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Obama Vs. Limbaugh

“We need to accept this decision was the grand jury's to make. There are Americans who agree with it, and there are Americans who are deeply disappointed, even angry. But I join Michael's parents in asking anyone who protests this decision to do so peacefully.”


He had 20 minutes of inane ramblings that were designed subtly to feed the rage. And he could have done so much. You do have to admit that he is, when he applies himself, a very persuasive and talented speaker and orator, when he applies himself. If it's on the teleprompter and the words he wants to use are there, then he can do it really well.”

. . .

I have to define understandable in the way Obama meant it. He meant it in a way of justifying it

History Channel Kills Mexican Grey Wolf?

FCC Chairman Tom 'Dingo' Wheeler Confronted By NM State Senator Jacob Candelaria

From my blog at http://www.southwestmuckraker.com/?p=208

<strong>Below is a video I captured and edited from the meet-and-greet with residents who would really like broadband. Had to edit it down for time.</strong>

<strong>Monday Night</strong>. Going to a 'sit-down' with a certain FCC Chairman I affectionately refer to as 'el Dingo'. I was escorted by a small security battalion (no picture because I didn't want them to question my camera) into the main hall. It was a little frustrating at first. Youth coordinator got bogged down by technology problems, demanded the Dingo address the problem of 'What is the FCC', then made several high school students give a Websters definition of the FCC. After that, they turned down the lights--then I took out my camera.

Bush messed up the internet. He classified internet carriers as 'non-common', which was dramatic shift for normal telecommunications industry. I honestly see Mr. Wheeler as an extension of that dynasty. What we have, now, is a power-play for the collusion two (2) of the most disgusting corporations in North America: Warner Time Cable and Comcast--enabled by Wheeler.

Throughout the whole 'community advisement', he refused to answer the one adult question proposed to him by the 'adult' portion of the audience and several confrontations with State Senator Jacob Candelaria and members of the audience.

Or if the clip doesn't work, try these below petitions. That will give you something to do--if your internet is on.



Media Literacy Project and the Digital Justice Coalition of New Mexico in collaboration with the Center for Media Justice and Free Press are happy to announce that the Chairman of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) will be visiting Albuquerque on Monday, June 30th. We will be hosting Nuestras Voces/Our Voices: A Youth Dialogue with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler at the South Broadway Cultural Center from 6:30pm to 8:00pm that day.</em>

Nuestras Voces/Our Voices will be a space for youth and their families from across New Mexico to have an open conversation with the chairman on a wide range of media justice issues such as telehealth, net neutrality, prison phones, rural broadband access, improved internet in schools and libraries, the lifeline program, and the recent telecommunications mergers.

At a time when New Mexico ranks last among the 50 states in the number of people that can get online at home, last in child well-being and second in population living below the poverty line, it is critical that we share our stories and continue working for media justice in our state.</blockquote>



This merger would put more than a third of all cable-TV subscribers in Comcast’s hands and give it control over more than half of the “triple-play” services that combine TV, phone and Internet service. Don’t forget, Comcast already owns NBC, MSNBC, Universal Studios and tons of cable networks. That means that for most of America, Comcast could control even more of what you see and how you see it.

Putting this much power in the hands of one company is dangerous. This deal would lead to less consumer choice, less diversity and much higher cable bills.

<strong>This is a fight we can win. Tell the FCC and the DoJ to stop this merger.</strong></blockquote>


<blockquote>southwestmuckraker.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/begging.jpg Only 2.6 million families of the 7.2 million families making under $35,000 in Comcast’s service area are eligible for the program, as it only applies to families with children eligible for federal free or reduced price lunch. Of that 2.6 million, a mere 300,000 families have applied," the City Council wrote. "Free or affordable access should also be provided to family and individual recipients of income-qualifying federal, state and city subsidies. Loopholes that deny 'Internet Essentials' to old customers, those who have missed bill[s] in the past, or those who have unreturned equipment must also be closed."

[. . .]

Comcast did get support from a couple of business consortiums. "[T]his merger will create a world-class media and technology company that will provide superior service to customers, and continue to deliver on the requirements set forth in the city's cable franchise agreement," according to the <a href="https://www.abny.org">Association for a Better New York</a>.

The http://pfnyc.org">Partnership for New York City</a>" argued that the merger "will bring the benefits of Comcast's industry-leading technologies to millions of New Yorkers," including faster Internet speeds and Wi-Fi access.</blockquote>



The FCC simply needs to reverse a mistake it made in the Bush era and reclassify broadband Internet services.

If the FCC states that broadband should be treated as a telecommunications service, our problems are solved. Reclassifying would mean that our Internet service providers are common carriers, just like our phone companies are, and it would obligate them to treat the content that flows on their networks in a nondiscriminatory way.

But nothing will happen if we don’t speak up. Call on the FCC to do the right thing and fix this mess once and for all.</blockquote>


Media Coverage of the Recent Shooting Inspires Future Acts of Murder?

"When can we get assault rifles/machine guns out of the hands of youth?"

No papers asked that question. They just hyped the murders to sell papers. At this point I feel like the media deems that taking a position of firearm control has become 'too radical', but posting dead teenagers on your front page as 'good business practice'

This kid partially did this to be famous. And the media obliged him.

It's been decades since Columbine, and our politicians are still advocating for failed policies, partially because of the disconnect between policy and the media.

Rep. McKinley Lobbies For Coal, Spouts Climate Change Denialism

Australia Cuts Global Warming Budget By 92%

Australia announced a staggering 92% cut to their global warming budget. The budget will adjust from $5.75 billion this year to $500 million over the next four years. Environment Minister Greg Hunt promised $2.55 billion for CO2 reductions–however budget discussions with Minister Tony Abbott required that budget a cut to approx. $1.14 billion. “The carbon tax is an act of economic vandalism,” Abbott said in March. Academics and Scientists are expected to emigrate following the mass-elimination of a spectrum of science spread-out across several academic fields.


"Robson also found that a year after being enacted, the carbon tax caused electricity prices to rise 15 percent. The country’s unemployment rate shot up by 10 percent after the carbon tax was implemented.

“The carbon tax is bad for the economy and it doesn’t do any good for the environment,” Abbott told The Washington Post last year. “Despite a carbon tax of $37 a ton by 2020, Australia’s domestic emissions were going up, not down. The carbon tax was basically socialism masquerading as environmentalism, and that’s why it’s going to get abolished".


"The budgetary facts are inescapably grim for researchers and scientists based in renewable energies and research. The funding for all government programs related to climate change is set to shrink at an alarming rate, going from $5.75 billion this year to a scant $500 million in the next four years. Additionally, the Emissions Reduction Fund which is meant to help lower greenhouse gas emissions in Australia is going to be reduced to only $1.14 billion. This was devastating news after Environment Minister Greg Hunt had gone on record promising to provide $2.55 billion to fund the program. Nevertheless, it is not only climate change programs that are feeling the pinch of the Abbott budget. The Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Australia’s national science agency, will have $111 million worth of funding slashed over the next four years, which will affect an uncertain number of programs and a loss of tenth of the CSIRO workforce.

The outlook is bleak from the standpoint of scientists and researchers in Australia, many of whom will probably leave the country in order to find work elsewhere. This represents a loss of a skilled workforce for a country that is already seeing a six percent unemployment rate. Despite harping on the jobless rate, the Abbott government has not provided a solution to getting more people working. Cuts to climate change programs and scientific research are only the tip of the unemployment iceberg. Under this budget, unemployment rates are set to rise to 6.25 percent by June next year. This is worrying news for the hundreds of thousands of Australians currently out of work or who are facing the prospect of unemployment in the wake of the new budget plan."

America Willing To Hire Marijuana-Hacktivists Against China?

Recently, the justice department was able to formally charge five (5) members of the Chinese government in relation to subterfuge activities. Mostly, in-relation to the ongoing hacks against the New York Times for their coverage of “Billions in Hidden Riches for Family of Chinese Leader”. However, American ‘network adminstrators’ have a well know habit to smote matriculates amounts of Marijuana on the way to the interview as stated by Gizmo:


“It’s a real conundrum. However, it’s a conundrum the FBI is working through. On Monday—the same day the agency made headlines by issuing wanted posters for Chinese Army hackers—FBI director James Comey told an audience at the White Collar Crime Institute about this little pot problem. ‘I have to hire a great work force to compete with those cyber criminals, and some of those kids want to smoke weed on the way to the interview,’ Comey said. Exactly how to do that is the hard part. Comey added that the agency is ‘grappling with the question right now.’”


"[. . .] 11. How does the background investigation process work? Because of the sensitive nature of the FBI’s missions, all FBI positions require at least a Top Secret Security Clearance. Before employees can start work with the FBI, they must undergo an intensive background investigation that includes a polygraph examination, a test for illegal drugs, credit and records checks, and extensive interviews with former and current colleagues, neighbors, friends, professors, etc. Please also note that there are certain employment requirements that may disqualify you from consideration for employment with the FBI. Before applying for any position with the FBI, please be sure that the FBI Employment Disqualifiers do not apply to you.”

So what does this mean for America? Is the FBI more willing to hire Blackwater groups to our dirty work for us or will they embrace the stoner-culture within the hacker community? To be honest–I’m sure they’ll never get the ‘hardcore’ lot that hang out with the hacktivists (the sort who have a peaceful cause to fight for).

But I’d like to hear what you think.

America's Global Warming Legacy

These days, the question of whether climate change is 'real or not' is not simply of interest to scientists. It is an issue of importance for the American camping community. Over the past two decades we have seen a dramatic rise in carbon emissions which currently stands at an astounding 401.30 parts per million [1]. The global PPM in 1980 was 338.80 [2]. The world at large increased our global parts-per-million by eighteen percent (18.447%) over the course of 34 years! The situation posed by global warming raises questions about predicting trends in lung cancer, national park attendance, and, even, national security.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association has stated that carbon emissions are a very real threat to the American people and our way of life. They cite the atmospheric burdens will dramatically change the way humans live in our environment. Our domestic energy plan needs demands new methods of dealing with this new, global scourge.

“Careful and comprehensive scientific assessments have clearly demonstrated that the Earth’s climate system is changing in response to growing atmospheric burdens of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and absorbing aerosol particles.” (IPCC, 2007) “Climate change is occurring, is caused largely by human activities, and poses significant risks for—and in many cases is already affecting—a broad range of human and natural systems.” (NRC, 2010a) “The potential threats are serious and actions are required to mitigate climate change risks and to adapt to deleterious climate change impacts that probably cannot be avoided.” (NRC, 2010b, c)"

They have also stated that "[O]ur ability to quantitatively predict how the future climate will respond to continued and increasing greenhouse-gas and fine-particle emissions is still limited. Even more limited is our ability to precisely predict how the Earth’s ecological and human systems will respond to climate changes.[3]" An example of the climate change would be the recent California fires. The dry period, during which many of these fires occur, has expanded by 78 days since the 1980's [4]. We've seen many more fires caused by climate change which makes an already bad carbon problem--worse. This is confirmed by western states like Organ who has stated "Large emissions are usually accompanied by dry and hot climate.[5]" Without human intervention; Global warming will cause a carbon-feedback loop in regards to climate change that will, probably, damn our children to a horrible climate.

An argument that lobbyists of the fossil fuel industry or FOX News correspondents might cite is that 'we are trying to scare them'. It was only last week that Bill Nye had to face down a Fox News correspondent while simultaneously bearing the burden scientific of proof.

But that's not really fair. One correspondent demanded to be educated on the facts of global warming, but then demanded that Bill “look [her] in the eye and tell me in good conscience that climate change is our most urgent, number one priority right now.”

What kind of country will we leave our grandchildren if we refuse to respond? To continue down the avenue of obsessive carbon-dioxide consumption will be our undoing. It's unto us to be leaders in the international community for coming up with real solutions for carbon-dioxide.


(1). Tans, Pieter. "Trends in Carbon Dioxide". NOAA/ESRL. Retrieved May 18, 2014. Retrieved from: <http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/gmd/ccgg/trends/>

(2). Dlugokencky, E. "CO2 expressed as a mole fraction in dry air, micromol/mol, abbreviated as ppm". NOAA/ESRL. Retrieved from: <ftp://aftp.cmdl.noaa.gov/products/trends/co2/co2_annmean_gl.txt>

(3). NOAA/ESRL. Retrieved May 18, 2014. Retrieved from: <http://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/policy/publicpolicies/promote/globalclimatechange.html>

(4). Wood, D. "California's age of megafires". Christian Science Monitor. Retrieved May 18, 2014. Retrieved from: <http://www.csmonitor.com/2007/1024/p01s04-usgn.html>.

(5). Liu, Y. "Carbon Emissions from Wildfires in the US". Oregon State Government. Retrieved May 18, 2014. Retrieved from: www.oregon.gov/odf/board/docs/ffac_liuyong_co2.pdf

FCC Chairman Burns Down Internet Community


For decades, the FCC has regulated traditional phone service under common carrier provisions that require phone companies to connect all calls to people around the country. But in 2002, the FCC made the fateful decision to classify broadband as an “information service” not a “telecommunications service” — paving the way for internet fast lanes and setting the stage for a decade of legal wrangling.

The FCC’s Internet governance policies have been in limbo since a federal court struck down most of the agency’s 2010 Open Internet order in January. That order prohibited broadband providers like Comcast and Verizon from blocking traffic like Skype or Netflix on wired networks or putting them into an Internet “slow lane.”


Responding to waves of criticism, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler is revising his net neutrality rule proposals to include a ban on certain types of "fast lanes" for content companies that are willing to pay Internet service providers for the upgrade.

The revision, which seeks comments from the agency's other commissioners, will be circulated today as they get ready to vote Thursday on the proposals.


The FCC officials told the publication that Wheeler has redrafted his rules in an attempt to address the backlash to his initial proposal. That draft proposal, which offered an internet "fast lane" for bloated internet providers, was lambasted by some of the United States' biggest investors, technology companies, senators, and even Wheeler's own colleagues at the FCC. Wheeler himself has responded to public opposition, first in a blog post on the FCC's own site, in which he claimed that reports stating the FCC was "gutting" the open internet rule were false, and later in a letter published by The Washington Post.

An unnamed FCC source said that "the draft is explicit that the goal is to find the best approach to ensure the internet remains open and prevent any practices that threaten it," but it's still unclear how effectively the new proposal responds to criticisms of the previous draft. The Wall Street Journal says it will include "language that would make clear that the FCC will scrutinize the deals," but also that Wheeler is not deviating significantly from his previous proposal, sticking instead to "the same basic approach" as before.


He's an apostle of "paid prioritization" - his words for a two-track world - but he's backed off slightly. He's tempering this idea by suggesting that the agency screen any deals on faster service and consider regulating the Internet like a public utility.

It's a major change from the previous hands-off attitude of the agency. The Internet's legal category would switch from "information service" largely immune from federal oversight to "common carrier" subject to FCC scrutiny.


To outsiders, the FCC may seem like a black box: We haven't even seen a draft of the proposed rules that have critics so alarmed. But on the inside of the commission, a charged political battle is playing out that could set the tone for the commission's future. And the fault lines are mostly leaving the agency's head, Tom Wheeler, cut off from the rest of his colleagues.


Aides to Wheeler’s fellow Democratic commissioners, Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel, declined to comment on the revisions. Wheeler will have to find support from the Democrats because the two Republican commissioners oppose any network neutrality rules.

Rosenworcel and Republican Commissioner Ajit Pai last week called for the vote to be delayed. The FCC also plans to seek comment on two other net neutrality proposals offered by Mozilla and Tim Wu, the Columbia University law professor credited with coining the term “net neutrality.”

Many lawmakers already have weighed in. A group of 11 senators — including Democrats Ron Wyden of Oregon, Chuck Schumer of New York and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts — urged Wheeler in a letter last week to drop the Internet fast lane approach.

Marco Rubio Denies Global Warming

I made this image! Constructive criticism is welcome!


As speaker of the Florida Legislature, Rubio shepherded a landmark bill to limit greenhouse gas emissions, voiced caution about drilling off the Sunshine State's coast, and argued that climate change was real. "Global warming, dependence on foreign sources of fuel, and capitalism have come together to create opportunities for us that were unimaginable just a few short years ago," he told his House colleagues in 2007. Of drilling, he said it should only be done if it could be proven environmentally safe, and it wasn't a silver bullet: "Even if we started drilling tomorrow morning, it could take close to 10 years before we start seeing the benefits."

But as soon as he jumped into the US Senate race, his love for Mother Earth faded. He stumped for a Palinesque pro-oil campaign called "Drill Here, Drill Now." He ridiculed cap-and-trade emissions plans as "European-style" or "California-style" social engineering. And he attacked his Senate opponent, the moderate Republican-turned-independent Charlie Crist, as "a believer in man-made global warming." "I don't think there's the scientific evidence to justify it," he told the Tampa Tribune.


Human activity has been increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (mostly carbon dioxide from combustion of coal, oil, and gas; plus a few other trace gases). There is no scientific debate on this point. Pre-industrial levels of carbon dioxide (prior to the start of the Industrial Revolution) were about 280 parts per million by volume (ppmv), and current levels are greater than 380 ppmv and increasing at a rate of 1.9 ppm yr-1 since 2000. The global concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere today far exceeds the natural range over the last 650,000 years of 180 to 300 ppmv. According to the IPCC Special Report on Emission Scenarios (SRES), by the end of the 21st century, we could expect to see carbon dioxide concentrations of anywhere from 490 to 1260 ppm (75-350% above the pre-industrial concentration).

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