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Name: bill
Gender: Male
Hometown: MI
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri May 18, 2012, 11:01 AM
Number of posts: 643

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Liberty and Justice for ALL

What could be more disrespectful than ignoring the Pledge of Allegiance altogether? The insane lunatic in the white house likes to split hairs when it comes to standing for the pledge, but his disrespect for what it says is blatantly apparent. The right is always chasing anthems and symbols without understanding what they really mean.

It does not say All white people
It does not say All citizens
It does not say All land owners
It does not say All taxpayers

It refers to our shared belief that we will serve freedom and justice to All who come here. If the arrogant people on the right do not understand that, then all of the sitting and standing and waving of the flag means nothing. We are a nation that has chosen to reject tyranny in All of its forms.

Thank you Good to be here

I have long been a fan of DU. Now that I see the republicans trying to use this worn out old "create voter apathy" tool, it kind of makes my blood boil. They will stop at nothing. The rich were given a loan as tax cuts in order to create prosperity for all, not just themselves. They don't want to pay it back. They are the deadbeats. We must continue to remind them of that.

Apathy = The fear of fear itself

I suspect that there may even be some trolls here trying to foster this sentiment. The right now has so little else. Apathy is what elected reagan. DU'ers, don't be swayed by false polling and subliminal messages. You know what's right. Stand your ground. Dig for the truth. VOTE!

When have their numbers ever been accurate?

They are probably fudging their own polls in reverse to stir up their base. Anything that they do should be viewed with a great deal of suspicion. A negative poll for romney probably lights up their phone lines. I suspect they need it.
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