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New York Democrats want to strip cops with 'serious' offense of pension benefits

Two Democratic state lawmakers introduced a bill that would strip police officers of their state pension benefits if fired for issues involving “serious” misconduct.

State Sen. Luis Sepulveda (D-The Bronx) and Assemblywoman Diana Richardson (D-Brooklyn) introduced the legislation last month that would bar members of law enforcement from receiving retirement benefits if they are fired in cases involving misconduct or malfeasance, or resign or retire in the middle of misconduct investigation in connection to their job.

Cops are already eligible to lose pensions if convicted of a felony, but the pols listed several “improper” or “illegal actions” including fabrication of evidence, repeated use of excessive force, acceptance of a bribe or fraud.

“Systematic racism, inadequate training, and abuse of power have all contributed to the scourge of police brutality that has torn apart families and communities across the county. We are at a pivotal moment for anti-racist and police reform, and it is clear that law enforcement officers must face greater accountability,” Sepulveda said in a statement.


How bad is the fireworks situation in your area?

It's not even July 4 yet and it already sounds like it, there's supposed to be a $1000 fine for setting off fireworks but everyone's just ignoring it. Is it this bad too in other states?

Mask up or pay up; California cities impose fines for disobeying orders

Choosing not to wear a mask in parts of California could cost you.

Fines for not making the effort to help curb spread of the coronavirus could set you back $300 in West Hollywood and $100 each in the cities of Santa Monica and Monterey as officials statewide scramble to control a surge of cases heading into the July 4 holiday weekend.

The firmer approach to impose fines and ramp up enforcement of a rule that previously had carried no penalty reflects a parting from the non-punitive approach of Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Newsom has chosen encouragement over punishment to get more Californians to comply with his mask mandate, which has become a politicized issue. While public health officials say face coverings are a no-brainer way to curb possible spread of the virus, the order has been resisted by people who claim it violates their personal freedom.

At Mel’s Drive-In on the Sunset Strip recently, one woman argued with Colton Weiss, grandson of the franchise's founder, Mel Weiss, when he asked her to put on a mask.

“She was asking me, ‘What are you, God?’ ” he recounted Thursday, wearing a black mask branded with the Mel’s logo.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Capt. Edward Ramirez, who heads the West Hollywood station, said city officials decided early this week to take a stronger stance as coronavirus cases increased. He said most people have complied after being warned.

Deputies will continue to warn people and hand out masks to those who don't have their own, he said. As a "very last option” they can issue a non-criminal citation to people who refuse to don the protection. The ticket comes with a fine of $250 for a first offense, as well as a $50 fee.


Seattle police clear CHOP zone, make arrests after mayor's executive order


Following "ongoing violence and public safety issues," Seattle's mayor has issued an executive order to clear the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) zone -- a several block, autonomous police-free zone -- and Seattle police enforced the order Wednesday morning.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said in a statement, "This order, and our police response, comes after weeks of violence in and around the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone, including four shootings, resulting in multiple injuries and the deaths of two teenagers."

"I support peaceful demonstrations," Best said, adding, "the CHOP has become lawless and brutal. Four shootings -- two fatal -- robberies, assaults, violence and countless property crimes have occurred in this several block area."

Police began issuing dispersal orders early Wednesday, and as of 9:25 a.m. local time, officers made 31 arrests for assault, failure to disperse, obstruction and unlawful weapon possession, the department said.


Adam Savage from Mythbusters accused of raping sister

Former MythBusters co-host Adam Savage's sister filed a lawsuit against him on Tuesday, alleging he sexually abused her numerous times when they were children.

In the complaint obtained by the New York Post, Miranda Pacchiana, 51, claims the abuse happened when she was between 7-10 years old and Savage was between 9-12 years old, when their family was living in Sleepy Hollow, New York.

Savage, 52, denied the allegations in a statement to PEOPLE via his lawyer Andrew Brettler, saying, "While I hope that my sister gets the help she needs to find peace, this needs to end. For many years, she has relentlessly and falsely attacked me and other members of my family to anyone who will listen."

"By spreading numerous untrue stories about us in pursuit of a financial bonanza, she has tortured our entire family and estranged herself from all of us," he continued. "I will fight this groundless and offensive lawsuit and work to put this to rest once and for all."

His mother Karen Savage also issued a statement via Brettler, saying, "It makes me very sad to say this, but my daughter suffers from severe mental health challenges, and it's devastating that she's putting Adam and our entire family through this. Adam is a good man, and I support him completely."

According to the New York Post, Pacchiana alleges in the complaint that Savage nicknamed himself the "raping blob" while masking the abuse as a game.

"Beginning in or about 1976 and continuing until approximately 1979, Adam Savage would repeatedly rape Miranda Pacchiana and force oral sex upon her, and forced Miranda to perform oral sex on him, along with other forms of sexual abuse," states the reported complaint, filed in Westchester Supreme Court.

The complaint also reportedly alleges that Savage would prevent Pacchiana from leaving the bed and anally rape her.

Pacchiana filed her lawsuit under the New York Child Victims Act, which extends the statute of limitations for a survivor of child sexual abuse in criminal and civil cases. The original deadline, which was set in August, was extended last month until Jan. 14, 2021, due to the coronavirus.


Another shooting in Seattle's police-free autonomous zone kills man and critically injures boy

A shooting in Seattle's Capitol Hill Occupation Protest (CHOP) area Monday morning left one man dead and a 14-year-old boy critically injured -- bringing more scrutiny to the autonomous protest zone.
"When investigators arrived, they found a white Jeep Cherokee riddled with bullet holes on 12th Avenue," Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said, according to CNN affiliate KIRO.
"We were told that there were two men inside the vehicle, and both had been shot."
The two occupants were taken to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition between 3:15 and 3:30 a.m. (6:15 and 6:30 a.m. ET), hospital spokeswoman Susan Gregg told CNN.
The man later died, and the 14-year-old boy remains in critical condition, the hospital said.
Monday's attack is the fifth shooting within two weeks in the CHOP area, and the second to turn fatal.
Thousands of protesters have occupied the area, a four- to six-block section of Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, since June 8 in an effort to demand police reform following the death of George Floyd.
But CNN has observed that the number of people within the CHOP area has decreased significantly over the past week.
The police chief said violence in the autonomous zone "is a real problem" and said she questions "why would we continue to allow this to happen."
Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan's administration has been cautious about moving back into the protest zone. Friday, a spokeswoman for the mayor told CNN it's possible the CHOP area "could last a few more weeks."


Archbishop Performs Exorcism Where St. Junipero Serra Fell, Asking For God's Mercy

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — On June 19, the statue of St. Junipero Serra fell to angry protesters inside Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. On Saturday, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone visited the park where St. Serra once stood to offer prayers, perform an exorcism, and offer other acts of reparation, in response to what he called "horrendous acts of blasphemy."

In a video released by the archdiocese, Archbishop Cordileone said the toppling of the statue had affected him greatly:

“I’ve been feeling great distress and a deep wound in my soul when I see these horrendous acts of blasphemy…and disparaging of the memory of Serra who was such a great hero, such a great defender of the indigenous people of this land. Someone who was very much a part of my life growing up. I grew up very close to the first mission that he founded in San Diego. So it inflicted a very deep wound in my soul.”

The archbishop performed an exorcism for what he called “an act of sacrilege, an act of the evil one,” adding: “This is the activity of the evil one who wants to bring down the Church, who wants to bring down all Christian believers. So we offer that prayer and bless this ground with holy water so that God might purify it, sanctify it, that we, in turn, might be sanctified.”


Compilation video of anti-maskers from Florida


I'm surprised at how many women are anti-maskers. They really, really don't want to wear a mask at all and are going full Karen about it.

Unilever to drop terms like 'whitening' from beauty products

onsumer products giant Unilever said Thursday it is aiming for a “more inclusive vision of beauty” in its skin care products and will remove words such as “fair,” “whitening” and “lightening” from its products, a move that comes amid intense global debate about race sparked by the Black Lives Matter movement.

As part of the shift, Unilever will in coming months change the name of its “Fair & Lovely” product that is used for skin-lightening and sold in Asia, the company said.

“We are fully committed to having a global portfolio of skin care brands that is inclusive and cares for all skin tones, celebrating greater diversity of beauty," Sunny Jain, the head of Unilever’s Beauty & Personal Care. “We recognize that the use of the words ‘fair’, ‘white’ and ‘light’ suggest a singular ideal of beauty that we don’t think is right, and we want to address this.”

A statement from Hindustan Unilever Limited said the change would involve dropping the word “Fair.” It said a new name was awaiting regulatory approval.

Unilever said that its Fair & Lovely range “has never been, and is not, a skin bleaching product.” The global consumer company said its advertising for Fair & Lovely products has been changing since 2014.

“In 2019, we reflected this evolution on the Fair & Lovely pack in India, removing before-and-after impressions and shade guides that could indicate a transformation; and we have progressed all communication of product benefits towards glow, even tone, skin clarity and radiance,” the company said.


'Faces of the conquerors': Trump trip to Rushmore draws fire

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — President Donald Trump’s plans to kick off Independence Day with a showy display at Mount Rushmore are drawing sharp criticism from Native Americans who view the monument as a desecration of land violently stolen from them and used to pay homage to leaders hostile to native people.

Several groups led by Native American activists are planning protests for Trump’s July 3 visit, part of Trump's “comeback” campaign for a nation reeling from sickness, unemployment and, recently, social unrest. The event is slated to include fighter jets thundering over the 79-year-old stone monument in South Dakota's Black Hills and the first fireworks display at the site since 2009.

But it comes amid a national reckoning over racism and a reconsideration of the symbolism of monuments around the globe. Many Native American activists say the Rushmore memorial is as reprehensible as the many Confederate monuments being toppled around the nation.

“Mount Rushmore is a symbol of white supremacy, of structural racism that’s still alive and well in society today,” said Nick Tilsen, a member of the Oglala Lakota tribe and the president of a local activist organization called NDN Collective. “It’s an injustice to actively steal Indigenous people’s land then carve the white faces of the conquerors who committed genocide.”

While some activists, like Tilsen, want to see the monument removed altogether and the Black Hills returned to the Lakota, others have called for a share in the economic benefits from the region and the tourists it attracts.

Trump has long shown a fascination with Mount Rushmore. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem said in 2018 that he had once told her straight-faced it was his dream to have his face carved into the monument. He later joked at a campaign rally about getting enshrined alongside George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. And while it was Noem, a Republican, who pushed for a return of the fireworks on the eve of Independence Day, Trump joined the effort and committed to visiting South Dakota for the celebration.

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