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Profile Information

Name: Denise Lang-Browne
Gender: Female
Hometown: La Luz, NM
Home country: US
Current location: US
Member since: Thu Jul 31, 2003, 10:36 PM
Number of posts: 3,705

About Me

I'm running for New Mexico State Senate District #33. I ran for NM State Representative 4 years ago and feel more of a need to run, to pick up votes up and down ballot for Democrats in my state and at the national level. My DU family provided much support 4 years ago (much with the help of our beloved Pinboy3niner) and I know I can count on support now. We're in this together. I have received the endorsements/support of Planned Parenthoood Votes New Mexico; AFSCME American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees; NEA National Education Association of New Mexico; AFT-NM American Federation of Teachers New Mexico; Sierra Club; and named a Gun Sense Candidate by Moms Demand Action. I was concerned in my interviews as I shared that I was running a Combined Campaign to elect Democrats up and down ballot, that I would not provide only my campaign information but always include information for (especially, because she is in a very tight race) US Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small, President Biden and all the local state senate, state representatives, county clerk, treasurer and commissioner. I worked hard to get a full ballot of Democrats, first time in over 25 years. https://secure.actblue.com/donate/committee-to-elect-denise-lang-browne-1

Journal Archives

Duer duhneece with some good news-Success!

On Aug 2nd the city held a special meeting to discuss the passing of a resolution declaring it a ‘Sanctuary for the Unborn’. One of the people who came to speak in support is the opponent of our Democratic candidate, one of our Combined Campaign candidates, Sharonlee Cummins.

This Republican candidate was at the Jan 6 insurrection… misogynist and traitor.

His partner is the city commissioner who put the city resolution forward, and this special meeting was just a free campaign rally (free for them, but at a cost to the taxpayer) for Sharonlee’s opponent. Sharonlee Cummins is OUR candidate and will stop the hateful rhetoric that can been seen in this video where he spoke in favor of the audit of the 2020 election, calling us fringe extremist leftists and telling us to move. This from a man who has only lived here a year and a half.

Despite majority opposition to the resolution, it passed 5-2, with two of the men voting for it not even being elected, but appointed, to their seats.

This commission underestimated the anger of one constituent. Ashlie Myers is one of the younger folks we’ve connected with since before the R v W through rallies; she read the city charter and found out that a petition could be started forcing a special election to decide whether to keep or trash the resolution. She put the call out and a community came together to support her.

The far right here tried to sabotage the petition efforts via social media and official Republican party emails.

Here is the post the R City Commissioner made on his public Facebook page used for his commission seat.

Here is the email the Chairman of the Republican Party of Otero County, NM sent out officially to everyone on their mailing list.

Despite the county chair inciting his fellow republicans to commit fraud, Ashlie Myers and our team got enough signatures! This resolution is now in the hand of the people.


The county also recently passed a resolution that was exactly the same as the city's. Stephanie Dubois is running against a forced birth opponent to fill in the seat Cowboys for Trump founder Couy Griffin is vacating.

We need to make sure that Republicans don’t win. The combined campaign of Stephanie Dubois and Sharonlee Cummins will help us keep these far right nuts from taking over our town!

In the middle of all of this, we made a Tik Tok video with our Marine superstar State Rep candidate…fun and it introduced her to many of these young activists we’ve been able to connect with. I’ll try to post when I learn how to share that.
We’re fantasizing about billboards so one activist said she’d try a Tik Tok video.

We’re really close to being able to turn this long-time red county BLUE! Agonizingly close, closer than we’ve ever been. As a long-time member of our local Democratic Party, and for as hard and with so many varied approaches, we’re a mostly over-50 group…BUT WITH YOUR HELP, WE’RE CHANGING THAT. We elders are learning so much, turning over tasks/projects to folks who are showing us how to get it done with our help. Heady, intoxicating days here…after some really hard time.

We made the state news…DUer duhneece with my head down, calling or texting folks to come down:
“Community members opposed to the resolution said their voice wasn’t heard.

“The message that it sends is divisiveness. The message that it sends is, 'we don't want you here if you are pro-choice.' And that's crazy. We all have differences. It's not a black-and-white issue. And this is not partisan to me at all," Myers said.
"Alamogordo City Council recently listened to the people of Alamogordo and took a stand on our God given right to life and passed a resolution declaring Alamogordo a 'sanctuary city for the unborn' which outraged a few residents," said the Republican Party of Otero County in an email.


Don't forget to help by donating to Stephanie DuBois: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/dufordubois22

DUer duhneece update on Stephanie's opponent, the cruelty to animal Republican Chair

In the 2021 local election, I went with a friend to a local polling place to electioneer. New Mexico state law allows electioneering as long as you are not within 100 ft of the door the voters use. While exercising my right, the chair of the Republican party, Amy Barela, called the sheriff on me, and rallied others to do the same, saying I was harassing and intimidating voters. She filed a false report with the police, and they believed her even though she had not been to the polling place when she called the sheriff. Here is video of my encounter with them, and the police report where no illegal activity was observed. In fact, after measuring from the door we were allowed to be closer than we were before the complaint!

Amy Barela is DUer Stephanie DuBois’s opponent as they run to replace Cowboys for Trump Couy Griffin, our resident insurrectionist county commissioner. Amy attempted to use the sheriff’s office to intimidate democrats with a false report that she was never held accountable for. She wasn’t afraid to abuse her influence and power as chair of the Republican Part of Otero County and she isn’t going to be afraid to abuse it if she wins the county commission seat. If you think Griffin is abusing his power by having constituents thrown out at meetings for exercising their rights, it’s going to be a whole lot worse if Amy gets in. She helped Couy sell our county the Griffins’ fake audit contract.

Earlier this year Amy was given a ticket for leaving a dog out in the freezing cold during the few days we had snow here. Magically, that ticket was changed over to her husband’s name and then dropped completely by the city. More abuse of her power that will only be amplified when she controls the county commission from within. No woman should be shamed by her husband’s crimes, but if you are interested in what the nmcourts.com says about Amy’s husband Jean Paul Barela, that’s on you.

Amy is also an election denier. Here she is at the latest county meeting where known grifter & Pillow guy’s friend David and Erin Clements presented their findings from their audit of the 2020 election.

Please consider helping DUer Stephanie and I fight the good fight.

Donate here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/dufordubois22

Duer duhneece is targeted by a right-wing domestic terrorist.

I thought my friend Donna was a wee bit paranoid. She phoned me Thursday before last to tell me to be extra cautious as my name had been mentioned by the election-denier, grifter, attorney David Clements during a county commission meeting, packed full with right-wing supporters of Clements and Cowboys for Trump, Jan 6 criminal Couy Griffin. Clements complained bitterly that I had filed an official complaint against him with the New Mexico Supreme Court and my complaint had initiated an investigation.

Then over last weekend, he complained about me again in a Facebook post. I got a few more calls and folks tell me that they think our county is where the next civil war begins or next mass shooting.

Then he posted a video. He says in the video that he has over 100,000 followers and whines that my complaint is taking food from his children’s mouths.

Video here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lgDzJapXp-pBpFQZZDELlipxjsRmgOOy/view

More about Clements here, including NPR, report: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100216961511

Clements friend, Couy Griffin uses tactics of normalizing violence with his speeches he made when he joined Women for America First on the bus tour across the country. He urged Trump supporters to rally at the Capitol on Jan. 6, saying there should be martial law and we are a nation at war. He continued to speak favorably of the riot in the days after the attack in videos he posted on social media.

Witness at Couy’s 14th Amendment trial to remove him from office last week, Rachel Kleinfeld said during his trial that Griffin in those public statements consistently used tactics that can incite people to become violent.
Clements and his telegram followers use these same tactics during their recruitment meetings on his social media that normalize violence, by saying things like using terms like firing squads as seen in this telgram shot from his channel.

Remember, this is the county where our commissioner’s “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat” video got retweeted by the former President. Same commissioner who has been banned by the Mescalero Apache reservation. Same commission district that my friend Stephanie DuBois is running for. We are doing all we can to stop this madness but we need your help. We need your support. This is what we have to counter.

Donate here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/dufordubois22

If you want to listen in on trial of Couy Griffin...14th Amendmt to bar him from office

The continuation begins at 9am Mountain time (I think) You can call in to hear, dial: 401-594-2884 then enter 457 389 237#
"...A lawsuit contends Griffin violated the 14th Amendment, which prohibits officeholders sworn to uphold the Constitution from engaging in an “insurrection” against the U.S. government. The “disqualification clause” is part of a Civil War-era constitutional amendment intended to bar former Confederates from holding state or federal offices...SANTA FE — Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin admitted a couple of times Monday that he wasn’t ready for trial.

“I’m not as prepared as I should be,” Griffin, the defendant in a civil lawsuit seeking to remove him from his elected position, said during his opening statement. “I had too much confidence in the law being followed.”

Griffin is representing himself against a team of lawyers in a bench trial that could determine whether he will be allowed to serve out the remaining months of his term in office...

The possibility of national implications tickles my fancy.

DUer duhneece plea for support from a 'Ground Zero for Violence' County (updated at the bottom)

First, an apology. It is our (Duer Stephanie DuBois and my) intention to post a plea for support for a combined campaign weekly through our own DU ActBlue site (gratitude to Omaha Steve is out of this world).

Our Trump supporting County is a powder keg for violence. Not just in a physical sense but ideologically and legislatively too. First, our County passed a ‘Sanctuary for the Unborn’, regardless of those in attendance voicing their objections. In the past physical attendance had "influenced" our commissioners over emails because emails couldn't be verified as local. However, when it is opposition that has greater physical presence as we have done recently, it's the emails in support that have greater weight, regardless of location, than those physically present to speak.

Immediately, on the county's coattails, the City of Alamogordo planned a special meeting that was advertised as an ‘event’ for a republican state rep candidate

to support the County AND pass their own ‘Sanctuary for the Unborn’ resolution. We spent a week mobilizing support to appear and speak at the ‘Special Meeting’. Once again, opposition to this resolution showed up in greater numbers to speak than those in favor.

Emails from those "against" were scrutinized and discarded as "probably" being from outside the area. The emails "for" were not equally challenged or tossed. The city passed the resolution regardless.

The youth in our community have really stepped up since the leaked draft of Roe V Wade was released. We have worked tirelessly as mentors to assist them in navigating the world of political activism. Learning from them as well, as they say, you're never too old to teach "old dogs" new tricks. Together we have organized several pro-choice rallies and voter registration drives.

Honestly we know we have our work cut out for us here but it's not impossible to flip Otero Blue. We must reach the youth who think their votes don't matter. Those who have lost faith in their party and don't bother showing up anymore. Even those who are ready to make a party switch. These people are out there but we need your help to reach them.

Please consider making a donation to our campaign so we can make a difference in Otero County, NM. Without your support nothing will ever change.

Donate here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/dufordubois22

Thank you for your time and consideration.

I decided to add this photo, Cowboys for Trump Couy Griffin prayed at our protest against resolutions.

Please support new DUer Stephanie DuBois as you have supported me for nearly 19 years!

I’ve run for office before with DU support-not just financial but moral support, tech support (my God, what would I do without OmahaSteve?), emotional, mental, and even spiritual) and I’m eternally grateful for that. I’m asking again for DU support.

I’m in the eye of the hurricane, ground zero in violent rhetoric, grifters & traitors like ‘Cowboys for Trump’ Couy Griffin, but we have even worse in David Clements…more info in the coming weeks.

While I’m not running for office this election I recruited my friend and ‘partner in mischief’ for the past 20 years, Stephanie DuBois, to run for Otero County Commissioner and I’ll be asking for you to support this new DUer.

This was in 2010 at our second We Trust Women rally…DUer duhneece is in purple hoodee, and DUer and candidate Stephanie DuBois is second from right in ball cap.

Here’s Stephanie registering voters at the 2022 We Trust Women rally:

Two days ago Otero County Commission passed a resolution ‘Otero County is a Sanctuary for the Unborn.’ Truly horrible resolution but the GOOD NEWS:

Stephanie and I’ve been the lead organizers for the We Trust Women rallies since 2009 but we quit during Covid. A young woman called the newspaper a couple of months ago and was given my name. I told her I just couldn’t organize this year, she pleaded, I told her that if she would meet me at City Hall to fill out a permit (done as a courtesy but it ensures that we get all 4 corners of ‘our favorite intersection’ on the permit, and we get all 4 corners with no counter-protestors) and prepare a graphic with all the info, I would share it. It was incredibly electrifying. We got huge (for us) crowds at two rallies with a very diverse mix. Our group was mostly seniors, mostly Democrats….her group (she’s 22, gay, married, young mother) is young LGBTQ, some military (we have Holloman AFB here), far too many not registered to vote. We’ve organized into 4 teams to register voters at the only place we register more Dems and Independents , the barber shop that most minorities get their hair cut at (dangling p…). THEN, when our County proposed this resolution, we got many to come and speak out against the resolution …to no avail, but they attended their first-ever county commission meeting, they understand the need to elect Democrats up and down ballot.

Donate to Stephanie here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/dufordubois22

Please support new DUer Stephanie DuBois as you have supported me for nearly 19 years!

I made the news chewing out Couy Griffin of Cowboys for Trump

I don’t know how to share the Tic Toc but here I am, briefly, on local news. PBS had their own story and included me. I was channeling the folks in the room, our folks.
I love that KRQE caught the laughter after Couy’s ‘…blah blah Marxist blah blah..’ comment. https://www.krqe.com/video/couy-griffin-will-not-receive-legal-representation-from-otero-county/7805820/
grogusimp is my friend’s tic toc ‘name’.

Can you imagine a grandma beginning a thought "I'm glad my grandson shot himself...?

My horror, my condemnation, my grief at my thinking yesterday, “I’m glad my grandson shot himself instead of others?”
Ethan, 19 almost 20, shot himself in the head April 4. Miraculously, he was almost right in front of UNM Hospital, and he’s speaking, texting, doing physical therapy. He refers to himself as Miracle Man, although now he has a brain abscess that they are having trouble treating.
But the idea anyone would think that is hard for me to wrap my head and heart around.
Don’t cry for me.

Guilty: Cowboys for Trump' founder Couy Griffin convicted in the second January 6 trial

Source: Business Insider

A federal judge found "Cowboys for Trump" leader Couy Griffin guilty of a misdemeanor charge connected to the Capitol attack, handing the Justice Department a victory in the second trial stemming from the insurrection on January 6, 2021.

Judge Trevor McFadden handed down the verdict Tuesday after federal prosecutors presented video footage showing Griffin, a New Mexico county commissioner, climbing a bike ramp and ascending a makeshift plywood ramp on his approach to the Capitol.

Griffin faces up to a year in prison on the misdemeanor charge of trespassing on restricted Capitol grounds.

McFadden acquitted Griffin on a separate disorderly conduct charge, which also carried a maximum sentence of a year in prison.

Read more: https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-cowboys-founder-couy-griffin-january-6-trial-2022-3?op=1

There are two more legal actions that may wake this guy up.
More in comments.

Now 'firing squads' suggested by phony (think Maricopa) audit

Our County Commission just voted for an ‘audit’ by Echo Mail. Disgraced Professor gave presentation about it and included suggesting ‘firing squads’. Link to video at the end of this ramble.
I’m in hell it feels. A potential for violence-this is Cowboys for Trump country including Couy Griffin’s “…the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat..”

A friend who attended (former military law enforcement) said this: This is my work in progress, any thoughts?
"So I went to the election audit meeting last night and I think it is important to let everyone know what is happening and the imminent danger our community is in.

The speakers were David and Erin Clements, David is a known conspiracy monger who is affiliated with multiple national Q anon influencers to include Mike Lindell (owner of mypillow) and Gen Mike Flynn so this is not just the local bad actors and money at play here.

I'm not going to go into great detail but what they provided was absolute garbage, graphs and charts with no context or source, made up terms like "manipulated fractional data points" and a magic algorithm that controls all of our votes, all nonsense that they laid out like any pyramid scam with the audience including Couy and Vicki lapping it up.

I could go on and on about how everything they said was false and propaganda, their presentation is easily debunked but that is a waste of time in this situation because the believers are already convinced and beyond reason. What does need to be addressed is their larger plan and goals and the imminent threat this poses to our community.

This is an coordinated attack on democracy that is being pushed nation wide, it's happened in AZ, GA and MI to name a few. Their goal is to destroy public confidence in the democratic process and grooming those disenfranchised voters for future violence. Their tactics do not end with stupid legal challenges and fake audits to funnel money out of government to grifters, it includes harassment, threats, acts of physical intimidation and violence, up to and including domestic terrorist attacks like January 6th.

This is about election integrity but it's about saving it from those that are actively trying to destroy it under the guise of it. This is not politics, this is a fight against organized crime, domestic terrorism, this is a fight for survival, a fight for the very fabric and foundation of our country and our community."

At 2:10:50 to 2:11:10 is firing squad comment (I’ve been told-I can’t hear it): I’ll have to post the link of video in a comment.
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