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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 9,338

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ATTN DUers in OK!! Is there an ICE detention center at the Tulsa Co jail??

With the election of the new president the SBC is now totally controlled by Calvinists.

The most shocking aspect ot this to me is that the so-called 'New Calvinists' led by Al Mohler, the prez of the flagship SBC seminary in Louisville and the 'pope' of the SBC, teach 'Limited Atonement', the concept that contrary to John3:16, Jesus did not die for everyone but only for those who have already been chosen by god to be saved. It therefore does not matter if a person accepts 'Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior' and prays the Sinner's Prayer; if god did not choose to save that person before the origin of the universe --- then that person is just out of luck. So why evangelize, send missionaries, --- it makes no difference. It's just a big con game (for money and power?? You can't help wondering.)

From what I have read in the posts and comments at the blog thewartburgwatch.com and elsewhere, most of the people in the many, many SBC churches are unaware that this takeover has been carried out for years. All the heads of the SBC seminaries and boards are New Calvinists. And now the convention president is openly a New Calvinist. (The president and his associates choose the people in all positions of power within the convention.)

GOPers just hate people, esp women and children, and want to hurt them, destroy them

And so many doing this, ordering this, supporting and cheering this claim to be 'born again Christians.'

To any one in a church or denomination one of these christianists belongs to---run don't walk out of there before you too 'lose your immortal soul!'

Lots of charismatic churches pray in this sort of fashion --- 'Devil, get out of here now! Devil, take your hands off these people!' Like my brother said, these people address the devil much more often than they do God.

And now it's clear why--- the devil is their master and ruler--- telling them to eliminate health care, food stamps, CHIP , tear children from their parents, add infinitem.

'How Trump's Legal Defence Mimics Christian Apologetics' posted by long-time christian, now atheis

Posted at blog godlessindixie. At patheos.com/blogs/godlessindixie

The poster is a school teacher in MS. He reports on his experiences as a divorced now-atheist father of 4 daughters who is surrounded by family, ex-wife, children, colleagues all imbedded in the SBC world of MS.

Paige Patterson will NOT give key sermon at SBC convention (WaPo report)

Found this info at the blog bobfelton.com.

Escaping our T problem 1)read historical novel 2)read science fiction novel

The more problems they have and successfully solve the better.

Science fiction - Bujold's series about Miles. His and his planet's problems are horrendous, but by cunning, wit, and courage he overcomes and wins.

Historical romance - books by Roberta Gellis. Women deal with deadly threats to themseles and their families and win out in the end. Most of her books are set in the time of King Stephen (followed by Henry and Eleanor of Acquitaine) or the reign of their son King John. The problems are deadly, the dangers are real. But they are far removed from our lives and problems.

And we can vicariously participate in their struggles and victories. And sometimes be encouraged to take up our struggle with renewed hope.

I realize this doesn't work for everyone, perhaps only for a very few. But it might be something you haven't considered, and maybe it might help a bit.

Were Franklin Graham's stops in CA directed to primary? Any sign his 'crusade' was successful?

Were these stops for the primary, and he's coming back for the general?

?!?! Woman who saw rebels make husband dig own grave, kill him, make her work for them deported !!

Reason DOJ gave for deporting her? 'Her labor supported terrorists'!!

Judge ruled she could stay, but DOJ ignored that judge's ruling.

This was reported on Chris Hayes program. Apparently DOJ bragged about their handling of the case. IOW another win in the war against 'terra'. (Indeed!)

VERY IMPT!! Trump supporters do NOT give a s**t what other countries think of US!! Esp Europeans

20 or so yrs ago I heard MSavage say many times on his radio show that other countries were of zero importance to US. He often referred to 'Euro trash'.

A conservative christian college student in the mid 90s said what I think many Evangelicals/Fundamentalists believe today. She said we shouldn't pay any attention to people living in Europe because most of them have not accepted Jesus as their 'Lord and Savior'. The US should shun them to avoid following them down the path to hell.

Rightwingwatch.com reports bishops, others working to ad contaception info to T's gag rule!!!

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