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Member since: Wed Aug 3, 2016, 08:27 AM
Number of posts: 238

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Adam Schiff blows me away.

No notes, completely poised. I don't understand how someone can give a speech like that. I wish I had words to describe his.

Definition of quid pro quo...

My mom, 86 with advancing short-term memory, asked me 3 times last week what it means. I explained the same way each time..."this for that, I'll do this for you if you'll do that for me".

Fast forward to yesterday. She told me she knows what quid pro quo means. I humored her, and asked her. Her answer was priceless:

"I'll tell you, but you gotta buy me lunch."

Yeah, she got it.

New GOP motto: "Our moral compass swings both ways!"

Just incredible, their flexability.

To those of us with GOP representatives...

Give your person a call today, tell them you'd like to visit the office and sit in on their staff's policy discussions without making an appointment, and you'll be recording the meetings with your cell phone.

When they stop laughing, ask them why they're not being fair and transparent.

When they finally realize you're not joking, and explain to you that won't be happening, at that point, admit the absurdity of your demand. Then make the point that's what the stupid stormtroopers were doing yesterday, except they were violating the law and their oath.

Remember back in Nov, 2009, I think many of us secretly hoped...

...that Obama would take action against Dubya, Cheney, et al?

What a yardstick to show how far we've come!

Coming soon to a trump tweet near you...

"Giuliani's actual existence is fake news. The commie socialist media created a fictional person to use to attack me, and gave it the name Rudy Giuliani. The person you have been seeing for the last several decades is not real - the MSM has brainwashed you into believing he's real. Don't be fooled by the facts!"

I half expect him to go this far.

Trump is simply using our Country as collateral.

It's as simple as that. He's putting the United States of America up for his personal gain.

God, I am so angry at my republican senators and congressman for excusing him time and time again.

Lindsay Graham: "This is Kavanaugh all over again."

Me: Trump likes beer??

Used to be the yardstick was if your Mom didn't have to work...

this is back in the 60's and 70's... your family was doing okay, and living the nuclear family's American Dream.

Today's version seems as if you're working one job, you're doing it.

Unemployment is so low because so many have two or more jobs.

Trump the Welfare King

Sing it high, sing it low.

He IS the Welfare State.
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