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Member since: Tue Jan 8, 2019, 06:46 PM
Number of posts: 144

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The Sanders Institute, Bernie's think tank has stopped accepting donations.

Jane Sanders, who also serves as a chief adviser to her husband’s presidential campaign, is not compensated for her role at the institute. Her son, David Driscoll, is a paid $100,000 a year as co-founder and executive director. Driscoll previously worked for a Vermont snowboarding firm and had no previous nonprofit experience, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The lack of transparency and the family ties has drawn criticism from good-government advocates.

“For a politician who runs on fairness and socialist principals, this looks like the old political games,” said Lawrence R. Jacobs, director of the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs. “It’s a product of running a political operation in which family rules the roost.”

Posted by backabby-blue | Thu Mar 14, 2019, 07:33 PM (78 replies)

Time to change the channel on Van Jones.

VAN JONES to CPAC: "Here's the deal -- the conservative movement in this country... is now the leader on this issue of [criminal justice] reform... take some dadgum credit for being smart. Take some dadgum credit for getting it right."

Posted by backabby-blue | Thu Feb 28, 2019, 05:00 PM (4 replies)

Trump: Denuclearization, not a lot of people know that word.

It's a very good word. We have an idiot for our president.
Posted by backabby-blue | Thu Feb 28, 2019, 03:39 AM (15 replies)

Bernie stumbles

He STILL doesn't have his taxes ready and he was not candid about the sexual harassment on his campaign.


How are you going to pay for it Bernie?

He is not answering the question.. He is resorting to his stump speech.
Posted by backabby-blue | Mon Feb 25, 2019, 09:09 PM (85 replies)

Hillary's endorsement

I trust Hillary's judgement. I will be voting for whoever she endorses.
Posted by backabby-blue | Fri Feb 22, 2019, 11:24 AM (22 replies)

Florida Democrats are denouncing Bernie Sanders for refusing to call Venezuelan strongman Nicolas M

Both of Sanders’ positions play into the hands of President Trump and the GOP, say Democrats. The president just held a rally in Miami on Monday to denounce Maduro and socialism, an appeal to the state’s growing block of Venezuelan-American voters.

Posted by backabby-blue | Thu Feb 21, 2019, 10:17 PM (3 replies)


If we want to beat Bernie we have to make sure to get our people to their caucuses and be prepared to be just as aggressive.
Posted by backabby-blue | Wed Feb 20, 2019, 07:56 AM (11 replies)

So this is happening in Portland OR


Posted by backabby-blue | Sat Feb 9, 2019, 01:56 AM (22 replies)
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