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Hometown: Denver
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri May 23, 2008, 01:30 PM
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May American greed not ruin your experiment in socialism..

Saw this in a post today and I couldn't agree more....except for this...That church built a tiny space to show how big
their heart is for those w/o food...do the math...it was 3x3x1 whatever that cubed footage that would be for all the
million's...yes million's now in this country w/o food. F-off big christian church you suck at this so don't do it.

I wonder...If we gave credit to t-rump for the vaccine...

Would his followers take it?

Hey Judy...who you gonna talk too when the republican party is gone?

Watching PBS newshour and after all the stories who do we talk to see how things are going
2 Rethugs....Sure let's talk to the assholes who did nothing for 4 years instead of the movers
and shakers kicking ass in D.C. right now.

The Republican party should be investigated by the FBI.

In a 2 party system, when one party tries to oust the other through violent means, time for that
party to go. End them now. let them reorganize into what ever the hell they want...but this is done!!!
Sieze all computers and find the evidence you need to convict them all. Find their E-MAILS!!!!

Anybody with me or is this still too devisive to talk about?

Every Democrat who ran and lost needs to go down and show up for work.

Apparently Repukes who lost are just showing up anyway.

"I ran for office....I'm in!"

Show up and make a nuisance of yourself. Show them just how ridiculous it is........

My Respiratory Therapist sister.....

Wants to have a little mini family reunion...before my Dad goes to Hawaii for 6 month's(6 mo. in Co. 6 in Hi).

We could go out to a restaurant together she say's........one year anniversary of Mom's death and all.....

"Stay home...You of all of us should know better...The virus is on the rise
in every state...Just how many of us would you like to see dead?"

Above was my reply. 28yrs. ago she sent me a bus ticket so I could get home after too much crack cocaine
cost me my house and job. She saved my life. My other sister is like me...sane and scared...the other may
be Q...not sure 100%..but pretty sure. Apparently she has become a little rascist as well...I know a little is the
same as a lot. We weren't raised with any predjudice's...military family...no bullshit allowed.
Her second husband may be the source.

Was I too hard? Any advice? She has a science education...I just don't get it!

MedCram Medical Lectures explained clearly

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