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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 18,658

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Aaron Rodgers has 6 TD's 5 passing 1 rushing


Will he bring out more voters???

am kinda nervous......who of our candidates can bet him?? He lies, how can you beat lies??? How do we beat lies?? Seriously....how??? I will do everything in my power to make sure he doesnít get re-elected. But, I am kinda nervous.

Was changing channels during Rachel's show when ads were on......

turned to see tRumpís Dallas wing ding......OMGAWD.....Blacks behind him....a woman, and that same man whoís been at a ton of his damn rallyís.

Elijah Cummings has just died......

OMGAWD.....remember Paula Deen??? She's hawking jewelry on a

show like QVC....it isnít QVC or HSN.....but isís a show like that. Selling jewelry.

That flag behind tRump celebrating Italy LOOKS LIKE THE IRISH FLAG!!!!!

anyone else think so??

Not sure if I should post this here.......hoping it's allowable.....

did anyone else notice the size of everyoneís hands at the debate last night??? I swear all of their hands were bigger then orange. blobs. Just saying.

and just saw my first anti health care for all, public option advertisement

Yikes, pretty early isn't it?? Didnít catch who put it out there.....but iím sure it ran in connection to the debate eh?? It was on CNN too.

So.....who tonight moved you to donate to their campaigns???

Me?? I just sent 25.00 to Corey Booker ...I loved his closing statement, and am listening to him on CNN now. He right now is tops on my list. Loved his attitude....and his closing statement. Made me feel hopeful....

I really liked Corey Bookers closing statement.....

Might be giving some cash to his campaign.
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