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Member since: Sat Jan 21, 2017, 06:51 PM
Number of posts: 418

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Hey media!

Be sure to ask Trump what he thinks about Putin lying to his face about Russia not trying to interfere with our election...

Where the hell is Anonymous?

Doesn't Anonymous usually eat Russian bots?
Not since the Dr said bots were high in cholesterol....
Seriously I haven't heard from those crazy hacker kids for awhile. Are they in hiding or are they working?

So if the Russians were able to do all this from over there

Exactly how many Americans are doing the same thing from within?

Russians came to our soil starting in 2014

According to the new indictments.
They used 2.5 million to start buying servers, simcards, going to different spots for propaganda photos. All in an attempt to discredit Hillary.
You go Mueller! At least someone has our backs. Wonder what cheeto will have to say now?

We need a new federal agency to oversee all matters involving guns

If we can't get rid of them we need a dedicated agency to interview anyone wanting a gun license. Interview their friends and loved ones. Have home visits for gun owners, maybe annually. Make sure people are properly trained and try to teach them the horrors of what a bullet can do.

Even oversee gun shows. Make all new and used firearm sales have to go through a real and present agent before transaction can be complete. If you are caught selling or buying not going through them you get an automatic felony and lose you gun license for good

It's absolutely nuts its easier to get a gun then a driver's license in this country. If they want to claim but I'm a responsible gun owner, make them prove it. Let them put their money where their mouth is. Slap a new heavy tax on any kind of tactical weapons and accessories to pay for the new agency.

I doubt we will ever get rid of them at this point. At least not anytime soon. Something like this may be our only real compromise even if Dems are in control.

Kimmel writer making republicans wear it around their necks

As they send out their thoughts and prayer tweets she's sticking on the totals of how much they took from from the NRA

Putin is threatening American companies

Trump keeps screaming fake news and Putin wants incriminating videos taken down from YouTube and Instagram. Dictator much? Sorry boys we like our free press---

-----Russia wants videos on YouTube and Instagram showing a senior government official cavorting on a yacht with an oligarch once close to Russian President Vladimir Putin taken down, leaving both companies scrambling to respond.---


The Propagandaring Trolls

It was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to turn the information age into a nuclear bomb for propaganda. It's just too easy to create shiny objects for the ignorant.

Unfortunately this is our new world. We all have to prepare to fight. Cultivate you and yours to stand up and fight these things any time they come out into the light. Know how and what to respond with before they even have a chance to type.

Here is an example of the same Russian troll and his bot army and how they used lies to spread fear in different countries after creating racial tensions at Mizzou by saying the Kkk was marching with police beating up black people---

@Fanfan1911 account later changed its display name from Jermaine to “FanFan,” and the profile photo of a black man was changed to the image of a German iron cross.

“The next few months, FanFan’s tweets were all in German and consisted of spreading rumors about Syrian refugees,” Prier wrote.

The same account started tweeting in English by spring 2016 and promoted right-wing U.S. news sites such as Breitbart, and FanFan eventually became “Deplorable Lucy” and backed Donald Trump.

Ewwww! There is sperm everywhere!

You can't make this shit up. Hannity has gone full info wars. Too funny-

"The article then zooms in on a portion of the Obama portrait that it believes depicts a sperm swimming on the former president’s head, just around the area of his left temple.

The Hannity article said that the purported sperm in the Obama painting was part of a “shocking” and “widening scandal” about the portrait.


Caught this fairy in my garden

I swear haha
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