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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 14,795

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and damn it Im starting to enjoy some of these advertisements.....

THEY ARE TINY MOVIES....our brains have developed so fast we can watch tiny movies in what, how long? 10seconds?? really?? How many ad’s are there between quarters, halves, minutes?? For ever!!!!! Now we have to decide what trophies they get.....so much going on. Tiger back at it....NCAA....just a lot of sports stuff.

Venus semi finals......

is really on her game, playing the 20 year old Russian, Kasatkina. Virus is what??? 37??.

They are going to count the absentee ballots from Washington county TONIGHT

Have asked this before...whats the difference, if there IS a difference between a Blue Dog

Democrat and a Republican Democrat......or is a Republican Democrat just a new term for a Blue Dog Dem.

Now this is going a tad far isnt it?? Bruno Mars is not Black enough to

be singing the style he’s singing??? Or did I misunderstand what’s being said here. I LOVE BRUNO MARS.


Everything You Need To Know About The Pennsylvania 18th Special Election (from 538)

........ the party that wins the Pennsylvania special election will be said to have the momentum heading into the pivotal midterm elections later this year. In our view, that’s a bit overblown — in reality, it’s the margin of victory that tells us what to expect in midterm results, and Democrat Conor Lamb is likely to overperform in Pennsylvania no matter who wins. We will still be watching that margin closely, though, and a decisive victory by Republican Rick Saccone could be a sign that that something in the political environment has changed. So here’s what you need to know to follow the race.

(longer read)


Liking my Tennis Channel coverage of the BNP Paribas: ATP

Martina Navratilova is one of the announcers, really am liking her........better then Mary Carrillo, and possibly Chrissie Everett too. JMHO.

Ok, I still love Will and Grace......

really I do.

Curious........ if you get cremated when you die.........

where would you want your ashes spread??? I’m going to Ireland, and will have some in Lambeau field.

As much as I despise advertisements.....I love that jingle from Target.

Why can’t you meet me in the middle.......can’t get it out of my head. Target’s info about the group singing it.

What was it about this song that made it a fit for Target?
We liked the fact that this song brings together incredibly talented artists, blending their genres to create a sound that fans of all types of music will love. Also, “The Middle,” which is the name of the song, is exactly where you land when you hit the center of the Target bullseye. We’ve had a lot of fun playing with that idea—the middle of the Target bullseye—as we’ve been working on the creative that will help bring this effort to life. I’m also excited that actual Target team members will be included in the spot on GRAMMY night, which is a fun new element we’ve added to the concept for this year.
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