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Member since: Tue May 29, 2012, 02:02 AM
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"Public execution of nine to hide scandal north, relocation of" Asahi

High-ranking North Korean Asahi Shimbun has North Korean defectors recently in order to conceal the scandal that North Korea is related to Mrs. relocation state of Kim Jong-un Labor Party first secretary, and was publicly executed on August 9 kings wealth Dan section of galaxy clusters it was reported the 21st citing the words of the executive.

Reality in North from the defection of North Korean soldier

Three North Korean soldiers have defected to South Korea across the heavily fortified border since August, in an apparent embarrassment to Pyongyang's new regime. On October 2, a North Korean soldier shot two superiors dead before crossing the heavy-militarized border. Military defections across the land border between the two KOreas are rare, with the last reported crossing by a North Korean soldeir in 2010, and previous instances in 2008 and 2002.

However, worsening food shortage at military barracks in the impovershied North has fanned frustration among its soldiers, and the North's military appears to have serious lax discipline issues these days. North Korean soldiers stationed near the border are reportedly selected from families known to be the most loyal to the communist regime, to try to prevent military defections that may embarrass Pyonyang. Despite all these efforts, the fact that a North Korean soldier in the front line hints the nearing collapse of North Korea. North has fanned frustration among its soldiers from worsening food shortages.


Ignorant Suzuki Nobuyuki

Japan's extreme rightist, Nobuyuki, is getting nastier. Nobuyuki had tied a stake with the slogan "Takeshima belongs to Japan" to the statue of a young comfort woman in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul. Now, he has tied another stake on the memorium of Yoon Bong-gil, Korean independent activist who worked against Japan during Japan's rule over Korea. It was another one of his ordinary blunt attack, "Takeshima belongs to Japan" stake.

Nobuyuki once again exhibited his 'achievement' on his personal blog. Nobuyuki was summoned by the Korean Supreme Prosecutor's Office for his crime against humanity. Nobuyukim, instead of repenting for his ignorance, reacted by sending insulting stakes to the Korean Supreme court and the Blue House. It didn't stop from there. He put another stake on Korea's independence activist, Yoon Bong-gil. This is a reflection of how sick Japan's society is, and shows how devastating Japan's economic condition is.

All the socio-economic problem is perturbing as a wave of extreme right. Japan is going backward. They are refusing to admit their past faults. Instead they are under the nostalgia of their past imperialistic glory.

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