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Member since: Tue Oct 10, 2017, 11:15 AM
Number of posts: 479

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Excuse me but since the Korean War, what "aggression" has NK undertaken?

I confess, I don't know much about NK but I don't remember them invading another country since then.

Tonight may save us from the dastardly tax bill the GOP is shoving down our throats.

And maybe a lot of other things about the Trump agenda!

VA voters please check in. What does it look like out there. Number up or down from 2016?

Heartbreaking how the Yazidis are being persecuted.

"Our neighbours were Sunni Muslims and they told ISIS where to find us," said Wahda, who did not provide a last name. "They wanted girls and they knew that we had so many girls."...

connect the dots.

I believe Saudi Arabia may be surprised how westernizing their country turns out...or not.

This is more about the US/Israel going after Iran through SA. Just wait for it.

Just watched interview on MSNBC with Stephen Cloobeck. A word to the wise.

We keep bashing ALL billionaires at our own risk. We keep looking for the perfect at the expense of the good or better we risk a party divided and striving forever.

I recommend that DUers look for the stream of this interview. His position on taxes, GOP, others of the 1% is interesting. So is his comments about the radical left.

Here is his bio:


What do the pundits mean when they say the Democrats need to re-invent themselves?

Do they mean Dems need to become radical progressives? Do we throw away decades of fighting for power to be able to address the needs of minorities, women, immigrants, the disabled, gays, the aged, workers? Do they mean that we focus mostly not he issues that concern white males and their wages and education?

Otherwise our re-invention makes us Republicans.

What I see is that we are weak to toot our own horns about our history, good and bad. But there is much more good that we did than bad. There is a lot to be proud of. We have to stop allowing rich white men to write the only history taught in schools. We have to stop being afraid of taking a STRONG stance against the proliferation of guns throughout our society. If that is what re-invention means I am all for it.

If it wasn't clear before to me it is now.

Trump seems to have gone out of his way to select the LEAST qualified and most corrupt people to fill his cabinet and administration in an effort to totally destroy the American government and institutions.

Putin has little to do to finish the job.

We are over the tipping point. Gun control and regulation is my single issue for all things politic

i refuse to vote for anyone who will not vote for my single issue.

Really glad the satellite went out and didn't have hear 45. He read his statement about the shootin

very badly.
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