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Member since: Tue Apr 18, 2017, 03:23 PM
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It is so very clear what has happened.

I honestly do not know why the actions of the Republicans have not yet caused the media to ask the obvious two serious questions:

"Are there members of Congress obstructing Justice for the same reasons as Trump" - meaning they too colluded with Russia during the election


"Are there Republican members of congress who are doing the bidding for Russia like Trump" - meaning there are members who are compromised / being blackmailed.

My feeling is, it is mainly the first issue that has caused the odd, insane, self destructive, unpatriotic behavior. I think the evidence being gathered will show deep and far reaching ties to funding, research, and platforms of Republican congress critters. They realize obstructing justice is their only prayer to stop it from coming out,because it will be bad. And also go back a long time. This did not start in 2016. I also think a few are compromised with bad stuff.

But. It. Is. Obvious.
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