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Member since: Wed Jun 12, 2019, 05:41 PM
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Capturing and charging Ghislaine Maxwell will possibly bring out more big names

than the feds would have gotten from Epstein. They were not going to make a deal with him and he would have had little incentive to talk. She, on the other hand, will be very likely be offered and take some type of prosecution agreement based on her giving the feds all she knows. No doubt she is in hiding fearing for her life. Hopefully they will find her soon.

Lee Harvey Oswald meet Jeffrey Epstien

Lots to talk about.

Fox and MSNBC.

How about a trade Chuck Todd and Ari Melber for Shep Smith and judge Napolitano.

Fox and MSNBC

How about we trade Chuck Todd and Ari Melber, for Shep Smith and Judge Napalitano.

A sports analogy: Mueller and the Dems made necessary halftime adjustments.

And pulled the game out imo. With Schiff and Maloney leading the way and a finally energized Mueller, the day was saved. I was disappointed, but not discouraged in the first session. There were some huge moments that should sway open minded voters towards Trumps guilt. No doubt Mueller's laconic nature and
for whatever reason, lack of presence, dampened the effect of what was being said. But, the repugs were ineffective for the most part and did little to convince anyone that this was a withhunt, or that Mueller was compromised in any way.

I believe the repugs cutting off Mueller from responding to their attacks several times was a motivating factor in his change of demeanor in the afternoon. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall with Mueller and his folks during the break.
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