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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
Number of posts: 25,933

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Today's super-cute Google Doodle celebrates the invention of Camembert cheese:

(from the slide show)

On what would have been her 256th birthday, Friday's Google Doodle honors Marie Harel, the inventor of Camembert cheese.
The story of one of France's most popular cheeses goes back to 1791, when Harel was a 30-year-old dairymaid in Vimoutiers in Normandy, northern France.
Legend has it that a priest from the northern region of Brie fleeing the anti-clerical French Revolution that was sweeping the country, took shelter near Vimoutiers and taught Harel how to make the soft cheese famous in his home region.
Harel added her own twist on the recipe, making her Camembert cheese in smaller wheels and without added cream. She also packaged the finished product in thin, round, wooden containers that have become an international icon.

More at link: http://time.com/4758882/google-doodle-marie-harel-camembert/

Hey Montana! It's time to vote!! (from Twitter) #TeamQuist


Cute Google Doodle today honors the Cassini Spacecraft.

Today's Google Doodle shows the Cassini spacecraft passing by Saturn, in a cheery picture. But it is perhaps one of the most beautifully tragic images ever featured on its homepage.

The Cassini spacecraft, pictured happily snapping photos of Saturn and its rings in the Doodle, is only doing so because it is approaching its grand finale. When that finally arrives, it will see the craft plummet into the atmosphere of Saturn and get entirely burnt up, destroying the craft and bringing an end to its 20 year mission.

But Nasa must destroy Cassini. That is in part because doing so furthers the work of planetary preservation, ensuring that the craft doesn't go on to drop its life on Saturn or elsewhere, helping plant life that could upset anything that already exists there and stop us seeing whether or not there is alien life in our universe.


Other! I ran for delegate to the DNC once.

Not really an "office." It was fun, but my candidate (Clark) dropped out and that was that.

I'm not very outgoing, so I would make lousy politician.

Oh no, what awful news.

I knew he had health problems, but didn't know how serious. He wasn't one to complain. I feared the worst when we sent out a "search party" for him last year.... and he has been missing on DU again for about a month. I think there was even a recent "Where is...?" thread. He was so surprised and touched by our concern for him.

He was one of a kind for sure and we will miss him terribly. I believe he knew how much we all cared about him. This is a terrible day.

Thank you for letting us know, duhneece.

RIP my dear friend.

That every damn morning I wake up and think about drumpf.

I want peace of mind back. I want to feel secure instead of anxious all the time. I want to live without fear and dread.

I am most concerned about how much more damage he can do before we see the last of him.

I found this action group on Twitter: Swing Left


They are targeting swing districts to take back the House. Sounds like a great cause!

There are probably lots of groups doing good work. We need to help out where we can!

I would downsize.

I would pay someone to clean out this house and I would move to a smaller place. The smaller place has to be at the beach though.
Something like this would be perfect:

Pope Francis' prayer for Earth Day: (from Twitter)


I have enjoyed this so much.

There hasn't been one boring speaker. And the music, with Jon Batiste, has been terrific.
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