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Member since: Tue Jun 16, 2009, 03:09 PM
Number of posts: 2,259

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"We don't wish to learn, but we hate what we don't understand...


Happy holidays

Roy Clark shreds up Oscar and Felix's apartment.

Recommendations for voter guide? (Santa Ana, CA)

Some of the statewide propositions are pretty confusing. Little help?


So sick of so-called lefty political pundits trying to be "witty" and "of soo-peer-iorr" intellect while they sniff their own farts and say stupid shit like:

Rachel Maddow: "It seems that Lindsay Graham has po-litical am-neesia" NO HE DOES NOT! He knows exactly what the duck he is doing. For duck's sake stop with the wit and whip out the real stuff.

Robert Reich: "So let me get this straight: The GOP blocked President Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland and yet they want to push through... blah, blah-dy-o-blah-blah" THERE IS NOTHING TO GET STRAIGHT AND PLEASE DON'T WHIP OUT YOUR DRY-ERASE BOARD! We are witnessing a coup d'etat in progress! Treat it as such.

Pick a hill worth dying on, America



There is no question anymore for those not deluded by supremacy or religion or self-preservation: this thing currently steering us is an abomination.
It is an abandonment of empathy, a rejection of personal liberty, a human rights violation, a squandering of radiant lives.
There is nothing redemptive or life-giving in it.
The only question remaining is if you’re okay with it—and you get to answer for yourself, by your movement or your inaction.

In these very seconds, you and I get to decide whether our children and grandchildren will inherit something beautiful or grotesque. It’s really that simple, that elemental, that close.

This is not about waiting for God to do something, or a political party, or a social media celebrity, or some faceless people you imagine will rescue you.

No, friend, there is no superhero flying into save the day—you need to save it.



I'm sure that silly font in the "Be Best" logo is the most searched thing on Google...


Voting in the California Primary? I am. Good thing I have some help.

I got my official voter info guide for the upcoming 2018 California Primary Election. Lotsa reading.

Fortunately I have help.

Nancy's great. She picks out all the biglyest, stronglyest most viable conservative christian candidates and issues. Nancy wants to make sure that my white, affluent, privileged lifestyle remains intact.

Thanks, Nancy!


Abdul-Jabbar: The NFLs plan to protect America from witches


(N.F.L.) insist on being the self-appointed guardians of America’s mythological vision of itself. Malt shops on every corner, Pat Boone crooning on the jukebox, and modestly dressed virgins sitting around with knees clamped together waiting to be asked to prom. This 1950s, Father Knows Best soundstage fantasy doesn’t stop with paternalistic and puritanical gender stereotypes, but also promotes simplistic notions about race and patriotism. The NFL’s anachronistic fancies aren’t just a misguided attempt to pander to what they think their traditionalist fans want, but also projects the hard-core conservative values of the mostly rich, white one-percenters who own the teams. We must live in their Disneyland – or else.

The country would be outraged if a team’s rules stated that if a black player was eating at a restaurant and a white player walked in, the black player would have to leave the restaurant. Yet, those are the rules for Saints’ cheerleaders, who must leave a restaurant they are eating at if a Saints player arrives. We would be equally outraged if a company demanded that office personnel address top executives only with “hello” and “you’re wonderful”. Yet the Saints’ cheerleaders are restricted to saying only “hello” and “great game” to players. Other restrictions about weight, makeup, body hair, tampon use and forbidding sweatpants in public make it seem as if the Saints watched The Handmaid’s Tale and thought, “They just don’t go far enough.” In other words, shut up and jiggle.
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