked her about the fourth booster, she said she preferred this when it becomes available. I am hopeful!

What do we know about it?

A Prayer for the People of Ukraine

Lampada, March 2014
St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, Charlottesville (Greenwood), Virginia Lampada

Let us Pray to the Lord - Lord, Have Mercy

Almighty Father, You said that when two or three are gathered in your name Ė you would be among them. Remembering Your words and having received the land of Ukraine for our heritage.

ďO Lord, bless your inheritanceĒ (Divine Liturgy) Timely Epistles from Our Hierarchs
We ask you today to prove us mindful of this great blessing. Bless our ancestral homeland Ukraine and these United States with honorable works, sound learning, and good manners. Save us from violence, discord, and confusion; from pride and arrogance. Defend liberty which is an expression of your DivineWill. During this time of difficulty throughout our ancestral homeland Ukraine fill our hearts with gratitude, and grant the people of Ukraine, and all of us the grace to continue to trust in You and Your mercy as we did in previous days of trouble. We ask this for we know that you are a gracious and loving God in whom we are blessed through the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, always now and ever and to the ages of ages. AMEN

Source: https://stnicholasorthodoxchurch.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/LampadaLent2014Text20p.pdf (March 2014)

Iím sorry if this didnít copy very well. Please pray for our brothers and sisters and their families in Ukraine. For those of Ukrainian heritage, may God keep your families safe and end this conflict swiftly. Please guide those in positions of leadership to use their best judgment to protect our people and their homeland. Lord Have Mercy. Amen.

Thank you, dear friends, for the hearts!

What a lovely way to celebrate Valentineís Day! Hope you are all enjoying the day with your loved ones!

Christos razdajetsja

Merry Christmas to those of the Orthodox faith! Have a piece of nutroll!

Plumbers call this "Brown Friday" for a reason.

Lots of plumbing problems over Thanksgiving.

We were about to have family over and discovered our septic tank is backed up! I donít know what to do with all this food. Iíll freeze what I can, I guess. This is very frustrating. I have been working on cooking and cleaning for days.

Retention of Judges?

Just got our mail-in ballots. I did not know about the questions for Retention of Judges for Superior and Commonwealth Courts.

Their names are: John T. Bender and Mary Jane Bowes for Superior Court.
Also, Anne Covey and Renee Cohn Jubelirer for Commonwealth Court.

Political parties are not listed.

Any advice will be appreciated! (I understand about the other judges who are running.)

Thank you so much!!

Kodiak the Steller's Sea Eagle has been caught! (Pittsburgh Aviary)

This was on Twitter. Iím so glad he has been returned safely to the National Aviary. He was found north of the city where he pretty much hung out for about a week.


National Aviary

Update 8:15 PM: Kodiak the Stellerís Sea Eagle is home safe. The National Aviary has worked tirelessly to get Kody home safely after he got out of his habitat on September 25.

Primary election advice sought.

Received my absentee ballot this week. So much to read, yikes! I could use help on the ballot questions and the judges.

Could anyone recommend a Judge of the Superior Court (vote for one of three) and Judge of the Commonwealth Court (vote for two of four)?

On the ballot questions, I understand to vote NO on the first two constitutional amendments and YES on the third one. What about that referendum on emergency services? Seems like a YES, but this is the first Iíve seen of it and donít know if there are legal questions.

Thank you, my well-informed friends! I sincerely appreciate your help.

Thank you for the hearts, dear friends.

So kind of you to remember me!
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