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These 87 universities help 100's of anti-Roe radio stations and are good places to protest

100’s of schools and dozens of professional sports teams broadcast on and support 100’s of anti-choice talk radio stations without complaint.

Below is a list by states of 87 major universities that broadcast sports on more than 260 x-Limbaugh radio stations (from fakenewsradio.org).

All these universities are appropriate places to protest for helping the Republicans overturn Roe. They need to reread the lofty promises they make in their mission statements. They need to be protested until the universities begin looking for apolitical alternatives.

All advertisers, schools, and pro sports teams supporting RW radio share responsibility for this.

There will be a snowball effect. Once one or a few universities begin public discussion of the absurdity fo supporting highly partisan anti-science, anti-woman, racist radio stations others will follow. Advertisers will desert those stations. The radio ad industry will have to try to break up the 1200-1500 RW radio station monopoly before they lose too many advertisers.

If the this absurd situation continues all those stations will attack pro-choice political candidates and protestors and may stimulate counterprotests and violence. As long as those schools continue to broadcast on those stations they will support anti-choice repression.

Turn on any political talk radio station and there’s a nearly 100% chance those stations will be populated by men celebrating the end of Roe today. That’s what Dan Bongino’s substitute (Kurt Schlichter(sp?)) on about half of Limbaugh’s old stations, endorsed by those universities, is doing right now.

This is an incomplete accounting of the schools supporting RW radio and it only counted Limbaugh stations and mostly only men’s football. There are many more schools and stations involved.

ALABAMA 8 Auburn 3, Alabama 2, Southern Alabama 2, Troy 1

ARIZONA 1 Arizona St. 1

ARKANSAS 3 Arkansas 3

CALIFORNIA 5 San Jose State 2, USC 2, Fresno St. 1

COLORADO 3 Air Force 2, Colorado State 1

CONNECTICUT 1 Connecticut 1

FLORIDA 20 Florida 10, Florida St. 4 Miami 2, South Florida 2, Central Florida 2

GEORGIA 14 Georgia 7, Georgia Tech 5, Georgia Southern 2

IDAHO 7 Boise St. 4, Idaho 3

ILLINOIS 7 Illinois 7

INDIANA 11 Notre Dame 6, Purdue 4, Indiana 1

IOWA 5 Iowa 4, Iowa St. 1

KANSAS 4 Kansas St. 2, Kansas 1, Wichita St. 1

KENTUCKY 3 Louisville 2, Kentucky 1

LOUSIANA 3 LSU 2, La.-Monroe 1

MARYLAND 2 Maryland 2

MASSACHUSETTS 1 Boston College 1

MICHIGAN 19 Michigan St. 11, Michigan 7, Western Michigan 1

MINNESOTA 4 Minnesota 4

MISSISSIPPI 6 Mississippi St. 3, Mississippi 2, Southern Miss 1

MISSOURI 6 Missouri 6

NEBRASKA 6 Nebraska 6

NEVADA 1 $ Nevada 1

NEW JERSEY 2 Rutgers 1, Seton Hall 1

NEW MEXICO 3 New Mexico 2, New Mexico St. 1

NEW YORK 7 Syracuse 6, Army 1

NORTH CAROLINA 16 North Carolina 8, North Carolina State 3, Duke 3, East Carolina 2

OHIO 10 Ohio St. 6, Toledo 1, Dayton 1, Bowling Green 1, Xavier 1

OKLAHOMA 5 Oklahoma St. 3, Oklahoma 1, Oral Roberts 1

OREGON 12 Oregon St. 7, Oregon 5

PENNSYLVANIA 14 Penn St. 11, Pittsburgh 2, Temple 1

SOUTH CAROLINA 4 South Carolina 2, Clemson 2

TENNESSEE 7 Tennessee 4, Memphis 3

TEXAS 16 Texas A&M 9, Texas Tech 4, Texas 1, Texas Christian 1, Baylor 1

UTAH 1 Utah St. 1

VIRGINIA 6 Virginia Tech 5, Virginia 1

WASHINGTON 6 Washington 5, Washington St. 1

WEST VIRGINIA 2 West Virginia 1, Marshall 1

WISCONSIN 3 Wisconsin 3

Trump killed Limbaugh (he's not dead yet)

Recently Limbaugh told his audience that his lung cancer, a disease which he regularly told millions is not caused by smoking, is terminal.

According to one of Limbaugh’s regular replacements Limbaugh has been delaying scheduled treatments to help Trump at critical times and to get through the election.

Trump owes Limbaugh big time for helping Putin get him elected in 2016 and Limbaugh should have spent the last ten months getting the best treatment money can buy and resting by the ocean in Palm Beach. Instead, Trump has been using Limbaugh to call COVID a hoax, make excuses for his crimes and incompetence, attack Democrats, and most recently call the election stolen.

Limbaugh took one for the Jipper, and they both lost.

And so did the GOP, because Limbaugh won’t be there to excuse them for supporting Trump. 

Open letter to Republican politicians and staff: Limbaugh is dying and you're fucked!

Democrats might not know it but you know Limbaugh is the single asshole most responsible for this disaster. The guy who convinced millions that smoking doesn't cause cancer and that global warming and COVID are communist 'Democrat' hoaxes is going to die of lung cancer, probably before getting the 'credit' he deserves for all that death and destruction.

And you'll be left holding the bag.

At some point in the near future the moral and intellectual leader of the Republican Party the last 30 years won't be there to lead the talk radio army that's so important to cover for you. Limbaugh won't be there to lay out all those usual excuses and lies to enable your anti-American anti-democratic corruption and hypocrisy.

He won't be there to keep all the other radio blowhards in line. The transcripts of his show that have kept the Republican team on the same page for so long will disappear. The state level radio hosts who have been so good for attacking your opponents and repeating the lies you rely on to sell shit to Americans will begin to wander off with their own opinions. You know a lot of those talk show hosts are idiots who might start favoring more radical Republican challengers. Or those stations might want to look for more moderate opinions that will make you look out of touch and treasonous. How many Lincoln Project and never Trumper types are out there who think your sycophancy and global warming denial makes you unfit?

And pretty soon Democrats are going to start using artificial intelligence to transcribe and expose that secret talk radio bandwagon you've been riding.

You fucked up big time not convicting Trump in the senate. Hundreds of thousands of Americans will die of COVID because you shook in your loafers when Trump paraded his friend, neighbor, fellow Putin tool, and leader of the dumbass dittohead army around the golf course to scare you into ignoring the Mueller Report and all the other evidence telling you your president is a traitor.

If Biden/Harris win how far will you go in the next two months covering for Trump and enabling whatever sabotage he wants to try?

If the polls are completely wrong and Trump and his Russian friends pull it off again know that Limbaugh won't be there to yell "DEEP STATE!" all day to cover for whatever shit Trump wants you to help him pull.

He also won't be there to intimidate you, either. So get ready, the opportunity to do the right thing and be a patriot is coming.

Republicans are killing the goose that laid the golden cud

Limbaugh's got stage four lung cancer and has to take time off to get and recover from treatment.

Trump and company must be freaked out that their most important tool and the horse that brung them is falling apart and may have to drop off for good at any time. Putin has been using talk radio around the world like the old Voice of America and here since at least 2008 when he used Manafort and Limbaugh to push Palin on Mccain. He will also be disappointed to lose the most important weapon in his propaganda operation.

If limbaugh drops off all of a sudden their most unique advantage will fall apart - no one can take his place, much less someone they can trust, to lead messaging on 1500 radio stations, police Republican politicians, and attack their opponents. All those talkers will start going their own way, as they jockey to replace limbaugh and those who replace those who replace limbaugh on different stations.

The ad industry is or will be freaking out too and would be stupid not to adjust. 600 limbaugh stations, many of the loudest in the country, reach a huge number of ears but without limbaugh they'll have to start charging less and owners and managers of those stations will be looking for different alternatives - some of them may decide they need to change programming all together.

But with one disaster after another lining up and a massive election theft to sell, Limbaugh is needed more than ever to make excuses, deflect blame to Democrats, and attack their enemies. They must be pushing him to keep showing up when he should be resting. A lot like the virus that Limbaugh denied for Trump for the last 5 months and thanks to them has killed thousands, they want to reopen too soon.

Run while hunkering. Run around the couch and do 1.8 mi in 20 min, with less impact!

Been running around the couch for years. The ‘track’ is about 9-10ft in diameter. Never liked the pounding of outside running and in my neighborhood the dogs could be a problem even if I wanted to.

If people are stuck inside it may be an option. Other objects or no object to run around can work too, maybe in the back yard or driveway.

Not sure about on carpet but on flat hard surfaces socks and Crocs work well for me. They can slip if there’s a build up so I keep the track clean with a quick microfiber mopping and wipe the soles with alcohol once in a while. I also roughed up the bottoms and something like shoe Goop or Lexel caulk might increase grip for dedicated running wear.

I just realized something about bringing a virus into the house. Suppose someone coughs just before I step in it. I take my shoes off at the door but put my thongs or slippers on to walk out and pee. Then I settle down on the couch and put my feet up on the chair and maybe I haven’t taken off the slippers or thongs. I get up to get some water and put the laptop on the chair. I pick up the laptop and sit back down and then scratch my nose. And so on.

10ft dia x 3.14 = 31.4 feet per lap.

If you do a lap in 4 seconds that’s 31.4 x 15 = 471 ft/min. 20 min of running is about 9420 ft or about 1.8 miles or about 2.9 killometers.

Advantages over jogging outside include:

---the most significant advantage for me is reduced impact — alway going around the corner, leaning in. At higher speeds it’s like ice skating
---the inside/lower side compressing and outside/upper side of body stretching — doing different things
---changing directions (eg every 5 min) alternates that
---run in rain, snow, cold, or heat
---run as much as you want, whenever you want, as long as a downstairs neighbor doesn’t want to shoot you
---no need for expensive heavy equipment
---if you don’t have to look down it may be good for the eyes to be focusing around the room as objects get closer and further away. Looking out a window is possible too
---run naked or in other various states of undress. No need for expensive spandex
---great way to start if you’re self-conscious
---watch a show you don’t mind looking at intermittently. Run while listening to Rachel, for example
---no cars
---have online races with friends!
---the only cats and dogs chasing you are yours

I imagine there are other advantages.

Watch the toes!

whenever and whatever the left protests at rw talk radio stations will be front page

or the 88+ universities that use their majority black athletes to attract advertisers to 260 of those KKK radio stations

the cons can ignore protests everywhere else because a few hundred ignorant liars on those radio stations yell over the protestors as long as it takes.

protests directed directly at the problem will freak the cons out. they'll howl "free speech!!", media will notice, and that will send advertisers to the hills. the cons will have to fund it directly and that will end the 'market demand' for lies and hate bullshit

the only unique advantage the fascists have now is talk radio and all americans have to do is stop ignoring it

boycotts of ANY advertiser on ANY rw radio station/show and protests at stations and the 88 universities will send advertisers running and will force the ad industry to ask advertisers if they really support trump and global warming denial. and when universities start looking for apolitical alternatives to broadcast sports on many of those stations will be forced to go to other programming.

this fascism has been blasting from 1500 radio stations for 30 years UNCHALLENGED by the left. as a protected unchalled 20-1 monopoly that dominates politiocal messaging in 40 states with 80- senators it operates outside the free speech spectrum. it won't survive if it's forced to compete.

artificial intelligence-enhanced transcription now makes it inevitable that talk radio will be digitized so it can finally be analyzed - it needs to happen NOW and the dem party and left orgs have no fucking excuse to continue the stupidity

for americans to despair over the rise of fascism while doing NOTHING about rw talk radio is very sad, especially going into this election and facing global warming acceleration - it's the biggest political mistake in history

THE WALL creates certainty for certainty-addicted sex-on-the-wrong-brain authoritarians

Trump advisor Sam Nunberg says “the wall” was a mnemonic device used to help Trump emphasize the immigration issue. As a ‘builder’, Trump could identify with a big solid simple wall.

‘The wall’ is also a device used to create certainty where there is none. It helps authoritarians deny reality and judge the world in absolutes. One side or the other. Bad brown hordes on that side and good white Amurcans on this side. Chaos on that side, order on this side.

A well known psych study identifies the need to avoid uncertainty as the main motivator common to conservatives, authoritarians, and fascists. They need certainty more than liberals. The stronger the need for certainty the easier harmless uncertainty turns into anxiety and fear.

That fear motivates authoritarians to impose and accept order, control, and conformity — to reduce uncertainty, unpredictability, diversity, and chaos. It motivates them to reduce life to simple absolutes and help them judge the world in black or white, good or evil, right or wrong, this side or that side.

The “wall” is a perfect example of the authoritarian power dynamic at work. ‘Leader’ Trump points with great certitude to the threat and chaos on the other side of the border — “they’re bad” — and offers his certainty addicted followers the simple certain fix they need to feel safe again. All the other elements in the discussion, like ladders, tunnels, surveillance technologies, alternative strategies for reducing migration, etc., represent stressful complicated uncertainties that must be avoided.

Why do authoritarians have this irrational need for certainty?

Humans evolved over hundreds of thousands of years surrounded by the never-ending infinite uncertainty of nature.

Sex on the wrong brain, or sowb for short, explains the irrational need for certainty as a mental disorder that developed as a bi-product of civilization, when we began delaying the age of reproduction.

Sex on the wrong brain happens when impatient satisfaction-demanding reproductive urges are diverted to/associated with brain functions that require patience and objectivity.

Sowb is easier to explain if brain functions are simplified to the left or right side.

While most brain functions involve both sides of the brain there are trends in lateralization. Language, for instance, is mostly a left side function. There are exceptions but for centuries the left side of the brain has been associated with functions like logic and mathematics, for instance, and the right side with emotion, creativity, and orgasm.

Authoritarians like Trump are diverting and trapping powerful impatient reproductive ‘energy’ on the wrong side of the brain, where it interferes with logic and problem solving and demands premature conclusion, finality, and certainty.

But nothing is final or certain — that is a fantasy. At first logic resists but the stress and fear builds until it’s unbearable. Logic finally opens the gate to the creative right side of the brain to help it deny reality and rationalize the irrational. That’s when some of those reproductive impulses are finally released to seek pleasure on the right side, where they were supposed to go in the first place.

So there is a reward for being a liar and idiot. That is the satisfaction of certainty.

Unfortunately, without the sex education that authoritarians resist, most humans will learn sex with the right hand. The right hand is connected to and controlled by the left side of the brain, burning in neural connections that can last a lifetime.

Thats’ why this jackoff shut down the government.

Other symptoms of sex on the wrong brain include ignorance, greed, fascism, misogyny, racism, sexual dysfunction….

90% of humans are right handed. In most modern human societies sowb has been normalized and its symptoms often dismissed as “human nature”.

Most modern humans have sowb but within the wide spectrum of human genetic and experiential diversity some people and populations are more susceptible to it than others. Some of its symptoms, such as greed or increased suspicion of strangers, could provide short term competitive advantage and survival value that may have selected for sowb-susceptible gene pools.

In authoritarian societies sowb is rewarded. By design or default sexual repression increases sowb levels, prevents its diagnosis, and hides the simple preventive action.

Those who are good at denying reality and rationalizing the irrational and can help others discover the pleasure of certainty in the face of overwhelming uncertainty may become leaders.

Symptoms may be reduced if there is a healthy regular use of creativity and emotion and ongoing cooperation between the two sides of the brain. While most liberals also have some sowb too, those reproductive impulses may be more likely to wander through the left side and find their way over to the right side to fuel emotion, creativity to woo a mate, sex, orgasm, and reproduction.

Adapted from Sex On the Wrong Brain Ard Falten 2016

Political Conservatism as Motivated Social Cognition John T. Jost John T. Jost, Arie W. Kruglanski, Jack Glaser, Frank J. Sulloway 2003

76 US universities that support global warming denial on 170 Limbaugh stations.

Universities for climate change has a list and links to universities that broadcast sports on Rush Limbaugh stations. Wow! 76 universities on 170 of his 600 stations! And that doesn't even count the other universities on non Limbaugh RW radio stations.

The site has links directly to the university main page and links to sample university mission statements that would make continued connection to right wing radio impossible if taken seriously.

Could the right wing radio monopoly survive without support from all those 'liberal' universities? Faced with the prospect of some of those universities looking for alternatives and taking advertisers with them some of them might have to offer political balance or try alternative programming.

Global warming and clean energy, the Iraq war, deregulation, the Tea Party, the debt ceiling crisis, voter suppression, health reform, elections, media - were and are all strongly impacted by the talk radio ability to create an alternate reality of lies and myths and made-to-order constituencies that sound bigger than they are. The talk radio monopoly has been attacking teachers and unions and public schools non-stop for over 20 years.

Despite this pitiful crop of GOP candidates (thanks largely to the radio) the Citizens United ruling and talk radio will still have a significant impact in all local and national elections.

Our universities are being privatized and corporatized because of state and local political developments and elections. Regent elections and who the presidents are, etc., can be significantly effected by the local RW megastation's local and national blowhards deciding who and what is or isn't acceptable.

Some stations were bought up for right wing radio monopoly precisely because they dominated their communities and part of that was the university sports connection. Now for instance, in Madison WI the big Limbaugh station does pro Governor Walker BS all day while doing U of Wisconsin Badger radio a few times a week.

Some of those connections go way back before they were turned into partisan political anti-science megaphones.

Global warming doesn't give us the time to wait for legislation or high speed internet in every car in order to fix the talk radio problem.

In general, faculty and students are too busy and reading and listening to music to care much about what's happening on that radio but the universities as a whole- students, faculty, and administration need to take responsibility for this idiocy. It is easy to dismiss if the talk radio is thought of as a joke, and that is the problem.

Students wanting reform and action could make an impact at their own universities by pointing out the hypocrisy between university mission statements and their support for talk radio. Our institutions of higher learning need to get out of the business of endorsing racism, hate, anti-science and partisan politics.

Here's an excerpt from the site and the list of universities....

Universities for climate change

76 universities that help Rush Limbaugh spread global warming denial.

Rush Limbaugh was recently named the Climate Change Misinformer of the Year by Media Matters.

Of 120 top ranked football programs, 71, or approximately 59% broadcast on Limbaugh stations. Some broadcast on more than one Limbaugh station and accounted for 170 of Limbaugh's approximately 600 stations, or 28%. 15 of last year's final 16 NCAA tournament basketball teams (except BYU) broadcast on Limbaugh stations.

The urgency of climate change makes it imperative that our institutions of higher learning take their mission statements more seriously and act now to dissociate themselves from those radio stations.

The Limbaugh stations they broadcast athletics on are licensed to operate in the public interest but instead form part of a nationally coordinated radio megaphone for global warming denial. It is used to attack educators and scientists and distort their work. It has been undoing the hard work of millions of concerned citizens for more than 20 years.

Associating with a university through its athletics program gives those radio stations and their talkers strong community standing and credibility. It is an endorsement. Those associations help attract local and national advertisers.


Here's the list:

United States Air Force Academy
University of Alabama
Arizona State University
University of Arkansas
United States Army War College
Auburn University
Baylor University
Boise State University
Boston College
Bowling Green State University
Clemson University
University of Colorado–Boulder
University of Connecticut
University of Dayton
East Carolina University
University of Florida
Florida State University
California State University–Fresno
University of Georgia
Georgia Institute of Technology
University of Idaho
University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
Indiana University–Bloomington
University of Iowa
Iowa State University
University of Kansas
Kansas State University
University of Kentucky
University of Louisiana–Monroe
University of Louisville
Louisiana State University
University of Maryland–College Park
University of Memphis
University of Michigan
Michigan State University
University of Minnesota–Duluth
University of Mississippi
Mississippi State University
University of Missouri
University of Nebraska–Omaha
University of Nevada–Reno
University of New Mexico
New Mexico State University
University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill
University of Notre Dame
Ohio State University
University of Oklahoma
Oklahoma State University
Oral Roberts University
University of Oregon
Oregon State University
Pennsylvania State University
University of Pittsburgh
Purdue University
Seton Hall University
University of South Carolina
University of South Florida
University of Southern Mississippi
Syracuse University
Texas Christian University
Temple University
University of Tennessee
University of Texas–Austin
Texas A&M University
Texas Tech University
Troy University
University of Central Florida
University of California–Los Angeles
Utah State University
University of Virginia
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State
University of Washington
Washington State University
Wichita State University
University of Wisconsin–Madison
Xavier University
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