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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
Number of posts: 16,863

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I can finally say I know a millionaire........

well almost a millionaire, our neighbor 3 homes down from us just won 935,000.00 dollars in a lottery. So happy for him......he's just a guy, divorced, has a son who lives 3 hours away, his dog died a couple of years ago, and he's just a good neighbor. We are so happy for him, I did ask him to buy me a new car, he laughed and said he'd think about it. We're just happy for him. He's been playing the lottery for a long time, and said if ya don't play ya don't win.

A "dip" for retired Wisconsin public employees??? Really??? a dip??

For the first time in six years, retired Wisconsin public employees with all of their money in the Wisconsin Retirement System’s (WRS) main trust fund could see a reduction in their pension checks.

The State of Wisconsin Investment Board, which manages the money in the WRS funds, gave its preliminary 2018 year-end returns late Friday and, like the stock market, the results were down.

The Core Fund, with $93.6 billion in assets as of Dec. 31, had a preliminary return of minus 3.3 percent for 2018 while the smaller Variable Fund, with $7.1 billion in assets, had a preliminary return of minus 7.9 percent.

That means pension payments for most of the 203,000 retirees in the WRS could take a small hit.


Ok, I just have started to change my mind on George W Bush......he's buying pizza for Secret Service

https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/01/18/government-shutdown-george-w-bush-gets-pizza-secret-service/2618974002/. Ok, ok, that's pretty damn cool of him to do that.

I think Serena looks better fit now than ever......

still early in the game, but shoot, she looks fit, and strong......GO MOMMA GO. and really, a woman playing competitive tennis like she IS?? come on Serena.

and like we didn't see this coming......Foxconn falls short of job creation goals....


This is a tracfone question.......sorry didn't know where else to put it......

when then say type “help to 611611”. How and where do I type it on my phone??? Am trying to change my passcode for my voicemail and I don’t know what they’re telling me to do with type help to 611611. So bad at these new fangled phones.

Empire of the Sun.....

introducing Christian Bale!!!!!! Wow has he come a long way from his first movie. Vice today......

and really the crying bachelor??? Is this really why everyone is cutting their cable???

The Bachelor?? Really is this what we have to watch on one of the big networks??? No wonder people ARE CUTTING THE CABLE.

We've had some unusually warm days lately.....40's when we should be in the teens and 20's.

and i’ve noticed some of the sparrows are trying to get in our wren houses!!!!! Do you think because it’s warming up that the birds are reacting with Spring like behavior?

Elizabeth Warren has almost lost her voice campaigning in Iowa......

just heard her on CNN, and she’s losing her voice. Hope that isn’t going to be a big problem for her. Need your voice to get your voice heard.
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