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Member since: Tue Mar 7, 2017, 02:30 PM
Number of posts: 685

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what's going on in ohio

that trump and melania are heading to?

do to my work schedule

I did not see the state of the union address or the rebuttals. I keep hearing about Joe Kennedy's lip gloss, finally on facebook it showed up in a picture with a simpson character.

I guess this will haunt him for a bit, like Rubio's water and other things.

Why do we do such things?

I had my 5 year old granddaughter

for the weekend and Saturday night she started talking about a man who spread love around, she called him "Luther King" took me a second, and then I said Martin Luther King? she said yes that's his name. With tears in her eyes, which surprised me, she continued about how this man spread love and because of him, (she names two names of classmates who were of color) I can sit next to "name" and "name" at school and hug them while being their friend.

There was so much detail for me to add, but I said yes Martin Luther King jr. was a man of love. He wanted us all to love each other. I suppose I could have added more, but prior to that conversation she was telling me I was old and had wrinkles. Didn't want to go down the old lady road with her again

I just thought it was interesting to see how children are being taught about Martin Luther King jr..

What do other DUers say

When an ass looks at you in the mist of our freezing temperatures and says "so much for global warming" do they not understand this is part of global warming?

I finally got health insurance

only because I got a full time job. It was tough going two years without insurance and for those of you who don't have insurance did you know
1. Dr. office visits are 40% off if you don't have insurance
2. Lab work is also 40% off too
3. Emergency room is also 40% off

I'm not sure if this is universal. I didn't know it until I started racking up health bills then I got that call from UCONN looking for their money. Once the person on the other end of the phone realized I was without insurance he lowered all my bills by 40%

I also ate differently (these things I hope to continue) and took herbs. When I felt sick I would google different foods and herbs to prevent my sickness from getting worse.

maybe this will help someone not insured.

Christmas is for everyone

We have our local citgo. It's the place I go almost every day for some thing. I know them well enough that if I'm short changed for something I'm buying they will just give it to me and tell me not to worry. Our community is small so we all seem to know each other. I make it a point to acknowledge their Muslim holidays. I decided to get my 3 citgo friends a Christmas present. I walked down to citgo yesterday afternoon with my grandchildren to deliver their gifts. Omg they were so excited. One young man jumped over the counter to hug me. It was so wonderful for me to see how happy they were. I have no political point to make. Merry Christmas to all it's a time for giving

Can someone explain the AMT to me?

I keep hearing about it in regards to the tax plan. Is it good to repeal it?

Um where is my tax cut?

I'm only hearing about the corporate tax cut.

I don't know how to upload photo

Can you help? I am taking her to the vet tomorrow and can provide you with more details if you like

Year old daschund needs a Home

I saved a year old doxie and her puppy. I can't keep the mom. She is beautiful. Anyone in the ct area want her? I don't know how to upload a picture but if you send me your email I can send one
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