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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bristol/CT
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Nov 7, 2006, 08:13 PM
Number of posts: 422

Journal Archives

Thought experiment

Itís 2019, What do you think the republicans are going to use against us in the 2020 election? We always seem to get caught off guard and are only defense in the past has been getting large turnouts at the polls. We need to be more proactive and defensive.

Iíll go first

1) Trump folks are going to find that some country rigged the election for Democrats and call the election illegal. They will have all of the evidence that they manufactured ready for the courts. We will never see it coming.

Luck favors the prepared!

What say you?

Edit... and they will blame HRC and show her video joking about asking for assistance day after day, night after night.

In my opinion, Dems should take a break and then subpoena

Whittaker. They need to set the tone and expectations for this hearing and all future oversight hearings. What is the downside? People need to be held accountable. In my opinion, the downside will be felt if they do not subpoena- we will look impotent and feckless.

Republicans will continue to run out the clock and play games- it's what they do. It's no secret. Time for messing around is over.

Is it just me or

does any one else think that all of the crazy and inane texts and ramblings coming from the president are just setting the foundation for an insanity plea in the future when he goes on trial? His lawyers will point to the texts, videos, pictures and say, what sane person would behave in this manner? Or they might say he is not responsible due to his dementia and refer to all of the exhibits.

Maybe be he is a genius (albeit an evil one).

Need advice

While I was replacing the cover on the motherboard of my pellet stove starter, it sparked (yeah, I did not unplug it). It would no longer start. I brought it to a local pellet stove dealer - actually it's where I bought it. The service person checked the fuse and it was burned out. He gave me a new fuse and I brought it home- it did not start. He mentioned in passing that there may be another fuse in it when I originally spoke with him but I could not find it. I called the store and the person who answered stated that no one was available in the service area and that she can help me. I told her my situation and she looked up my info. I told her that the service guy indicated that there was another fuse- she said that my stove only had one fuse and that the service guy was confusing my stove with another.

I had no choice, I bought a new motherboard for $320 brought it home, installed it and it did not work. I was annoyed at that point and asked how much to have a technician come out. $250.00- I did not want to pay that since the system is pretty simple plug and play.

Later that night I took apart the back of the stove and did a more thorough look. Well, I found the other fuse- the one the original service tech said existed but the service person on the phone indicated didn't exist. I bought the new motherboard based on this inaccurate info.

Well, they do not do returns on electronic equipment- at least that is what they say on the receipt.

I feel like I have a valid case to get a refund since I made the decision to purchase based on bad info that they provided. It's a he said she said scenario.

Any opinion on the approach I should take to get a refund?

Additional info- the owner of this place is a real asshole. Back when I bought the stove, about 10 years ago the city inspector indicated that the installer (from this store) needed to do more work before he would approve it. I told the owner this and he started screaming at me in front of all of the other customers. He was basically shooting the messenger. I really did not want to go back to this place but it was convenient for what I thought would be an easy purchase.

Simple solution to not being allowed to kneel in the Nfl

Change it to something else

Maybe cross arms in solidarity

Maybe turn there backs on the crowd

Heck, there is a number of things that they do.

Make them keep changing the rules-

F&ck them

Trump poised to pardon Dick Cheney's former chief of staff: Sources

Source: ABC news

President Donald Trump is poised to pardon Scooter J. Libby, the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, according to sources familiar with the presidentís thinking.

The president has already signed off on the pardon, which is something he has been considering for several months, sources told ABC News.

Libby was convicted of lying to the FBI and obstruction of justice.

Could Trump be sending a message to his cronies.

Read more: Abcnews.go.com

NRA is a business, right?

I posted this earlier on another post but felt like it should stand alone.

Those that fund the NRA are indirectly funding the politicians. How many of those asking for reforms belong to the NRA? Stop funding the NRA and business goes bankrupt.

The organization's overall revenue, which includes membership dues, program fees and other contributions, has boomed in recent years Ė rising to nearly $350 million in 2013. The majority of this money funds NRA initiatives like member newsletters, sporting events and gun safety education and training programs.

A CNNMoney analysis of federal campaign finance records shows that much of this money comes from everyday Americans. And these contributions, which the NRA uses to keep pro-gun lawmakers in office, are on the rise.


Think of the advertising campaign...

Your membership in the NRA contributes to to the death culture! You can help stop the murder of young children. Talk to your friends and family... Stop the funding of terrorism- stop paying your NRA dues, stop contributing to the death of the innocent. Hell, the campaign writes itself. So much material to work with. Guilt the fuckers to stop this madness.

What happens if Trump fires Mueller this weekend?

I have this unnerving feeling

That what is occurring at the surface is masking the damage underneath. All this noise is hiding all of the lasting damage- we may get rid of Trump but his legacy is going to be disastrous.

We got to get beyond solving one problem at s time- the powers that be are creating multiple problems on multiple levels - we have to find a way to counter this.

Who is James B. Hatfield?

I searched DU and could not find anything that was related to him.

Was on Facebook and saw that someone shared his post- looked up the post on snopes and found that it was totally untruthful. Went to his page and the first post was about fake news- hmm, started reading the rest and he sounds like a president trump/ fox reporter wannabe.

These guys are like cockroaches
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