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cornball 24

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Member since: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 11:01 AM
Number of posts: 530

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Words from my husband: The only balls Trump has are golf balls!

Call me crazy but does anyone else think that the orange devil is feeling some twisted

retribution in the taking of these children from their parents due to the fact that his parents sent him to boarding school when the monster was 13 years old?

So Rudely Giuliani says Stormy sells her body for sexual exploitation while he sold his

soul for a sexual exploiter.

Why does the MSM have to call the shitbag "the president"! I shudder every time I have

to endure this gross misrepresentation of the word!

Farewell to Rex as

You head back to Texas.
You had the guts
To kick Drumpf in the nuts
When you called Don the Con
A fucking moron.

tRUMP: MENTAL HEALTH! MENTAL HEALTH! MENTAL HEALTH! You f'ing moron! This is an assault on

our fellow citizens who suffer from an illness that happens to be defined as mental illness, a terminology that, unlike any other illness, unfortunately and incorrectly carries a negative connotation with the implication of violence, etc. It's the outrageous lack of gun control, you f'ing moron! And that half-wit DeVos sitting there with a stupid smirk on her shit stained face makes me wanna throw up!

What are those politicians who pander to the NRA going to do when their OWN children join the

young people in the "March for our Lives" movement demanding gun control!

Name change for National Rifle Association-NRA. Should be

National AR-15 Association-NAR-15A.

I am very grateful to the kind person who gave me a heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Philly proud and Eagles strong even though it took so long. WE DID IT!!

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