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Member since: Sat Aug 19, 2017, 04:03 AM
Number of posts: 587

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Mueller's Plan Comes Together, Right On Time

Rudy said that the probe should be over by Sept 1st so as to not impact the midterms. He may have (accidentally) been close-to-correct. After Sept 7th I predict Mueller will "go dark" and not speak thru any court filings until after the elections. In the meantime, Bobby Three Sticks is seeing his plan coming together quite nicely:
-- Sept 7th is the date George PapaD will get sentenced
-- Paul ManaFraud's verdict in his 1st trial will be in by then
-- Roger Stone will be indicted very soon
-- Michael Cohen will be indicted very very soon
-- Julian Assange is about to be evicted, arrested and extradited

Remember that Mark Warner said in July to buckle up as it was going to be a bumpy ride. I think he called it perfectly!

MAGA = Many Are Getting Arrested !!!!

Buckle up everybody! This is about to get good!!

MAGA - Many Are Getting Arrested

Do you all remember when Mark Warner said in July that the next 2 months are going to be a bumpy ride and to buckle up? I think it's all about to begin: The ManaFraud Trial verdict will likely be reached this week; George PapaD is about to be sentenced; Stone is going to be indicted soon; Assange is about to be punted from the Ecuadorian Embassy and extradited; Cohen is going to be charged by the end of August. I think Bobby Three Sticks is timing this all perfectly and it's all about to come out. Grab your popcorn, ladies & gentlemen. It's all about to go down!!!

Paul ManaFraud jury deliberations

I'm stuck at work today- any updates ?!

I don't much doubt the verdict, so now it's just a matter of when.

Wonder how any years he'll get.

Also - I don't see a Pardon coming. The Russian Mob and the Mobster in the WH can't have ManaFraud talking about all that money laundering. So he either keeps a clamp on his mouth or he'll be offed to keep him quiet forever. The threat of gutting his wife and daughters should keep him sufficiently quiet.

Kessler threw a party and hardly anyone showed up!!

There were more police than racists, and counter-protesters outnumbered them by about 10 to 1.

This makes me think the Nazi protesters are cowards and lazy, and don't wanna be seen doing what they're doing. They know that this time they can/will be identified via news cameras or cell phone videos and it could impact their careers and relationships, forever. So they lack the courage of their convictions- or should I say, they lack courage at all. Cowards.

If you're going to dip it, wrap it !!

This is something Spanky refuses to do ! He doesn't like condoms. Once all these pregnancies and abortions (and maybe even births) come out, Spanky just may be brought down in evangelical support. He should also be a poster baby for the condom industry, as a warning; "Don't be like him"!!

So how long before a 3D printer gun kills someone?

I give it 3 months, in a case that will never be solved since the guns are untraceable. I am stunned by the stupidity of this move. Why did no one in Govt block this? I hope the victim families are able to get some closure for their future mourning, but with these 'things' being impossible find, they likely won't. And that's sad.

I just learned that a judge has blocked this. Thank heavens. Seriously. Whew.

OMG, I just saw a picture of Ivanka .

With Spanky's hair superimposed on her head and she looks just like him!! Since Spanky is strongly sexually attracted to her, it turns out he's sexually attracted to himself!! He's more of a nutjob than i had previously thought!

I'm not savvy enough to post the pic here but I did see it online.

And if you doubt the father sexual attraction to his daughter, Google "Trump, Ivanka, Parent, Pictures". They are truly disturbing. What kind of "man"would have a picture taken with his daughter on a bed, or with her legs wrapped around his (car picture) or by two parrots screwing?!

The Freedom Treason Caucus

I sincerely hope that the two biggest douches of this rather homogenous holier-than-thou bunch, Mark Meadows & Gym Jordan, go down and out soon. Gym belongs in a jail cell over the OSU sex abuses that he allowed and did nothing to stop. I also wish he'd stop using the "no,I didn't " defense and just 'fess up and apologize already. Voters in their states - please make the Treason Caucus go away !!

Could Spanky have sunk (or bent over) so low ?!?!?!

The leaked tape makes me think, for the first time, that Spanky may be a murderer, too. Yeah, I just went there and I'm pretty sure Spanky already has. Previously I had only thought he was a fraudster, criminal money launderer and overall shady, greasy piece of crap who has been tied up with mobsters his whole life. After the line of "maybe he'll be hit by a truck" is mob boss speak. I used to think Putie was blackmailing Spanky over a financial crime or collusion/election rigging, but now I think Spanky ordered a hit and it was done and Putie has the evidence. This would explain alot of this for me? Is Spanky a murderer? To partially quote him at a rally "sure, why not a murderer?" Otherwise why is he so scared?

Ecuador to boot Assange soon!

According to reports,.Ecuadorian President Moreno was on London on Friday, July 20th, where he was in talks with British Authorities to evict Assange.and turn him over to the British. Then the fun can begin ! As in, who gets him? Does Bobby Three Sticks have a sealed warrant for him anywhere? Putin wants him, too. Wherever Julian ends up, he's not going to want to be there, methinks.
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