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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
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What about orphan trains in the history of US treatment of unwanted immigrant children??

IIRC church orphanages in NYC tan out of room, so homeless, mostly immigrant, children were put on trains and sent West.

At each stop, people could take a child or so through some process. Some wanted children as part of their family. Others wanted farm or domestic laborers, often little more than slaves.

IIRC the fate of the individual children greatly depended on the character of the people working on the train and those working with the potential 'adopters.'

I remember the shock I felt when I learned that orphan trains actually existed and weren't a Western novel's plot device.

Error in Newsweek 'Evangelicals and GOP'-- Russel Moore NOT prez of SoBaptists!

Interesting article, but that is a major error. Esp considering how much national attn this past summer's annual meeting of the SoBaptist Convention got. Remember the scandal over Paige Patterson, the head of the SBC's Southwestern Seminary? His failure to report rape of a seminary student to police? His advice to abused wives to stay with their abuser husbands?

The Newsweek article seems accurate but nothing particularly new. This basic error does raise questions about the toroughness of their investigation!

The article is in the December 13 issue.

Destruction of butterfly sanctuary to build T's wall!! Lets do major publicity directed to kids

Anti smoking campaign led kids to beg parents to quit smoking!

Some of my friends talked about their children doing this. Friends stopped smoking.

Deporting Vietnam War refugees--Didn't US promise them haven for their help? Kids born here too?

This is incredibly evil-- decades after they came here.

Several articles in BBC on Putin's time as KGB officer in East Germany. Very enlightening

[Found these articles when reading BBC ilnk in DU post about chocolate spill in .Germany. Clicked on Europe]

One story claims he deveoped idea of need for strong-man government when Moscow didn't respond v quickly to uprisings in Dresden (where he was stationed) in 89.

There's one article about finding his passport photo in Dresden archives

Aren't Nick Ayers and his firm connected with campaign/defence of disgraced ex MO gov?

Don't remember where I saw this.

A reaction to the claim was 'So he's perfect for Trump's COS!!!'

Anyone here ever read a Betty Neels romance novel?

The plot is usually a romance between a very successful Dutch doctor and a plain but super kind, sweet, pleasant English girl.

In one of the stories in Eric Flint's 1632 series, a group of HS girls in Grantville (the WV town picked up and plunked down in the middle of Germany during the 30 Years War) gathers all the Neels books owned by women in the town and sells them to an entrepreneur who translates them into 17th Dutch and makes a fortune selling the books in the Netherlands.

IIRC the this event occurs in the story about the students who figure out how to manufacture a treadle sewing machine using 17th techology. That story is in either the 1st or 2nd volume of the Grantville Gazette, a series of short fiction and nonfiction stories that accompany the 1632 series.

Ever heard of brown bread ice cream? Tried it? Saw it in a novel. It's a real thing

Internet can sure be helpful at times.

Is Cain's instant coffee with chicory available any more? In or near Tulsa?

Did the British with aid of NE really expel the French settlers from Nova Scotia?

We read Longfellow's poem Evangeline in jr high English class (in mid 50s), but I don't remember any mention of the possible historical bacground.
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