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Member since: Fri Feb 6, 2015, 02:38 PM
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I am just about through with the non stop never ending requests for money for all things democratic. The lasted one just put me over the top.
On the day of the election, I get a request to chip in $5.00 for Jon Ossof:
"But the right-wing Super PACs are trying to destroy my reputation. Georgians are starting to believe their lies. So I’m asking for your help one more time.
Can I count on you in these final hours?"

Can I be the only one who is sick of what has become the norm - expecting to "chip in" on every cause, for every candidate.
When will it stop.

Thanks, now I feel better.......

WOW - nothing wrong in the democratic party - nothing at all....


This from the Florida Democratic Party Chairman Stephen Bittel referring to the democratic state senator:
“He said, ‘They’re like children, these black lawmakers. They just don’t get it,’ ” Braynon said,

Let me tell you how I really feel....

• I'm sorry a congressman was shot.
• I'm sorry Trayvon Martin was shot.
• I'm sorry those Amish school children were shot.
• I'm sorry Gabby Gifford was shot.
• I'm sorry the Aurora theater victims were shot.
• I'm sorry the kids at Sandy Hook were shot.
• I'm sorry the 49 people in Orlando were shot.
• I'm sorry congress voted to give mentally ill people guns.
• I'm sorry President Trump suggested that people use their 2nd Amendment rights to "do something" about Hillary.
• I'm sorry the NRA means more to some people than anyone's child.
• I'm sorry congress didn't extend the assault weapons ban.
• I'm sorry you can get a gun and be on the no fly list.
• I'm sorry you can take a gun into a bar.
• I'm sorry that people would rather send their thoughts and prayers instead of actually doing something to end this!
• I'm sorry that we are all so desensitized to violence in our country that everyone's first question is who did the perpetrator vote for.
• And I'm sorry there is such a stigma regarding mental health. Until we actually make changes we are going to continue to be sorry.
"Guns don't kill people. People who refuse to let this country enable sensible gun laws kill people."
Copied from a friend. Share.

WA dems weak on withholding consent on the ACHA

Neither Patty Murray or Maria Cantwell will commit to withholding consent.
Pesonally I am beyond tired of this. This is why we turn to Bernie Sanders for action we can count on. I do not have time to track every time my representatives decide to act like republican. I should not have to call them and email them for what they should know to do as a democratic. Neither will ever get my vote again.

Another way to express your anger regarding Megyn Kelly's Interview of Alex Jones

Just received this on a FB post. The email of Megyn Kelly's executive producer:

David Corvo
Senior Executive Producer, NBC


Please voice your anger at the upcoming Megan Kelly Show with Alex Jones.


I am lost in a world of hate. Alex Jones interview on Megan Kelly on fathers day no less.....


What we need is more leaks not less....

Of course I am against leaks that would expose or jeopardize national security, but honestly, I think the more we are made aware of the corruption and lies that take place behind closed doors in Washington DC and amongst our elected officials is a good thing.
Putting people behind bars for exposing what is really going on in DC only insures the corruption will continue.


Still waiting for all the Maher defenders to follow his lead, admit it was wrong and APOLOGIZE.

Bill Maher is an asshole.

The conversation on a previous post largely defending Bill Maher is depressing. I can't believe so many are willing to give him a pass - again.
He loves to provoke. He knows exactly what he is doing and it is wrong. Comedy should not give a pass to people to use hate language. All those who have voiced the opinion that is was a joke, "if blacks use the word everyone else can", have their heads in the sand. I am angry and stunned by the support of Bill Maher here on DU. Not the Democratic party I grew up in.
Your language and choice to use words that have a racist history - specifically as it applies to white Americans, will reflect your morals and values.
My question now to those defending Maher is this; why would you want to use the word or defend those who use it? You all can't be so dense.
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