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Member since: Sun Sep 25, 2016, 01:12 PM
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how HRC loses or wins

How she wins: be yourself - for real - bad and good - let it all out - mostly - not all but much moreso - you dont have to yell to match trump and you dont need to be nice when you dont feel like it. just my opinion. You are shrewd - own it, just like Al Gore should have owned being stiff instead of pretending to be an alpha male lol what a joke that was, it was too fake.

Talk about small businesses - and how you will help -
audit the whole government bottom to top
reform for whistleblowers so they can actually do it safely
expl the last time we balanced the budget was under a Clinton
expl it was wrong to pay for play - and know how it appears - and admit and own up to it
support public option (yes maybe people didnt want it then but they do now compared to what we have)
living wage
support competitive corporate tax rate
support sequester - actually a good thing
invest in solar and energy infrastructure and transformers for electric grid
change defense dept spending to energy independence via major solar - cut the military like the first Clinton did - strength comes from independence - get out of areas that can take care of themselves like Asia and Europe
getting rid of private prisons
let states handle cannabis issues

Attack Trump policies not the man
eminent domain
not paying contractors
Trump University
his stop and frisk for the nation approach (and apologize for being a NY Senator who never spoke out against it)
show comparisons to him and nazi like behavior which there are plenty
all the things he said about women - go way back - not just a few examples show them all - same with all above
bad business person - question if really a billionaire since no tax records - 4 bankruptcies - treated with privilege - if someone inherited as much as he did they could have just done compound interest and made more
all he ever uses is grand adjectives - he is a big liar - a really really big grand super better than ever liar who is full of himself
divider not uniter
wants to torture
has not regard to Constitution/ Bill of Rights
don't know where he stands
actually talked about small hands in a debate, very immature

where she is vulnerable:
pay for play
starting war with Russia and WW3
wars in Middle East and Iraq, Syria etc - people are sick of war
trade policies
speaking fees
not being transparent
team filled with insiders and no indication will not have cabinet like that also
fracking - watch LEAKING FRACK WELLS ARE NOT RARE . . . ! just youtube it
another Clinton - America is not supposed to be about dynasties
Bosnia trip

this is just the top of my head - if I was a Republican - I would actually want Clinton to win - more of a chance keeping Congress - Trump might be the end of the Rep party but . . . also the end of America as we know it

Posted by clarkkentvotes | Mon Sep 26, 2016, 01:03 AM (0 replies)

Miracle on K Street

I think it was the movie Miracle on 34th st - where the Macy's Santa recommended another store to buy a product and the person was so thankful it actually helped Macy's business in the end -

I know this is going to sound like - "cant we all get along" - but . . .

there is the soft sell and the hard sell - the soft sell is for those who engage and are confident - not afraid of competition and the hard sell makes people pledge and act on impulse and fear (don't miss out - urgency) - the hard sell is more likely to want a refund later.

so I don't really have examples per se - but do you think a politician could actually win like this - I know some could - especially if they are well established already, and have nothing to lose - but things do seem urgent always right? and we are in the politics of fear or maybe we always have been.

What I am saying is it's a tight race - and I think HRC would do better - to embrace letting the 3rd party candidates in the debates - and leave it to Donald to demand they not be in - put him on the spot; it makes her seem more inclusive and confident and less afraid. You might not agree but I don't agree with you not agreeing. It is much like a relationship - if someone is over your shoulder vs confident. The same with the tactics against Bernie - you might not be losing overall via playing hardball however you are also not getting your full potential either. But it does require some confidence and being able to step back - which is what many cannot do - they will not jump first. It is rare. Actually George W acted like this in 2000 but the thing was it was an act - and actually Perot showed some urgency and that is why he did do well until he dropped out and that no longer showed urgency anymore and reduced trust in him - but he was also cool and calm too.

I guess the main thing is be yourself - Al Gore should have just said - I am a stick - I am a hard nosed stiff, I exaggerate - and I like being so - and if had done that he would have won uncontested.
Posted by clarkkentvotes | Mon Sep 26, 2016, 12:31 AM (2 replies)
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