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Member since: Fri Feb 3, 2017, 08:22 AM
Number of posts: 725

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We have to keep the pressure on for trumps tax returns. The

republicans are trying to create a diversion about it. So they must know he is maybe trying to hide something.

Man who predicted trump would win over Hillary

now predicts trumps impeachment and apparently its this year.

Russia on verge of taking ownership of US oil company citgo which is based

in Houston, TX. Both republicans and democrats are alarmed. (cnn news).

Hey guys. All of you on here at du are the best! Always

remember that. You're the caretakers of this world. You're the ones who make a positive difference. You matter. You are democrats and you are the best. Keep going. Keep going. We WILL get there.

Is it theoretically possible or in any other way possible?

Do you remember when trump said on national television that he could shoot somebody and not lose any votes. He didnt say and people would still vote for him because they wouldnt. He said he would not lose any votes. The bible says out of an abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. Someone posted about two weeks ago that trump was using bots before the election to email or in some other way persuade people to vote for trump. My question is in this day and age of hackers, russian or otherwise could the voting machines have been hacked to have bots vote for trump hundreds of times or more from the inside?

Lindsey Graham is calling for 6000 more troops to defeat terror attacks

in syria.

Good news. Someone posted yesterday that democrats won 12 of 13 elections in the special

elections. Thank you for that post!

Populist supporters abandon trump at home and abroad. Just read on cnn.

Anyone else want to live in the alternate universe where Hillary is President?!

82 and a half weeks until the next election.

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