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colorado_ufo's Journal
colorado_ufo's Journal
April 20, 2020

So I sent an email to Sen. Cory Gardner (Colorado) today -

Dear Sen. Gardner:

It is well-known that you have President Trump's ear. As I sit here, awaiting the results of my Covid-19 test, I am dismayed that President Trump is encouraging protests and insurrections against prudent state measures to protect community health. Scientists have learned that this virus spreads QUICKLY and EASILY from person to person, and often those who carry and spread the virus have NO symptoms. Also, those people who do show symptoms and illness are MOST CONTAGIOUS during the days before those symptoms appear. The comments that some legislators have made, that say we must always choose "way of life" over "American lives," and those who discount the lives of seniors completely, are too reprehensible to merit discussion.

Sen. Gardner, I am sure that you have people who are near and dear to you. Would you like me to give them a hug? Serve them food? Take their blood pressure? Sell them a sofa or bedding? Right now, I may or may not have the virus; you would not know it, if I took off my mask and gloves and sat next to you. However, here I am giving you - and your loved ones - a "heads up." You do NOT know whom you are meeting in your day to day interactions. Do you want to take that risk? Do you want to risk losing your wife, your son or daughter, or a sister or brother because someone felt "inconvenienced" by wearing a cheap cloth mask, or perhaps having to make a more substantial sacrifice? My husband has been laid off from work, but we are not complaining. Time passes, jobs come and go. We can defeat this virus. However, I can guarantee, from watching the experience of other countries, that if we reopen to business as usual too quickly, the virus will defeat us.

The other guarantee that I can make you is that elections have consequences. As of today, Covid-19 has lost you 422 potential voters. Forever.

It is your responsibility as a leader to help people understand the need to be patient. In another month, or two months, we will very likely be much closer to controlling this monster. You must not turn this monster loose on innocent people, and you must not let President Trump.

It is the right thing to do.

Respectfully -

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