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Member since: Thu May 5, 2005, 12:42 PM
Number of posts: 115

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Let 2020 be the year

of the women in American politics, gaining enough support to perhaps take control of the presidency and both houses when we have a revision in 2024.

Has the movement from the recent past been abandoned?


I saved the best for last. It is global.

Posted by bobnicewander | Tue Feb 11, 2020, 05:21 PM (5 replies)

Trying to keep this thread alive

Let this be the year of the women.
Posted by bobnicewander | Tue Feb 11, 2020, 04:27 PM (0 replies)


Go Ladies!

I don't know how to do that K and R thing but wish I did.

I hope this country's Pluto return is when you take control of the government.

These are

all good

But I

saved the best for last!

Posted by bobnicewander | Tue Feb 11, 2020, 02:37 PM (1 replies)

Update Feb 24 - Dem 2020 Primary Calendar

On the 1st Ballot 1,991 pledged delegates are needed to win the nomination.
771 "superdelegates" will not participate on the first ballot (unless the nomination is uncontested).

On the 2nd ballot, or beyond, 2,375.5 pledged delegates are needed to win the nomination.

According to 270 To Win

In 1 month (by March 24) 65.4% (2602 out of 3979) of Democratic delegates will have been awarded.

Largest pools of delegates remaining after March:

April 28 New York 274
April 28 Pennsylvania 186
June 2 New Jersey 126

Source for dates: https://frontloading.blogspot.com/p/2020-presidential-primary-calendar.html

Charts can be done for the dates. I am leaning heavily that tRump may lose backing in the 3rd week of June.

February 4 states - running total 4
Monday, February 3: Iowa caucuses (both parties)
Tuesday, February 11: New Hampshire
Saturday, February 22: Nevada Democratic caucuses, Nevada Republican Alternative Presidential Preference Poll (of state central committee members)

Saturday, February 29: South Carolina Democratic primary

March 25 states - running total 29

Tuesday, March 3: Alabama, American Samoa Democratic caucuses, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Democrats Abroad (voting through March 10, 2020), Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia (Democrats only)
Tuesday, March 10: Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota Democratic "firehouse caucus", North Dakota Republican preference caucuses, Washington
Friday, March 13: Hawaii Republican delegate apportionment
Saturday, March 14: Guam Republican territorial convention, Northern Mariana Islands Democratic caucuses
Sunday, March 15: Kansas Republican conventions (district convention start on March 15, process ends with state convention on Sunday, May 24.), Northern Mariana Islands Republican territorial caucus
Tuesday, March 17: Arizona (Democrats only), Florida, Illinois, Ohio
Wednesday, March 18: American Samoa Republican territorial caucus
Tuesday, March 24: Georgia
Sunday, March 29: Puerto Rico Democratic primary

April 11 states - running total 40

Wednesday April 1: South Carolina Republican conventions (district conventions start on April 1, process ends with state convention on Saturday, May 2.)
Saturday, April 4: Alaska Democratic party-run primary, Alaska Republican state convention, Hawaii Democratic party-run primary, Louisiana, Virgin Islands Republican territorial caucuses (through Saturday, May 30), Wyoming Democratic caucuses
Tuesday, April 7: Wisconsin
Tuesday, April 28: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island

May 6 states - running total 46

Friday, May 1 (-Saturday, May 2): Virginia Republican state convention
Saturday, May 2: Guam Democratic caucuses, Kansas Democratic party-run primary
Tuesday, May 5: Indiana
Saturday, May 9: Arizona Republican state convention, Wyoming Republican state convention
Tuesday, May 12: Nebraska, West Virginia
Tuesday, May 19: Kentucky, Oregon

June 4 states - running total 50

Tuesday, June 2: Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota, Washington, DC
Saturday, June 6: Virgin Islands Democratic caucuses
Sunday, June 7: Puerto Rico Republican primary
Posted by bobnicewander | Mon Feb 10, 2020, 04:15 AM (2 replies)

To all of you

Moving this post to here from the tRump into thread because I think I misplaced it.

I am really deeply touched by your kindness and generosity. I am alone in this world so they mean a lot to me. My contribution is just adding my thoughts to yours. I try my best to present with meaning but can be wrong at times like anyone else.

Thanks again for your graciousness.

Posted by bobnicewander | Mon Feb 10, 2020, 12:12 AM (4 replies)

I got some hearts

Other than giving thanks I don't know what to do. Thank you.
Posted by bobnicewander | Sat Feb 8, 2020, 09:25 AM (5 replies)

Presidency Chart - Washington's Inauguration

The Presidency chart (Washingtons inauguration)

The chart I use for the presidency is George Washingtons inaugural chart. The following is from a site that is now defunct.

In i_predict@yahoogroups.com, JohnTWB <blazingstar1776@ wrote:

"Hi Gonzo, Bob & EdK,


Astrologer Ralph Kraum 's rectified time = 1:04:30 p.m. LMT +4:56:04

Ascendant = 02-Vi-30

Source: ASTROLOGICAL AMERICANA by Ralph Kraum & Ernest Grant, American Federation of Astrologers, Research Bulletin No. 3, Tempe, AZ, 1949, p. 37.

Kraum & Grant consider this the KEYSTONE CHART OF SOVEREIGNTY: ??There are many who believe that this is the true chart of the United States as a nation for it is the first federal exercise of sovereignty” . . . . This Federal Government assumed jurisdiction with the inauguration of George Washington. Those astrologers advocating this chart liken the Declaration of Independence chart unto the prenatal epoch chart of a human being.” P. 38


As reported by: [1] Washington 's secretary, Tobias Lear; [2] U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania, William Maclay; and [3] a citizen eye-witness R.R.”. From these sources we know that GW 's oath was sworn at or soon after 1:00 p.m.” (which is LAT) = about 12:56:55 p.m. LMT +4:56:04.

[Note: Sun culminating (Solar Fire v5.1) = 11:56:55 LMT +4:56:04]


Date: April 30, 1789

Congress ' Scheduled Time: shortly after 12:00 p.m. LAT

Oath taken (after more than 1 hour 's delay): 13:04:30 LMT

Place: Federal Hall, at Broad & Wall Streets, New York City


Source (excerpted below):

1789: THE WASHINGTON INAUGURATION: with the 1889 Program of (centennial) Ceremonies. Papers by Mrs. Martha J. Lamb (White and Allen: N.Y., 1889). From the Magazine of American History” of December, 1888, February 1889, March 1889:

The six days between Washington 's arrival and his inauguration were devoted (by Congress) to the perfection of arrangements for the imposing ceremonies of his inauguration.” P. 18

On the 29th of April, 1789, the joint (House & Senate) committee of arrangements reported their scheme for the conduct of the ceremonies on the 30th, which proving satisfactory, a few copies were printed on foolscap sheets for the convenience of those participating. One of these has been preserved and is now the property of the New York Historical Society, through whose courtesy it is given verbatim to our readers as an illustration of the significance with which details were regarded at that period” p. 19

SCHEDULED: That the members of both houses (of Congress) assemble in their respective Chambers precisely at twelve o 'clock; and that the representatives preceded by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and attended by their clerk, and other officers, proceed (upstairs) to the Senate Chamber, there to be received by the Vice President and the senators rising. . . That the committees attend the President from his residence to the Senate Chamber, and that he be there received by the Vice-President, the senators and representatives rising, and by the Vice-President conducted to his chair. . . . That the President shall proceed to the (2nd floor exterior balcony overlooking the intersection of Broad & Wall Streets) gallery to take the Oath of Office required by the Constitution. . . . Both houses having resolved to accompany the President after he shall have taken the Oath (and delivered his inaugural address to Congress), to St. Paul 's Chapel, to hear divine service, to be performed by the chaplain of Congress. . . . That after divine service shall be performed, the President be received at the door of the Chapel, by the Committees, and by them attended in carriages to his residence.” p. 20.



With a discharge of artillery at sunrise from old Fort George near Bowling Green began the ceremonies of the day. . . . The military procession left the presidential mansion at half-past twelve o 'clock and proceeded to Federal Hall via Queen Street (now Pearl Street), Great Dock Street, and Broad Street. . . . When the military, which amounted to not more than five hundred men, arrived within two hundred yards of Federal Hall, at one o 'clock, they were drawn up on each side, and Washington and the assistants and the gentlemen especially invited passed through the lines and proceeded to the Senate Chamber of the Federal State House.”

Source: THE CENTURY ILLUSTRATED MONTHLY MAGAZINE, Washington 's Inauguration Centennial Number, April 1889, p. 826, which relies on Tobias Lear 's extensive account.


Source: Journal of William Maclay, United States Senator from Pennsylvania , 1789-1791. CHAPTER I. ON TITLES AND CEREMONIES.

Here excerpted, an eye-witness account by a U.S. Senate, as below, tellingly provided by the diary of William Maclay, radical Jeffersonian U.S. Senator from the State of Pennsylvania. Senator Maclay saw it all, and then wrote it down for posterity:

[As already noted: Congress was scheduled to convene a joint session in the Senate Chamber, with the House members to join the Senators by 12:00 noon LAT]

MACLAY: Repeated accounts came that the Speaker of the House and representatives were at the door. Confusion ensued; the Senate members left their seats. . . . The Speaker was introduced, followed by the representatives. Here we sat an hour and ten minutes before the President arrivedthis delay was owing to Lee, Izard, and Dalton, who had stayed with us while the Speaker came in, instead of going to attend the President.”

The President advanced between the Senate and Representatives, bowing to each. He was placed in the chair by the Vice-President; the Senate with their president on the right, the Speaker and the Representatives on his left. The Vice-President rose and addressed a short sentence to him. . . . And the President was conducted out of the middle window into the gallery, and the oath was administered by the Chancellor [note: Robert R. Livingston, Chancellor of New York State, and fellow Mason to the President.] Notice that the business done was communicated to the crowd by proclamation, etc., who gave three cheers, and repeated it on the President's bowing to them.” Unquote.



The time of the oath-taking moment was reported by a citizen eye-witness. Reported in the Federal Gazette of Philadelphia, on May 8, 1789, was the account by a writer, signing himself R. R., who wrote on May 1 from New York City to his wife in Philadelphia, that R.R. . . . was just in time to see the inauguration of the President-General, which affecting solemnity was performed yesterday at one o 'clock in the front gallery of the State House, in view of thousands of admiring spectators. . . .”

Source (above): Charles Warren, ODD BYWAYS IN AMERICAN HISTORY (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1942) p. 95, which cites HISTORICAL MAGAZINE, III (1859), p. 184

Best wishes,

Posted by bobnicewander | Fri Feb 7, 2020, 10:43 AM (2 replies)

UPDATE ON tRump as of Feb 7 2020

When the chart for tRump's inauguration is located to the site of the Republican convention to nominate their candidate for president it's MC becomes the point of the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto stellium on January 13 with his natal Saturn on it's IC and transiting Pluto on that MC.

When unscrupulous Republican members of the Senate denied the proof provided to the world by committees of the House they blocked the full implementation of the powerful stellium of the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn opposing tRumps natal Saturn.

Among an abundance of negative connections Saturn is associated with loss and Pluto with total destruction. To have natal or progressed Saturn in ones chart transited by Saturn has most always been seen to accompany notably difficult times in ones life experience. To have it transited by Pluto has coincided with even more dire circumstances. The combination of the 2 was in effect at King Charles I beheading by Oliver Cromwells Parliament. Add the transiting Sun to the opposition in tRumps chart and it would not be out of order to postulate a grievous loss for him with confident authority; bolstered by his historically low approval ratings throughout his entire pResidency.

The opposition to his natal Saturn by Pluto will repeat on February 13, July 12, and December 20, 2020 in longitude and February 10, July 18, and December 14, 2020 in right ascension but it will not be accompanied by the Sun or Saturn.

tRump Inauguration chart progressed to 18 days before the 2020 election.

The aspects will be the same on election day as the Moon will only progress about 1/2 of a degree by then.

Without having scanned the next 7 months yet I can;t say tRump will be removed during that time but going right to the GOP convention in August I do not think he will gain the nomination. Even though he would not be on the ticket he would still be pResident until January 20 of 2021 unless removed from office during or after the convention and before that day.

I thought the very bad charts I see for the him on August 26 and 27 meant he would not be the GOP nominee but they could represent anything bad a bad health situation, being arrested, new impeachment charges being brought up, or ???.

2017 inaugural chart located to Charlotte, NC, with transits of August 27, 2020, at 7 pm, EDT, (close to the time of the announcement of the GOP presidential nominee?). Transiting Pluto is only 1 minute of arc less for each day of the convention beginning at 29452′ on August 24, going to 29449′ on August 27, so it will be on the inaugural chart MC what ever time and which ever day the announcement happens.

The MC for tRumps presidency (inaugural chart) located to Charlotte, NC, is at 2237′ Capricorn. It holds the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (Sun 2252′ Capricorn, Saturn 2253′ Capricorn, and Pluto 2249′ Capricorn) has his natal Saturn at 2349′ Cancer on its IC; and transiting Pluto on the MC [return to its conjunction position], not a favorable location for him or his term.

How important was the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that the totally unpredictable (desired, but obtained by chance) time for tRumps inauguration when located almost 4 years later to the site where the GOP presidential nominee will be chosen has that conjunctions point as the MC and that it is aspected by transiting Pluto and his natal Saturn? What are the odds of that happening?

Pluto Opposite tRump's natal Saturn next 2 years in longitude

tRump June 14 1946, 9:54 am, EST +5:00

February 13 2020 Pluto Opposite Saturn 2349′ Capricorn
July 12 2020 Pluto Opposite Saturn 2349′ Capricorn
December 20 2020 Pluto Opposite Saturn 2349′ Capricorn

*** END REPORT ***

Pluto Opposite natal Saturn next 2 years in right ascension

tRump June 14 1946, 9:54 am, EST +5:00

April 1 2020
May 20 2020

January 21 2021 Will be as strong on inauguration day
August 17 2021
November 23 2021

*** END REPORT ***

This may be repetitive, but maybe not. So much work.

2020 transits of Saturn and Pluto to 2017 inauguration

2017 Inauguration Chart at White House
Jan 20 2017, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00

February 11, 2020; Saturn Conjunct the MC at 2613′ Capricorn
and 29814′ of right ascension Possible end of impeachment trial.
The date also looks bad for tRump and Pence. Good for the speaker.

April 3, 2020; Saturn Conjunct Inaugural Sun at 0050′ Aquarius

April 25, 2020; Pluto stations Rx at 2500′ Capricorn

May 11, 2020; Saturn stations Rx at 0157′ Aquarius

June 18, 2020; Saturn Conjunct inaugural Sun at 0050′ Aquarius

August 26, 2020; Saturn conjunct inaugural MC in DC at 26Cp13′
and 29814′ of right ascension. Pluto conjunct inaugural MC in Charlotte at 22Cp37' and 29425' of right ascension Republican convention

September 29, 2020; Saturn stations Dx at 2520′ Capricorn

October 4, 2020; Pluto stations Dx at 2229′ Capricorn

October 31, 2020; Saturn conjunct inaugural MC at 2613′ Capricorn
He looks in a mirror. Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Posted by bobnicewander | Fri Feb 7, 2020, 09:04 AM (8 replies)

Jan 23 UPDATE: Jan 13th and 16th are past but

do not despair.

Update here:

January 23. Added inauguration chart located to Gop convention in North Carolina showing Saturn-Pluto conjunction to it. His chart for the RNC in August does not show him gaining the nomination. January 16 was his worst day when articles of impeachment were delivered to the Senate allowing them to begin impeachment trial proceedings.

2020 transits of Saturn and Pluto to 2017 inauguration.

2017 Inauguration Chart at White House
January 20 2017, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00

February 11, 2020; Saturn Conjunct the MC at 2613′ Capricorn
and 29814′ of right ascension. The possible end of impeachment trial as could either of the April dates of transits to his inauguration chart be.
The February date also looks bad for tRump and Pence. Good for the speaker

April 3, 2020; Saturn Conjunct Inaugural Sun at 0050′ Aquarius and 30303' in right ascension.

April 25, 2020; Pluto stations Rx at 2500′ Capricorn

May 11, 2020; Saturn stations Rx at 0157′ Aquarius

June 18, 2020; Saturn Conjunct inaugural Sun at 0050′ Aquarius and 30303' in right ascension.

August 26, 2020; Saturn conjunct inaugural MC at 26Cp13′
and 29814′ of right ascension Republican convention

September 29, 2020; Saturn stations Dx at 2520′ Capricorn

October 4, 2020; Pluto stations Dx at 2229′ Capricorn

October 31, 2020; Saturn conjunct inaugural MC at 2613′ Capricorn

December 24, 2020; Saturn conjunct Sun at 00Aq50' Aquarius

My post in this thread last year:

"12. Dates in January 2020 Sun Jan 13, 2019, 11:46 AM
Last edited Sun Jan 13, 2019, 12:16 PM Edit history (1)

I began posting about the January 2020 dates at least as early as February 2017.

Actually there is a series of dates in January of 2020 that show the black days for tRump and others, notably Mike Pence, tRump Jr and others. I simply chose the 13th as that is the day transit Sun conjoins transit Saturn and Pluto. The worst day in my progressed anlunar return chart (progressing the lunar returns my technique) for tRump is January 16th 3:10 pm, EST.

I called the 2016 election for Hillary because of my bias against tRump when my progressed lunar return technique showed election night to be good for him (natal Jupiter/Uranus midpoint conjunct the MC) and bad for her (natal Mars/Saturn midpoint and natal Pluto square the MC). I let my bias overide my charts. This periods progressed anlunar for tRump has not yet played out. It's target date is January 16th.

Posted by bobnicewander | Tue Jan 14, 2020, 08:01 AM (5 replies)

Not calling my practice a science

My reply in: Religion & Spirituality Astrology, Spirituality & Alternative Healing (Group) on Oct 25:

https://www.democraticunderground.com/122018537#post2 in "Hard transits to 2017 inauguration"

"bobnicewander (97 posts)

2. From previous posts

For those who have little or no knowledge of astrology (and for many who do) - there is no way to know what any aspect may coordinate with. Think about the horoscopes of multiple birth siblings - twins, triplets, etc.. They have virtually the same charts (as we say in astrology) but not the same experiences at the same time - getting married, having babies, suffering major injuries or illnesses and on and on. The marriage of one is a happy experience shared by all in some manner but no astrologer, without inside information, could say which one it would be or even name the event looking at the charts perhaps 3 years before. All that could really be seen in them would likely be a positive or easy or happy time in them.

That is why there have been no astrologers, no matter how famous, that can be shown to have a string of exact predictions despite the great number of practitioners through thousands of years. If anybody thinks differently I have a chart covering almost 79 years and would like them to prove their case by telling me what exactly occurred when and where I experienced even 1 aspect in my life.

I can determine when tRump may experience difficult times but as to what event it may coordinate with if any is known about (because we experience some things on a psychological level which we may not share with anyone and/or on a cellular level like when a tumor is growing that we ourselves do not know about) the best that might be done is to get in the ballpark or get lucky with our guess based on some knowledge [like the date and time of a court appearance] and get it right.

I chose the January 2020 time for tRump's leaving office because of the transits to his natal chart then coupled with his current and what I presume will be an ongoing situation."

and posted in that group on January 13th in "My tRump Astrology and Info Posts" https://www.democraticunderground.com/122018291

"An event that precipitates September 18th and 19th station occurs on about July 25th. this year."

My November 15, 2016, post elsewhere about tRump's troubles this coming January:

By: Bob on November 15th, 2016, at 10:57 pm

'Charts showing Donalds and Donald Jr.s charts engaged by the total solar eclipse in August 2017 and the Saturn and Pluto conjunction in January of 2020. It looks like a family affair.


Posted by bobnicewander | Sun Nov 3, 2019, 07:04 AM (0 replies)
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