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This smilies/gif site


Select one of the Categories listed on the left.
Scroll and select a smiley from the big window that will open the category.
At the bottom of the screen see the two Description choices. Select "URL"
Copy the code that appears and paste it in your DU posting.

I found my smiley in the "cheeky" Category.

He fed off the fruits of Flake's courage like a vulture

I think he was thoroughly embarrassed by the turn of events. So he pulled his well known, comfortable, likable Senator Graham out of his ass for today's cameras.

He returned to his usual image - The smooth Senator and loyal friend of John McCaine we all know. The Graham who always has time to stop and drop a witty tidbit for the press to nibble on. He's thinking to himself, "The wonder of me." And in that moment he snatched Flakes courage and used it to turn his own failure into personal success.

Pay no attention to the Graham of yesterday. The one with the stainless steel teeth. The one whose soul was buried with McCaine*. Just pick a card, any card.

* With thanks and props to Bob Cesca of The Bob Cesca Show.

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