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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 08:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,865

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If tfg is the gop candidate, knowing he's a national security threat,

How will this administration handle classified briefing updates, normally given to the candidate?

What Biden and the Dems should do to message and educate the American people now,

Get Katie Porter doing white board commercials showing TFG's results for jobs, health care insurance, deficit , etc, and convictions on one side , then the other for President Biden . Rep, Porters using this very understandable approach is effective, and popular. So many Americans have no clue of the truth , and that's what undermines their lies , and propaganda they use to con their followers with. A side to side comparison with tfg and President Biden would be welcomed, and undermine the con man fascist tfg and the banana republicans attempting to continue doing this successfully.

TFG's lying will come back to haunt him,

Remember after the FBI carried out the search warrant from the judge, then TFG suggested the FBI planted the documents at his golf resort. Then he claimed the Democrats were behind it. All while trying to downplay what they found. Then he started to change his story again falsely claiming he could just declassify by thinking about it and do it because he had that right. If that's so, then Biden or any President could take all documents , including all the top secret ones , then refuse to give them back, or sell them or destroy them all claiming he declassified them all. which is no chance his present excuse will work. He'll change his story again soon, with another lie.

Is Alan Weesleburg going to get indicted again this week, or soon?

Or will we earn he's flipped to prevent more prison time?

Will more paid off girlfriends, and more illegal tax crimes get exposed by Braggs?

More than the two known, and show this has been his pattern? Is the two already known just the tip of the iceberg? Will others come forward? Can of worms opened up more? Girls from his Beauty Contest?

Just a mater of time before fascist djt and his banana republicans refuse to raise the debt limit,

He'll tell McCarthy to refuse to do it, with excuse after excuse , and he'll force him into doing it, then when it backfires on them he'll deny being a part of it. He likes hurting people. It makes him feel powerful. For being held accountable he'll exact his revenge on all Americans, one way or another. Its coming.

Trump's desperately trying to project he's being victimized for political reasons,

When reality shows he's been a prolific conman, serial liar, and corrupt criminal, willing to defraud anyone out of anything he wants for a long, long time. He's tying to project this to help himself, but it won't. Trump has committed crimes is why he's in trouble, and being prosecuted, and is desperately working at conning others he's the victim, again, but we're all the victims being victimized by him.

Those that do his dirty work for him, and are violent, need to look at those in prison from the Jan. 6 riot , and ask themselves if this prolific conman, serial liar, and a fraud really worth it.

Would now be a good time for indictments of those involved in Jan 6th

That are members (after getting sworn in) of the House?

After exposed recently from someone close to tfg that he asked them to have the IRS audit Dems,

Isn't just tfg asking to have this done a federal crime?

Is Putin and musk plotting a Run for President?

And why. His saying attention getting statements, and his meeting with Putin?
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